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Nintendo’s Former President Hiroshi Yamauchi Has Died


The Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo’s third president Hiroshi Yamauchi died this morning at 85. Yamauchi died of pneumonia at a hospital in central Japan and a  funeral will take place on Sunday. A spokesman for Nintendo said that the firm was in mourning over the loss of the former Nintendo president Mr Hiroshi Yamauchi, who sadly passed away this morning.

“Hiroshi Yamauchi transformed a run-of the-mill trading card company into an entertainment empire in video games. He understood the social value of play, and economic potential of electronic gaming. Most importantly he steered Nintendo on its own course and was unconcerned by the actions of his competitors. He was a true visionary.”

– Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Games Workshop and former chairman of publisher Eidos.

208 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Former President Hiroshi Yamauchi Has Died”

    1. When the time comes, the Reaper will not care who you were, what you’ve done.
      He will not discriminate, he will not favor, all are equal before him.

    2. May he rest in peace, and be remembered for all he has done; if it was not for him, I would (most likely) not been a gamer.

    3. Good bye sir… I have the greatest respect for you. With what you did for Nintendo and what you did for gaming in general. You will be missed. I hope getting to leave here you get to continue on in Nintendoland where one day I hope to meet you.

    4. May Hiroshi-san rest in peace, without him this industry wouldn’t of been what it is today. ありがとう Mr.Hiroshi

    5. thank you for creating the best video gaming company in the world. the company that has sold 650 million + hardware and dominates not just in sales but also in quality.

      mario 446 million +
      pokemon 230 million + and wii series 190 million + all the top 3 best selling videogame franchises in the world as well as top 3 best rated games on gamerankings and way more than that. from single handedly saving the entire video game industry to ocarnia of time, countless amazing feats one after the another.

      and atleast he knew that nintendo is in safe hands.

      can you people help me in completing the legendary feats his company has made.
      i will start with pokemon

      pokemon was (is) so successful that by 2005 it had made more than 30 billion $ that is twice that of harry potter(total run ) and just a little above star wars and this was by 2005. imagine what is it as of now. pokemon is still running strong.
      also in just japan x and y already have more than 1.3 million pre orders

      plz add more to list which i am leaving for rest of you people to complete.

    6. Too bad your gaming company has gone to shit. What a steaming pile of a company you see on your death bed as you’re passing on.

        1. What? I’m not disrespecting him. Nintendo isn’t what it used to be. Who knows if he even cared in his latter years. He definitely doesn’t give a rip now!

          1. You could save your negativity for any other day. Think only positive things today.
            Let’s face it most of us wouldn’t be playing video games if it wasnt for him bringing Nintendo into the gaming business it is/was today.

                    1. I think it is. Funerals are so deceptive and filled with fluff. Some guy mentioned him being in Nintendo Land with Donkey Kong or some shit. I understand people are trying to be respectful, but it’s all laughable.Just keeping it real here.

                      1. Dont be an internet retard

                        Laughable Huh? You are truly scum, we all grieve in different ways yet you still mock his legacy, he saved Nintendo, he valued Nintendo, he WAS the essence of Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean jack to you does it, absolute scum, you do not deserve life if you only disrespect the dead

                        1. Saying Nintendo is now on a fast track of exponential growth in the area of caca poopoo and honoring this man are two different things.

                          1. You’re right, they are two different things. So why bring the former up in a thread concerning the latter?

                            Your comment just doesn’t really have a place here, since you’re just complaining about Nintendo’s current status (whether you’re in the right about this is a completely different issue), on an article that’s supposed to focus on a dead man. That’s just pathetic…

                              1. This topic is about Yamauchi. Whatever happened to Nintendo after he retired has nothing to do with him.
                                Still you insist on going off-topic and being disrespectful. Go fuck yourself you incapable little shit.

                              2. Dont be an internet retard

                                it Matters not if Nintendo wasn’t what it used to be, he still supported Nintendo, Why do you have to bring in these issues that all these trolls seem to love, Nintendo was, is and always will be great, Nintendo was Hiroshi’s company you insult Nintendo, you insult Hiroshi, please I ask of all these Anti-Nintendo people, stop talking about the “doom” Nintendo is supposedly in and just this once, not for me, not for Iwata or Nintendo, but for Hiroshi and respect for the deceased

                                  1. Dont be an internet retard

                                    yes it does he was one if not the most important part of Nintendo so if you value my words, you will apologies to Hiroshi for you vile comments, and cease taking this further, if you continue to defend your actions, you are coward, a filthy coward, and may all your loved ones treat your death the same as how you treated Hiroshi’s death, he died a great man, can the same be said of you?

                                      1. Dont be an internet retard

                                        because if he were not no one would mourn his death calling him great would be an insult to a legendary human such as himself, he was a tortured man but he was a true man, a man amongst men

                                      2. Nintendo isn’t what it used to be cause it’s been forced to change by Sony and Microsoft and the ever changing gaming community you asshole.

                                      3. Before you say something, ask yourself 3 things:

                                        Does this need to be said? If so, ask
                                        Does this need to be said by me? If so, ask
                                        Does this need to be said by me now?

                                        No, your disrespectful opinion did not need to be voiced on a memorial announcement.

                                        1. Rest in peace Hiroshi Yamauchi. We will forever be grateful for what you created. I am eternally grateful for all the joy you have brought me.

                                        2. You’ll be missed man! Shout out goes out to you and your family who will miss you the most, and the people closest to you. As fans we didn’t know you personally but we respect what you did for the video game industry and the Nintendo franchise. After the video game crash you overcame the struggle and brought out the NES. To take a card franchise and turn it into a gaming console company was a smart move, and generated you millions of dollars and gave us wonderful experiences. Especially those who got to experience at least one of these consoles as a child. But that isn’t to knock the adult hood gaming, cause I’m still playing video games, but your a child everything that’s fun is a better experience then when you grow up. Nintendo meaning leave luck to heaven. Well, maybe your up there now. God bless!

                                          1. do you (bzzz) want a hug…… itzzz a very zzad day. ive zzeen alot of death, every winter they die (bzzzz, bz ,bz,bzzz) YET I ZZNEVER DO!!!!! so i hope all of hizzz familty are ok (bzzz) and we can zzuport each each other/ (bzzzz) by rememebvering zzthe greatness he didito create zzzznintedno (bbzzzzz)

                                            is anybody is allergic to beezz i apologizzzze.

                                                1. You’re a cheap shitty troll who isn’t even old enough to have played Nintendo when hiroshi was in charge you little git. Buzz off little bitch.

                                              1. Dont be an internet retard

                                                Good bye my liege you set the base for many a gamer, as well as created the foundation for a successful company built on the great principles you set, may you ride the SS dolphin to the skies where you are guided by Kid Icarus and lead Nintendo with Sword held skyward to victory,

                                                Leave Luck to the Heavens as you leave for the Heavens


                                                Lord Hiroshi Yamauchi

                                                  1. Dont be an internet retard

                                                    why must you insult me when Im trying to honor the death of a great man, you sicken me with your absolute loss of a conscious, I really am disgusted that you are still mocking Nintendo at a time like this

                                                    1. jeezze (bzz) even after all theszzze yearzz of (bzzz) being a wear bee and turning into a bee every zzecond half of zzzeptember, hezz created happimezzz to me (bzzz)

                                                      rezzzzt in peace…….. – iceaBEEma

                                                      azz for iwata you should be azzzhamed of yourzzzelf!!!!! for letting down thiizz manzzz legazzzy!!!!

                                                      1. You need to grow the fuck up… Since you know what fucking SUCCESS is why don’t you tell me what you contributed to society to be such an expert. Have you made Billions of dollars leading a company as great as Nintendo? NO! Your just a stupid piece of shit with no moral values. Your mother must be SUPER proud of you sitting on a Nintendo fan site talking shit about Nintendo. Why don’t you tell your fat piece of shit mother to take her fat ass over to walmart to pre order yourself a PS4 with her welfare check/ child support check cause we all know your father must of walked out on your dumb ass. You need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up… You know nothing and that’s just the way its going to stay.

                                                        1. your (bbbzzz) pathetic im honnering a great man who created the bezzt of nintendo, (bzzz) get out of here you zzick human!!!!!

                                                          iwata should feel aazzhhamed of himself for dezzztroying this manzz legazzy!!!!

                                                          1. That’s it? That’s all you got? Your not honoring NO ONE! You could give a rats ASS for Nintendo and everyone knows it. So spit your bullshit lies one more time. Your one of those kids who just needs to get the shit beat out of him just to smarten up… even a little. Why don’t you go honor the father you never had…

                                                            1. no (bzzz) i give respect and im not an asshole bitch (bbzzz) like you!!!!! (STING) you need to get your azzz kicked because unlike you i rezzzpect people!!!! not plazztic boxxezzz!!!!! (sting)

                                                            2. You’re such an attention whore it isn’t even funny. There’s a friend hotline you can call since you’re clearly in dire need of them.

                                                          2. May you rest in peace Lord Hiroshi Yamauchi,you will be highly missed,without you many of us here in this comment section and globally around the world may not have become gamers,even if it was the NES,SNES,N64 or gameboy,for me it was the amazing revolutionary gameboy,i hope you rest in peace Hiroshi with all you ancestors and loved ones and friends whom have passed away,all we know is that your in a better place great Nintendo Emperor,without you the video game industry probably wouldn’t exist today,and neither would these rivals exist (Sega,MicroSoft,Sony) So let’s all have a moment of silence and pray for him,and lets leave luck to heaven for the future of Nintendo.

                                                            1. I’m sure our Lord will send his N-Blessings to all of us fans so we can continue supporting our empire and expand it beyond!

                                                          3. NO!

                                                            We will avenge your death my LORD!!!!!

                                                            We will honor our empire in your name, spread the word of fun to everybody and crush anyone else that stands in our way!

                                                              1. you sicken me with your lack of compassion but its fine to you as long as you laugh at a mans death, I hope that this happens to you in ways worse than ever, you sick monster

                                                                1. What? Why aren’t you attacking the bee man and Nintendo Commander? They’re the ones making fun. THey did make me laugh though.

                                                                  1. Based on reading Nintendo Commander in the past I believe his intention is genuine with his comment, he is the self assigned troop leader and pretty much always speaks like this. I imagine him as an eccentric and loud pantomime actor who pops up every now and then in the comments section, always in character.

                                                                    1. yes Nintendo Commander can seem… odd I suppose but he seems to be a true Nintendo fan I too imagine him in that way he he, but he seems to be a good guy and Nintendo Commander seems to be his schtik, and he does it with gusto, but when things are serious he does not make fun of it but rather makes light heart of it

                                                                      1. Considering I still have my Game&Watch at home, no one can argue…

                                                                        I just have the last empty space for my glorious Wii U once I get the resources…

                                                                      2. Commander is not making fun I know this as a fact, Bee guy does seem to have some compassion and is making this situation into something that interests me not, Hiroshi suffered more in his life while you laugh at this situation, I hope god punishes you for your disrespect of the dead especially someone who achieved in life and not mocked the dearly departed, if you have any shred of dignity or compassion, do NOT defend your behaviour and be a man, not a lowly coward

                                                                        1. I think that Lord Iwata’s powers will increase now and be more aggressive now that our Lord is gone…

                                                                          Hopefully this ignites the power of the Wii U…

                                                                              1. I laugh at comments of others. I’ve thought words of fluff as people pass away to be deceptive however sincere they may be. May his soul rest in peace with Donkey Kong and King Boo… or how about not.

                                                                                1. Then I guess you’re not good at telling who’s sincere and who isn’t. Don’t point the finger at everyone else and claim they’re not sincere; it’s your fault for being unable to tell the difference.

                                                                                2. He is gone from our world… but his legacy lives on in Reggie, Iwata, Miyamoto and all of Nintendo, we must remember this man in the work he left behind…

                                                                                    1. Yes my Lord. May the seven spirits of Nintendo come strengthen us with power: the spirit of donkey kong and king boo. the spirit of Mario and bullet bill. empower us

                                                                                        1. If Nintendo survives this next great console war then I will reenlist in King Koopa’s branch of the kingdom. For now I’m laying low and watching from afar. I know that doesn’t speak much for loyalty but I fear for the empire’s future.

                                                                                          1. Do not fear…

                                                                                            Even if the Wii U fails, High Command unlike the Segan leaders will never put all the cards into one project…

                                                                                            The 3DS alone already makes us powerful this generation…

                                                                                        2. RIP god bless you Hiroshi Yamauchi :( love ya for all you have done for making my childhood amazing thank you nintendo will always be the best

                                                                                          1. me too (bzzz) iwata should feel azzzhamed if himzelf.

                                                                                            ruinung the great nintendo and thizzz lengendaryy manzzz work (sting)

                                                                                            i hope donkey kong and goomba attacks (bbzzz) iwata till he cant run bbbzzztendo anymore!!

                                                                                            1. I feel like you’ve had a stroke but your also typing so I’m stumped.

                                                                                              Maybe you’re really just THAT disrespectful.
                                                                                              Well… no… because even disrespectful trolls would find it too easy to offend in this context that it would be beneath them…

                                                                                              I don’t know. And a lower quality Bee Movie impression or parody or some crap? It’s all just baffling and unentertaining.

                                                                                            2. It somehow seems fitting that on the day we lose a legend, Nintendo is releasing Super Mario Bros. on Wii U VC. Rest in peace Yamauchi-San. Now if only the flags went to half staff at the end of each level.

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                                                                                            4. May the good LORD comfort your Family Hiroshi Yamauchi San. Your Soul is now in great hands. We Nintendo Gamers and future developers shall keep real Gaming and entertainment alive; you are finally home Big man. Rest well.

                                                                                            5. RIP Yamauchi, i still have Nes,Snes,N64 and GC working perfectly, you created those things and they will not die in long time. Spirit of Yamauchi still lives on Nintendo and they will continue creatin something unique and so on his vision lives.

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                                                                                            7. RIP! You changed an industry and pretty much saved it after fall out of crash. You touched so many lives you never knew with the awesome games. I been playing nintendo games since I was a kid. It wasn’t my first system but there hasn’t been a Nintendo system (other then horrible virtual boy) that I haven’t been bought since.

                                                                                            8. RIP Hiroshi-San. :,( *bows* This visionary leader not only helped steer Nintendo into its prime into the gaming market but also helped steer that market back into the right course and breed more formable opposing competitions to keep the gaming interests alive today. God bless his soul and his family through this difficult time.

                                                                                              As for that heartless jack Nancy for such disrespectful comment, I’ll promise you thing: You’re gonna get yours for this and in case you happen to not realize it, you’re a fucktard that deserves the worst out of the worst in life. Degrading the passing is your thing? How about someone else do it to the person you love most and don’t pretend that you don’t care because we know you do. Do us all a favor and stay the hell out the Internet because if someone who appreciates Hiroshi’s life happens to see your nasty comment and lives across the street all pissed off, you better start running or triple lock all of your doors to hide your shameless ass.

                                                                                            9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! : . (
                                                                                              This is a sad, sad day.

                                                                                              “Nintendo’s third president”? I thought Yamauchi was the founder of Nintendo, and the FIRST president? Nintendo MUST do some sort of tribute to honor him. R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi.

                                                                                              1. Our Creator was his grandfather…

                                                                                                Then the Creator’s son took over and then our Lord Yamauchi turned our once great tribe into a real empire!

                                                                                            10. Rest in Peace. Thank you for your contribution to Nintendo.

                                                                                              I encourage everyone else to live life to the fullest and make the most of your opportunites. Tomorrow is not promised.

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                                                                                            12. That’s very sad that he died. From what I research, he did help Nintendo a lot, he helped a lot.

                                                                                              Rest in Peace, Hiroshi Yamauchi.. :(

                                                                                            13. Thank you Mr. Yamauchi, for all you have done. May your soul be blessed with bliss and your legacy with succes. May you live in our memories, and inspire future men and women of truth and ideals into the success you have managed to achieve. You will always have my gratitude. Bless you and rest in peace.



                                                                                              Day to night, dark to light. Fall the sands of time.

                                                                                              Let the years like the gears of a clock, unwind.

                                                                                              In your mind, walk through time, back to better days.

                                                                                              Memories, like a dream, wash away your tears away.

                                                                                              Like a star in the sky, darkness can’t reach you.

                                                                                              Light the night, joy is light ’till the new dawn.

                                                                                              Cast away your old face, full of gloom and spite.

                                                                                              With this mask, I will ask to borrow your light.

                                                                                              1. such a great song from such a great game, though today I don’t like to hear it, that was fitting to the honor of this great man, Thank you….

                                                                                            14. Even the competition (Sony, MS) should honor him. If it wasn’t for this man, the game industry wouldn’t be as great as it is today..

                                                                                              1. Yeah, I wouldn’t even be a gamer if it wasn’t for Yamauchi and Nintendo. I would have quit gaming when the Atari 2600 retired if it hadn’t been for the NES. Nintendo’s products are the only thing I look at as being “true” video games.

                                                                                                This is definitely the saddest news I ever seen posted on MyNintendoNews.

                                                                                                1. You’re right! Nintendo gave new life to a decaying industry. Nintendo is all about games and it is the only company today trying to bring something new.
                                                                                                  Imagine the game industry without Nintendo, the Sony PlayStation wouldn’t exist as well.

                                                                                                  Yamauchi’s legacy will never die!

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                                                                                                10. RIP man. You were literally my entire childhood. Memories of those times from playing the arcade Donkey Kong to finishing the final level of Mario World will always be with me, and I have to thank you for that.

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