Activision Addresses Strong Focus On Call Of Duty, Denies “Heartless” Reputation


In a new interview, Erich Hirshberg, Activision’s Publishing CEO, addresses a great deal of the online criticism that has been waged against his company. In response to accusations that Activision is a “heartless” big company with too much focus on Call of Duty, Hirshberg says he thinks that “all of the reputational perceptions out there…are incorrect.”

He also acknowledged that the company is often criticized for being “risk-averse” — putting too much of their weight behind sure-thing franchises like Call of Duty, rather than supporting indies and new IP’s. Hirshberg fired back by citing Skylanders as a new IP that “didn’t exist 18 months ago,” and that it is an example of “not only a new IP, but a new genre of play that was totally unproven.” The CEO, who recently stated that Activision would continue to support Wii U despite declining sales, even credited his company with making some of the most well liked games out there.

Do you think Activision deserves the criticism leveled against them, or are they making all the right moves? Here are some full comments made by Hirshberg in the interview:

“I think that we’ve been a little bit more experimental where it comes to mobile games thus far, but I also think that we are who we are as a company — and we’re a very focused company. Look, this is a company of passionate people who make games and love making games. I’m certainly aware of all of the reputational perceptions out there, but I think they’re incorrect and this is a company that has consistently made some of the most well liked and most played gaming experiences. And that hasn’t happened by accident.”

“Our strategy is to do a few things and do them exceptionally well. I think that sometimes people misperceive that as somehow being risk-averse, and yet we’re taking some of the biggest risks in new genres and new business models and new IPs than anybody….Skylanders is a brand that didn’t exist eighteen months ago — people forget that already because it’s been so successful. It was not only a new IP, but a new genre of play that was totally unproven.”


    1. yesss yess! if it dose have dlc il buy the game thin if not scuw the game thin & il just put activison in my 2# most hate company list!

      1. you’re stupid if you think wii u will get DLC, the community isnt big so having DLC is pointless. they need to make money off the stuff they put up and haqving DLC for a few thousand people that play the game will be pointless. hopefully in the future we will have some though

  1. I don’t wanna read this interview, I’m not interested.
    All I have to say is that this guys have absolutely no respect for video games. They are not “heartless”, they are just poor dumb motherfuckers.

  2. Here’s a question somebody should ask Activision: If they’re so committed to supporting the Wii U, then where is all the dlc for Black Ops 2?

    Just saying.

    1. Black Ops 2?
      Screw that noise; where’s the confirmation of DLC for Ghosts?
      Black Ops II is nearly “Ops”-olete at this point; it’s time for Activision to show that they actually MEAN what they say by properly supporting ALL versions of Ghosts.

      1. I want Diablo 3 on wiiu! I think Tue game wasn’t released on it cuz it would make Microsoft and Sony cry.

  3. Destiny is new ip too Activision, so bring it to WiiU!! Destiny looks one of the best fps games i have seen in years.

  4. He only supported skylanders because he saw the potential for profit with the little figures. I’m sure it was even pitched as a new branch of income and not as a game.

    1. Because these fanboy fucktards hate Nintendo for what they do to keep their business relevant even if sometimes they make their own share of mistakes which, as a big fan of Nintendo , I won’t deny that they do. They don’t agree with their philosophies and decisions that may seem fair to consumers and gaming in general nod then, like EA now, go batshit crazy ripping their reputation apart and roasting them for being “out of touch” or “a kiddy gaming company” for which only shows how selfishly hypocrite the mature gaming bases of the West can really be.

      1. In cod defense we do get the complete what we are not getting is post release content that should have been released from the beginning also I hate that 12 of the 15 maps are old retextures.

        1. Free Fall is a day 1 DLC that looks like it would actually be interesting and worth a buy, yet it hasn’t been confirmed for the Wii U.
          I’d say that’s pretty indicative of their intent down the road, in which case, fuck them for trying to make us pay full price for a game that won’t get all the content.

  5. Activision put Destiny on Wii U, no questions asked and then you earn a lot of respect. You say your all about supporting the Wii U, yet your biggest game is missing…Hardly any Nintendo fan gives a damn about COD and we lose respect for you for taking advantage of peoples with your $60 renewal each year with COD. Thought cant blame your business decision since its easy money.

  6. sky landers isn’t even a completely new IP, it takes place in Spyro’s universe, I do give them credit for changing the game, but they should had made a new spyro game, and make sky landers separate, they either make the games completely different that it upset fans who wanted a good from a series that hasn’t had any in a while, or they go over board with the amount of games that are similar (not exactly the same, but similar) for a specific series (cod).

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