Nintendo Signs On Deutsch LA Creative Ad Agency To Handle Digital Marketing


Nintendo has announced that Deutsch LA, of Interpublic Group Companies, one of the “big four” global advertising companies, has been hired to lead digital and social media marketing for the video game giant. In addition to creating traditional ads for Nintendo games, Deutsch LA will be assigned to handle e-commerce for the company. Deutsch LA was formerly a creative agency for Playstation for over five years in the United States. While Leo Burnett will continue to act as Nintendo’s main creative agency, as it has for 21 years now, Deutsch LA replaces Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in Nintendo’s digital marketing department. Nintendo may have felt it needed a fresh marketing outlook as sales of its next-gen Wii U console continue to plummet.


    1. Better late than never. I look at it from the standpoint that the Wii U had a soft-launch and now is when the real launch begins. The timing couldn’t be any better for marketing upgrades.

      Nintendo was raked over the coals for months about how much they needed to improve their marketing. Well, they are doing something about it. Give them some credit. I’ve been applying for a job a Nintendo for a few months and they have many positions for marketing available. They understand a change needs to be made and since by and large the general public still doesn’t know much about the Wii U anyway, a new advertising strategy accompanied with this AAA 1st-party titles should be very effective.

      1. up against the PS4 & X1 now though, cannot see it working, Zelda & Kart won’t sell the WiiU on their own & nobody went out & got W101 or SplinterCell, yes Nintendo are now doing something, but it’s too little too late i think.

  1. The first thing that should be on their to-do list: Make people aware that Nintendo has a new console out.

  2. It is great to see that Nintendo is trying to advertising the Wii U since tomorrow is the release of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD.

    1. You just woke me up to the fact that the game is releasing in 2 weeks here.
      But our retailers are greedy asses, Nintendo lowers price by 50, retailers keeps the price at same.

  3. though im a Nintendo fan through and through, Sony has good marketing ill give em that so lets see is Deutsche LA can do what they have been doing for Sony and help market the Wii U

  4. I haven’t seen a WindWaker HD and a Party U commercial yet (or any WiiU commercial lately). Last I saw was Pikmin (I think last month) and W101 had nothing.
    Has anyone seen them on TV? If not, wtf has Nintendo been doing? Nintendo Directs aren’t good enough.
    It’s kinda wierd Pokemon commercials are showing and it releases a bit later than WW/PartyU.

    1. Is more than 2 millions cuz in other parts of the world knew it too sad part is that we can’t buy it.

  5. Hardly see a Nintendo advert here, yet I saw a GTA V ad at 10am this morning and will probably see again another 4 or 5 times throughout the day..

  6. They must do 2 things. Just 2 things! Make people know that the WiiU is not the Wii! And make people know that the 3DS is not the DS!! Most of my friends doesn’t know this and it has been a lot of time.

  7. Nintendo is a gadget that very popular. We can have the portable version and play every games we like. I think Nintendo is right to trust the ads agency because it has already getting the best position in the market.

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