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Nintendo Network And Miiverse Maintenance Happening On September 30th


Marty from Miiverse has explained on the Wii U social network that the Nintendo Network and Miiverse will be experiencing server maintenance from 4 pm on Monday 30th September to 1 am on Tuesday, October 1st. Whether this has anything to do with the Wii U system update remains to be seen. Yesterday, Nintendo Force writer Emily Rogers stated that the Wii U system update is coming sooner than we think. Fingers crossed, eh?

Thanks, Arnaud and Anubis


  1. ”No plans for an unified account system”

    Ahem…Im looking forward to repeating it to you guys in 3 years when your amnesia catches up to you.


  2. I’m usually better at keeping up with these things but could someone tell me snag exactly these rumored updates to the wii u and 3ds are supposed to do? They seem to be really highly anticipated.


  3. Does anybody know why Animal Crossing: New Leaf keeps crashing when I’m on the island online? I tried 3 or 4 times today to play an island tour with other people, and the game keeps getting errors and returning to my home town. It makes me SO pissed off! Especially when I have several fish bugs and medals, and I lose them all. I wish Nintendo would fix THIS problem.


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