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New Pokemon X & Y Evolution Coming Wednesday

Pokemon_X_Pokemon_Y_logoThere’s a new Pokémon on the horizon, and a little bird tells us it’s a new evolution. The official Pokémon Twitter page announced that they would be revealing the never-before-seen evolution tomorrow, September 25, on their official Facebook page. With the worldwide release of X & Y less than three weeks away, we’ve certainly not got long to wait before the Pokémon universe envelopes our daily lives once more. Currently, there are no leaks on whether this is another mega evolution – the most recent reveal being Mega Mewtwo X – or whether it’s a regular evolution, but even if you miss the official reveal, we’ll be keeping track of all the latest updates.



  1. The superiority of Pokemon is so that it needs to be shouted out everywhere. The vileness of the gay of MLP needs to shouted out as a warning to all in similar fashion IMO.


  2. “Our daily lives”, not “are daily lives”… you’d think people in the journalism industry would learn how to spell. I know I’m being very critical, but, from my perspective, I have dyslexia, and things like “TXT SPK” and just the wrong use of words slows down my comprehension of what I’m reading, but also, there will be a number of younger users who could potentially pick up bad habits from such errors.
    The youth of today struggle enough with the written word as it is.

    I come here more than once a day, and it’s rare to see an article without some sort of lexical error. Please put a little more effort into proof reading your articles. It just gives a bad impression of an otherwise informative and enjoyable browsing experience.


      1. I would like to apologise, though my opinion still stands for the most part, I’m having a pretty awful few days and have vented here. I intended to be more constructive and less critical with my comment.


  3. Whats with the random brony hate when this has nothing to with anything at all, I mean geez it’s just show that some guys happen to like . How do you feel when people talk about you for liking pokemon which most consider a kids game (not including me). Can’t we all just enjoy what we like without people being douches about it.


  4. I hope they reveal an older Pokemon like Farfetch’d or Dunsparce. I like to imagine Farfetch’d’s mega evo (if he ever gets one) is a flying/fighting type and he’s like a samurai-like Pokemon.


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