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New 3DS Colors Coming To Japan October 10th: Pure White And Clear Black

black and white 3ds


Right on the heels of an announcement that the original Cosmo Black and Ice White 3DS colors would be discontinued in Japan, another announcement reveals that the original black and white colors are being replaced by two new black and white colors: Pure White and Clear Black. The two new 3DS colors will launch on October 10th, and are strikingly similar to the old ones, leaving one wondering about the reason for the replacement. The consoles will retail at a price of 15,000 yen, or about $152. Sales of the newly colored systems should be no problem at that price, as Monster Hunter 4 has been driving 3DS sales numbers through the roof since the game’s release.


  1. What’s the difference, though? I cannot for the life of me see a reason why Nintendo would release two versions of the 3DS with the same colours but different names?! At least put collector numbers on them.

    1. The cosmo black 3DS has a kind of silvery grain in it, maybe this one is just pure glossy black. That’s the only difference I can think of. Not sure if the same applies to the ice white though as I haven’t seen one.

  2. They look more like pure black/white without the silver-ish gloss. Like the sky blue, new pink and new red 3DS in Japan. Imo this looks so much better!

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