Download Price Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate For 3DS And Wii U Is 50% Off For 4 days


Capcom has announced via Twitter that they are reducing the price of the digital download version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate by a whopping 50%. This fantastic deal will only be available for four days. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is 50 percent off until 9 a.m. on September 22th for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Wii U: $29.99/€29.99 /£24.99 (50% off) 3DS: $19.99/€19.99 /£17.99 (50% off)


  1. Maaaan, so telling some friends about this ^^
    However I’m playing MH4 atm….not sure I want mh3u anymore :'(

      1. Over 270 hours in game, and not a single minute of having CPP. However, if you don’t want fingerprints in to your touchscreen, i recommend it.

  2. hey guyzzz thizz izz a great deal!! (bzzz) get this game you wont regretzz it!! bezzt wii u game (bzzz) even if itzz kinda sad that wii u’zz bezzt game is a wii game, itzz worth it…. especially for a priczzze like thizzzz!! play with someone and itzzz a good time!! (bzzz) if you don try it, you are proofing you dont like quality gamezzz not nintendo (bzzz)

    1. check after 12 at noon. Nintendo will update whatever should be updated. They always update every thursday at noon,

      1. nintendo izzsnt going to releazze monzzster hunter 4 for wii u any wayzzzz. they would rather (bzzz) release a baby game, bbzzzz thozze are awesome, thatszzz why i beelieve in them.

      2. I just can’t make the Demo controls work, so I’d be throwing my money away on a game I won’t enjoy. I don’t have the skills the long-time MH players have.
        Sooo, I’ll make the plunge with the newest installment. There is NO WAY the west won’t see MH4…Capcom wants money, and MH prints money. ;)

        1. The controls of Monster Hunter are just not intuitive. Nobody finds them easy to pick up, but they are quite solid when you put the time into learning them.

          For $20 3DS or $30 Wii U, this is your chance to play the best installment thus far and get a feel for the game before MH4 is released out west. I’d recommend least.

  3. Will Nintendo ever stop being greedy and put its games for 50% off? I mean I still see Zelda games for like $25 in the store years after. Would be nice if the 3ds one could be like $15-$20. This is why people buy used and pirate.

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