Mega Man 2 Composer Takashi Tateishi Is Officially On Board For Mighty No. 9

mighty 9

The Mighty No.9 Kickstarter page has just posted that acclaimed Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi will be composing the score to the highly anticipated Mighty No. 9 Tateishi joins Mega Man 1 composer Matsumae and Inti Creates’ action-music veteran Yamada. There can be no doubt that the soundtrack to this game will be incredible. Mighty No. 9 has already raised a staggering $2,892,665 and we will keep you updated with future news.


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    1. Not when Crapcom wants to suffer a huge fanbase backlash/fallout thus following by imminent bankruptcy and final ruining of themselves. They won’t take that suicide dive and I assure you they won’t go down there.

    2. Won’t happen. You can’t win a case for “feeling” like something similar. Nintendo and Capcom have been laughed out of court for things like that.

      Capcom sued the company who made Fighter’s History and lost's_History

      Nintendo sued Enterbrain for Tear Ring Saga and lost

      Though Nintendo’s comparison would be more apt in this current situation with Inafune and Capcom. The creator of Fire Emblem left Nintendo and created a new strategy RPG series with another company. Nintendo sued and lost. I would imagine it would be a similar case for Capcom if they tried.

    1. lol They got nothing left to do except to owe up everything they’ve done wrong to the fans and correct their mistakes. But seeing they’re too selfishly braindead to realize the difference between right/wrong anymore, I’d say let Crapcom suffer either way.

    1. Are you implying that you don’t want Capcom to stop Keiji Inafune from making this? Because this isn’t a Capcom game, you know.

      1. Im sure he is hoping that Capcom doesn’t put an end to this game, since it is a carbon copy of Megaman, that is all.

  1. OK, listen up
    River City Ransom is one of the best NES games of all time, yes?
    If so, why the hell are you guys throwing “River City Ransom: Undercover” under the bus in favor of Mighty No. 9?
    as i speak, The kickstarter has 9 days left and it’s STILL not funded nor reach ANY of it’s stretch goals
    Do you people even WANT a new Kunio game in the United States after numerous games are stuck in japan?
    Do you people even care about the Kunio-kun games anymore?

    Please help River City Ransom: Undercover not only get funded but also reach it’s $320,000 Wii U/3DS stretch goal … nderground

    Quit making Mighty No. 9 the attention whore is already is and give River City Ransom: Underground the same amount of care you gave to Mighty No. 9
    Now, Move Your @$$es to the link above and start flooding it with pledges… NOW!

  2. Awesome to see more legendary designers behind Megaman to hop off the inconvenient Crapcom line and join the Mighty #9 train. :)

    As far as I’m concern about Crapcom, they got three options that’ll still could backlash their outcome:

    A) Do nothing to Comcept’s newest kickass game because they got no case or way to recover from ruining Megaman fanbase and suffer slowly.

    B) Try to file a BS copyright claim against Mighty creator who also created Megaman in similar (not exact) fashion and risk creating a huge backlash from the Capcom/Megaman fanbase and suffer rather quickly.


    C) Do the right thing by REALLY listening to fans for once and make wiser decisions catering to their needs more for better profit and respect by reviving Megaman, RE, DMC and other franchises the way its suppose to be.

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