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Kamiya Would Like To Make Action Spin-Off Starring Wonder-Blue From Wonderful 101


Renowned Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has told fans on Twitter that he would love to make an action spin-off staring Wonder Blue from The Wonderful 101. However, Kamiya suggested that he would most likely ditch the cartoony visuals in favour of more realistic graphics. Would you like to see an action orientated spin-off staring Wonder Blue?

Speaking of a spin off of TW101, how about an hack & slash game of Wonder-Blue with real graphic?

Cuz I want to make it serious one. RT @regames: Wonder-blue hack-n-slash game sounds good, but why ‘real graphic’? Just curious.

Hey, it’s Blue! RT @jimmyelgringito would the story be more serious to match the graphics? Or will it still be funny like the Wonderful 101?

Thanks, Karl B

61 thoughts on “Kamiya Would Like To Make Action Spin-Off Starring Wonder-Blue From Wonderful 101”

  1. A “spin off”…doesn’t give us much about what he actually wants? Like, wouldn’t it just be the same game considering they’re in the same universe? :/

    1. No, spin-offs follow different/secondary characters with story arcs that diverge from the main series in the same universe. If it didn’t take place in the same universe it wouldn’t be a spin-off, it would be an entirely different game/series or an spiritual successor.

    2. spin-offs tend to be in the same universe but what I get from this is that it will focus on just the character Wonder-Blue, probably him separated from the rest of the team and just doing his own thing.

    3. Well seeing as he wants to just do Wonder Blue in a spin off it would be a game in which Wonder Blue is the only character to play as and all the other Wonderful 100 would not be in the game (well they could be in the game, but they’d probably just make appearances or cameos). It would be back to the basic single player style of game play.


  3. Aka do we want a new Devil May Cry game? Yes please. Call it “Gethjerk Must Die” just to be tongue in cheek.

    But i think the visual style is part of the charm, he’s a parody of every sword wielding hero. Make it more “real”, as in more detailed, but keep that VJ style.

    1. Considering TW101 is barely doing moderately well, a spin-off is like throwing money to a black hole…

      And it would just resemble Bayonetta anyway…

      Make TW101 2 instead or something…

      1. Don’t understand why the game isn’t doing well :S Maybe it’s the time of release, released after Pikmin 3 which some may presume is similar, and released close to huge games like GTAV and Monster hunter 4 which is where people will prioritize their money…

        1. i feel as if it has a lot of similarity to pikmin, but im basing it off the demo. sure it has acarde action, but overall feel was similar. i did like the fact w101 had touchscreen option tho where a flagship wii u game duch as pikmin did not.

          1. There are too many differences in the Wonderful 101 to say it is “similar” to Pikmin. The only real similarity is that you have a large group of characters that work together and you solves some puzzles. Other than that the Wonderful 101 is fast paced, Pikmin is slowwww, W101 is more action oriented with battle after battle, Pikmin has a few intense parts sprinkled about the game. In the W101 you are a significant and mighty threat whereas in Pikmin your characters are weak and die from single hits. W101 is more linear in terms of where you can go and where you need to go and Pikmin 3 is more open world.

            The two have similar looks and possibly puzzle attempts, but in retrospect they are complete opposites in what they try to accomplish. At least IMO.

        2. I believe it is because of the stupid “bad” reviews some big name businesses gave the game. For some odd reason there are people out there that don’t touch a game if it gets lower than an 8.5 or 9.

  4. That would be interesting. I also thought of Devil May Cry. Considering his work on Bayonetta well I can see where he would go with it.
    But I think the world of TW101 should grow more on its own before he begins a project like that.

  5. Hell yeah, The Wondeful101 didn’t do so well, but is one of my favorite games. Who’s to say he can’t make another awesome title because it’s niche. If he gets the support from the big N I don’t see why not.

  6. I like Wonder Blue. He has a cool sword and is voiced by the guy who does Sonic. It sounds like a cool idea, I guess.

        1. Maybe Everyone 10+ because I’m sure getting smashed with a Skyscraper Club or shot with a laser hurts like hell, too, and it still gets passed as fantasy violence.

  7. Well while the Wonderful 101 isn’t necessarily doing “well” I don’t think it is doing as badly as people seem to think it is. We still don’t know how much it sold in it’s entirety, which includes America’s purchases, all the other countries where the game may have done well, like France and all the eshop purchases. It didn’t perform well in Japan and the UK, but that doesn’t mean it can’t sell everywhere else.

    I would love a Wonder Blue spin off!! I hope he is able to make it!!!

  8. Sounds like a the much-needed spiritual successor to Devil May Cry! ;) DmC was pretty good, fighting-wise, but i wanna see the original developer of DMC’s hack-n-slash genre! ;)

  9. This game should have sold well. It’s an awesome game and Wonder Blue and Pink are my favorite colors. Wonder Yellow is cool too but it can be sort of hard to draw his morph for me. I love this game and needs a sequel big time. It’s challenging, original and visuals are stunning.

  10. This should be done for the 3DS/2DS.

    Also dont be cheap asses support this game.
    They got a special at target buy 2 get 1 free that’s 3 games
    Support this and ubisoft games or say goodbye to wii u support.

  11. Damn! Bayonetta 2, Nazo no Murasame-Jo reboot, Okami sequel, Issun spinoff, Jeanne spinoff, and now this? This guy loves to work on various projects, except for the rejected Star Fox thanks to the noisy fans. -_-

  12. I seriously think Nintendo is need of a new action franchise under their belt. While I would say the next entry should be to expand the W101 world first, before traveling such an endeavor. Regardless, it’s either this (which I think would be badass; a spiritual successor to Devil May Cry) or a new entry/reboot in the Muramasa Jō series.

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