Ubisoft Says Assassin’s Creed 4 Has Improved Performance On Wii U

assassins_creed_4_pistolAssassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is set to unfurl its sails on the Wii U this fall, but there’s been concerns that the game’s performance on the console may not be plain sailing – according to framerate drops from its predecessor. However, Ubisoft Quebec’s  project manager Robin Lavallée has confirmed in a recent interview that the team has “worked really hard” on improving such drops in both framerate – particularly the crowded battles scenes – and overall performance, many of which were found in the Wii U port of Assassin’s Creed III. Black Flag will be available for the Wii U on October 29 in North America and November 1 in Europe.

“I’m happy you are asking the question, the team worked really hard during the last month to increase the performances on the Wii U version… and one of those points was the crowded battle scenes. So the quick answer is, yes we have worked to improve this on Black Flag.

“The Wii U architecture poses some technical challenges that we’ve been able to thankfully overcome. It hasn’t been easy, but we’re really proud of the final result on this console.”


      1. They said the graphics would look better than the XBOX360 and PS3 but not better than the XBOX1 and PS4.

      2. Are you for real? That’s great and what we all should have expected. Are you saying you expected the Wiiu version of Watchdogs to Match or even look BETTER than the PS4 and Xbone versions ?

        NO!!!! Wiiu version is about slap bang inbetween the ps3 version and ps4 version. Maybe a little bit closer to PS3 version. That’s what we should expect from the Wiiu….

      3. But it doesn’t sound right to me. It sounds like they know they do more, but didn’t go all the way. Do you think AC4 will look like Watch Dogs?

      4. Do you even know what next gen means? Didn’t think so, Nintendo haters just don’t know their definitions anymore.

      5. And they are right. Has long that it runs better and it looks better than the 360 ill be happy.

      6. graphics doesnt matter for wii u owners the dont buy 3rd party games because its not mario.

      7. 3rd party sells more per console on Wii U, than on ps360.
        Most of them at least.

        Dont expect you to understand the meaning of that, so just troll on.

      8. Sales of software compared to sold systems.
        Not really that hard to dig up.
        Example from few months ago, Resident Evil Revelations sold
        0,012 per console on Wii U, 0,003 per console on PS3 and 0,001 per console on Xbox 360.
        Sold software/sold consoles.
        Only game that sold less per console on Wii U, was Fifa 13, but for obvious reasons.

        These are old data though and doesn’t track digital sales, but still not that far off. And even if you would have to detract some of those RROD 360’s, that still would not change figures that much.

      9. Depends on the game, fifa 13 and splinter cell didnt, but other games sold more, like Rayman/Resident Evil/Most Wanted (comparing to consoles only, Most Wanted sold more on PC that’s obvious)

      10. This is a good thing. It shows that a great third party with programming skills can make great games for the WiiU.

  1. plz understand this will be a Good game and will showcase graphical improvements over the xbox 360 and ps3 version.

    thank you very much

  2. Hope is true. Don’t mind much for graphics but if we can get games looking like this and destiny for the rest of the wiiu life(minus the bugs and claustrophobic levels) I will be very happy.

      1. They didn’t say how much, they only said it will be something between next gen and current gen, more close to current gen than next gen. But that doesn’t tell us how much difference will be, we still don’t know how far away next gen is from current :)

  3. I’ve been away lately, but I saw elsewhere that @Gamer has collected information regarding Wii U hardware specs over a month, and – unless I’m wrong – he concluded the developers can push the hardware really hard. It’s just a matter of getting the proper know-how to do it.

    (Shin’en people said the same, actually.)

    Am I right, @Gamer? Do you have any further word on this issue?

    1. Well, even Nintendo themselves had trouble HD… and maybe it wasn’t the transition itself but cracking the Wii U specs.

      At least Ubisoft has some success in it and may be less intimidated to develop on it.

      1. Nintendo had trouble to develope games in HD no that they could do HD because the console wasn’t able.

      2. I hope Ubisoft keep supporting Wii U. But I really doubt that they will ever develop a new title from the ground for the console. I feel they are done with Rayman Legends and Zombi U.

      3. Ubisoft jump from the Nintendo-Train because Nintendogs dont like other games then Mario or Zelda.

      4. Please tell me that you didn’t come from the bitter-guys bandwagon.

        “Nintendogs dont like other games then Mario or Zelda”: I’m sorry you believe in that statement. Hope you change your mind someday.

      5. The main reason I bought my Wii U is, indeed, the exclusives.

        But it doesn’t mean that they are limited to Mario and Zelda games, and it doesn’t mean that everyone who has a Wii U or another Nintendo system is a “Nintendog” as well.

        On top of that, lots of people are only able to afford one gaming system at a time. If their choice is a Nintendo console for whatever reasons, we have to live with that.

      6. To be fair, when was the last time Ubi’s released a big-budget title exclusively on one console?

      7. They had trouble because the architecture of the Wii U is different than any other seen before, the GPU has a lot of processing power, and every developer has to adapt the games to process a lot more on the GPU than the CPU, that’s something developers are not used to, not even nintendo, that’s also why Wii U can get 1080p 60fps up, and stream video to 2 screens. They had to remake all the way they develop and it takes some time to work out.

    2. Im not gamer but I can testify that it is true if the developers start to develop on wiiu has they do on other consoles. Their hasn’t been a wiiu game from a third party that has taken more than 1 year to develope.

    3. Yes. As things stand, the WiiU is the only GPGPU having next gen console with a constant stream of 1080p/60fps, 720/60fps, 1080P/30fps locked games of the three next generation consoles. I think the PS4 shall also eventually have constant performance games.

      1. Well, then… Why so much negativism about Wii U hardware capabilities?

        I don’t know how to deal with all the information we get everyday about Wii U being underpowered, hard-to-develop, and so on…

      2. This negativism was already in people’s mind even before the release of the Wii U.
        The only way to reverse this is Nintendo showing the hardware full potential in the next games.

    1. No. The Wiiu architecture is hard to put old archaic 360 an PS3 code onto… the Wiiu is very very easy to develop for from the ground up.

      1. But few 3rd party developers will do that. They’ll port from either the previous or current gen Microsoft or Sony consoles.

      2. PS3 and 360 are going to be left to oblivion in few years.
        Sony and MS cant have them competing with their new hardware, that are basically same as PC 99%.
        And translating from there to Wii U, and toning down graphics a notch (little things, not giant difference in graphics btw) will be easier.

    2. Yes, thank you Nintendo for a cheaper system that can still get great power squeezed out of it when developers do their jobs properly and try.

  4. This is good! AC3 on Wiiu was essentially just the 360 code running on Wiiu, which as we all know is not utilizing the Wiiu at all.

    I would love to see an Assassins creed style game on Wiiu that GENUINELY made use of all the Wiiu’s horsepower. It would inevitably destroy current gen versions of the game.

    Like imagine if the Wiiu was lead platform for an assassins creed game and they pushed it to its limits. The game probably wouldn’t run on PS3 and 360 unless you downscaled the shit out of it.

  5. Ubisoft needs to release videos of Watch Dogs, AC 4 of gameplay and graphic comparisons of ps3 / wii u / ps4. so we can all see the difference. now it’s still not that clear yet.

    1. It’s not in ubisofts best interest to show potential PS3 and 360 owners that they’ll be getting the worst version. They just won’t say anything and let the consumers and media work it out for themselves.

    1. Ah look it’s this sites local retarded rodent! Do you have anything positive to say or are you just going to constantly troll the comments section?

      1. positive about the wii u? yes its cheap.Cheap on Graphics and Games Buhahaha.Take this Nintendogs

    2. I agree. Forget the fact that the graphics, gameplay, and gamepad features make the Wii U version of Splinter Cell Blacklist the best version out there. Ubisoft is ripping us off! ZombiU, Splinter Cell, Rayman, AC4, Watch Dogs – who the hell does Ubi think they are!?!?!

      The ability to run the latest Unreal and Crytek engines, and a highly efficient architecture that requires creative development, along with the pest of the gamepad providing potential for a more immersive gameplay (if the developers are creative enough) – god Nintendo Sucks! Why can’t I just have a tablet in a box, with the same old controller that has been around for a decade? Multi-buttons, light guns, bumpers and triggers, analog sticks, rumble packs, motion controls, dual screen touch screen control – stop being innovative Nintendo, and give me a tablet PC in a box with the same old controller!

      Love how xbots and sonyans pimp spesc, but will trash PC gamers. Between my PC and Wii U, I’ll be on the side of gaming that doesn’t get ripped off. Have a nice life Sventrollson.

      1. The reason I personally have a problem with the GamePad is I haven’t really seen much done with it that’s good. About all I’ve seen as useful is having a map on that second screen. I just can’t help but thinking any major part of the control on the GamePad would control better if I could just push a button.

      2. It depends on how they implement the gamepad, and if you think it right, on Wind Waker HD it is A LOT easier to aim with motion controlling since you just have to aim the second screen to your tv and that’s it, with a normal controller you have to move the sticks which. In that case i consider the gamepad way more practical.

      1. Greetings…

        Only when it comes to those Third Class Forces…

        But personally I haven’t noticed much of a change in me, besides being a lot more tired…

      2. Don’t worry commander, Ubisoft has been fairly nice to the growing Wii U community.
        Even if the third parties don’t put too many of their games on the Wii U, indie is the answer to that.

      3. The Indie community is the ones that experiment now as they want original ideas, of course their games will not be as large scale but they are still fun and more innovative.
        Who said third parties won’t support it when it takes off due to new games, they will because new Nintendo games mean console sales.
        Also troll, I don’t damage control, I try to be optimistic on a NINTENDO site.

      4. Many of these Indie Tribe games looks more fun than these bigger ones…

        Most notably the Shin’en Tribe makes great use of our machine…

      5. I am a lot more evolved for me to have a “toaster”, whatever that is since I don’t know ancient words…

  6. I had frame rate problems with the Wii U version of AC III so I’m happy they are improving it for the 4th game on the Wii U. I’ll still be getting on PS4 but I might get it for Wii U for my brother (Who is about in his 20s), he prefers Nintendo products over the other companies but I respect him for it ^^


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