Paper Mario Developer Working On Unannounced Wii U Project


James Anderson, one of the programmers over at Intelligent Systems, has revealed via his Linked In profile that the acclaimed development studio is working on an unannounced Wii U project. The team has previously produced a number of games including, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Advance Wars. What would you like to see Intelligent Systems work on next for Wii U?

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    1. the same Paper mario on the wii in HD ?Wow they Milk mario even more than before Reggie needs new Fancy car haha…Please understand.

      1. Kratos can sleep with 20 virgin girls from the temple of Zeus but can’t keep gamers entertained for more than 4 games.

          1. Says the Xbot that loves a machine that is supposed to be more powerful than the Wii U but only manages 900p and 30fps RYSE…

              1. Bayonetta 2 a game that is graphically impressive runs at 60 FPS on Wii U and isn’t even coming out for another year.

      2. Aside from your fifth-grade execution of grammar and sentence structure with oddly-capitalized words, I’d like to point out that almost no one would (or should) want a Paper Mario modeled after Super Paper Mario, since it wasn’t an RPG like the others, even though the feedback from that game led to the horrendous atrocity known as Sticker Star somehow. If anything, people clamoring for a Paper Mario for Wii U would want it to take its cues from The Thousand-Year Door, a game from almost a decade ago with great story, gameplay, and characters. The fans would certainly right to want such a sequel. After TTYD, Intelligent Systems have gotten way too experimental with the Paper Mario series, which has ended with mediocre and disastrous results respectively.

        Additionally, the Paper Mario series has seen 4 games over the course of somewhere above 10 years. No one could honestly consider that milking, especially with today’s AAA games’ conveyor belt system pumping out yearly releases with very marginal upgrades and samey shooters with different characters that try to get passed off as new IP. Perhaps the character of Mario could possibly be considered milked given the amount of games that bare his name and face, but after many years of successful spinoffs in many different genres such as with Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario&Sonic, and the RPG games among others, there’s not really much that can be done about it after they’ve achieved popularity since they’re games the fans want. There’s a lot of Mario out there, but at least the multiple different types of games he’s in generally only happen once apiece per system (with the notable exception of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and possibly the Olympics games if I recall but that’s more Sega’s doing than Nintendo’s).

        1. Amazingly said. Really feel they should make a Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Sequel. One of my favorite games of all time no questions asked!

    2. This. They have to make a sequel to TTYD!! or at least the same fucking engine holy shit kermpofrmponioipof44f GET HYPE

    3. Super Paper Mario coming to U
      There IS going to be a Paper Mario U .
      All you have to do is make a bunch of requests. Email Nintendo
      After so long they will make one. I’ve also read forums and stuff. From the research I’ve found, they’re gonna make one!

      1. That would be really great as well, yeah, but considering the low install base on the Wii U it seems kinda unlikely to me. A sequel to a succesful series is bound to attract more customers from the 3ds and the Wii. With the big hype around Awakening the series seems like a very good choice.
        Plus, FE is damn awesome…

        1. Yeah, I hope they do fix the whole no having partners thing on Paper Mario and its more like TTYD. and its more of an overworld like before.

      1. Mario taught me an important lesson: Don’t by all of Nintendo’s 1st party games.

        I should have been more careful, but I was like, “Oh, Nintendo published another game? OK!” Then I found myself neck high in Mario games asking myself why the fuck doesn’t Nintendo give me another fucking Metroid, Starfox, FZero, Zelda. Mario got “New games” instead of remakes. Why? It’s easy.

        I want a game where you play as Bowser. ;)

  1. Another entry of Fire Emblem series would be amazing.

    Off-topic: finally I could put my hands on Awakening. What a marvelous game!

      1. Ah, Voice… I was busy with Rayman Legends and DKCR 3D. I gave them a break now and started to play Fire Emblem Awakening 3 days ago. Definitely, Awakening is a must-buy!

        I’m still wondering if one day I’ll be able to pick Radiant Dawn up… The prices are amazingly absurd…

        1. I pre ordered the game and when I was going to pick it up they delayed but since I was so hyped I had to get it digital and I dot regret it also donkey Kong 3d is the best platformer ever I can understand why Retro decided to give us a sequel first than metroid.

          1. I had beaten DKCR on Wii back in 2010 – but not 100%. I’m trying to do that on 3DS now.

            I could play Tropical Freeze for some minutes months ago. For sure, it’ll be another gem. In fact, the DK franchise is more appealing than the Metroid one in terms of market. But I have high hopes that we are going to have a new MEtroid entry by Retro Studios seeing the light of the day within Wii U lifespan.

    1. Right? I clocked over 100 hours into that game including multiple playthroughs…. One of the most amazing games.

      1. It’s really, really amazing. I’ve been enjoying it a lot!

        I read one of your comments sooner today… I’m also done with “milky-Mario” and I don’t know either if I’ll grab 3D World.

        1. If you enjoy it in your fourth hour of game play, all I can say is it gets better and better.

          The game play. The story. It all gets better as you play. That’s why it’s done so well. ;)

  2. Vår armada har peilet seg inn på målet og er i ferd med å iverksette nåde støttet.
    Kun et signal fra kommandøren trengs for å destruere dem umidelbart.

  3. Hopefully it will be a new Paper Mario to make up for Sticker Star. I’m not saying Sticker Star was a bad game or anything, but, it felt like the game strayed too far from the previous titles and that it just didn’t feel like a genuine Paper Mario game.

    Hell, who knows? They maybe working on HD revamps/remakes on the previous titles.

  4. Off topic…
    I’d like to make a prediction.
    For a few years, parents will encourage their kids to game on their iOS and tablet devices.

    Games will receive updates. Soon they will only play with the most up to date firmware. As with all things Apple, that firmware will ultimately outdate the hardware.

    Kids will be begging their parents for the latest iPads so they can game, and parents will realize they fucked up by getting their kids hooked on $300 – $600 devices that need replaced every year or two rather than a console that would cost the same or less, and last 5-8 years.

    The camel’s back will break.

    1. My cellphone could play angry birds star wars when it was released then 2 updates later to the game and I can’t play it anymore so you are 100% right.

      1. I think the 3DS is strong enough to weather the “Tablet-storm” and when people realize, that gaming in a tablet is expensive (given hardware upgrades) and it’s more practical on a console… Could take a few years for them to catch on, but it will happen. Unless Apple decides to come out with a gaming-tablet, and stop the annual obsolete behavior.

        1. Microsoft will not be releasing a gaming tablet and if they do it will mostly for PC gaming wich could be a great idea done well.

        1. You need to recharge your batteries, then.

          What about playing some RE4? :)

          I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Awakening the last three days. It’s a gorgeous game, and some dialogues remind me the way you speech. If you don’t have it, I recommend you pick it up. You won’t regret.

          1. My Wii stopped working a few months ago…

            But still I don’t have much time to play anyway, specially not this week or next…

            I’m buying Pokemon Y though, I bought the 3DS XL Pokemon Y colours yesterday though…

            I’m planning to buy FE:A later too, always wanted it…

            1. What happened to your Wii?

              I’m really surprised by hearing a Nintendo hardware going down.

              I think Simply G also had an issue with his Wii some time ago. Other than you two, one guy here told me here in MNN last year that he had a problem with his Wii. I personally never had any problem with any hardware from Nintendo.

              Anyway, the Nintendo technical assistance is supposedly pretty decent. If I were you, I would give it a try.

              1. I’ve heard that those who bought a Wii during the first year could only have it operational for 6 years because the Disc reader would stopped working or something…

                    1. same here my wii broke down a year ago(got it day1) had to replace the disc reader, its working perfectly now, you can find it on Amazon.

                    2. We’ve already did this with a few others ages ago, crawl back to your dungeon…

            1. Commander said that he played it to death. I never put my hands on it, but now I’m thinking to buy it to see how good the game is.

  5. Who cares what they working on, it just another baby game for the babies. It probably the same Mario game they did before with the letters “HD” at the end of the title. The babies will think it is a brand new game. They can use the same old primitive models and the same old sound effects and nobody will notice it the same old game.

    Hopefully they can do a better job at this port of an old game than Nintendo did with their Wii U 2D Mario game that barely ran at 720p on their underpowered baby excuse of a console.

        1. Han är bara en liten Sonyansk soldat med en stor mun…

          Inget som orsakar problem för vårt imperium…

      1. Har du kommet langt evolusjons mesig? Det er så gromt mellom gulv plankene skjønner du. så jeg måtte ta meg en flaske med blåsyre for å skjønne hvordan din tankegang er.

      2. ….I’m starting to think people on this site (and many other sites) are weird.

        I don’t get why people get so passionately against video game companies. It’s not like it affects you if a company you don’t like does well. Let’s say Nintendo makes another 50 Mario games within 2 years. What bad can come from that to you? I don’t see how you will be affected financially or personally, in other words, I don’t see why you care one way or the other. So what if Nintendo releases more games you don’t like? you don’t have to play them, just let the people who do like them play them, hell you don’t even have to talk to the people who like the games.

        Also, this is not only for you Svenson, but for other people on the site as well that bad mouth Sony, Microsoft and the fans of those companies. You guys need to lay off and relax.

    1. You sound like a retarded 4 year-old. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if you turned out to be one as well. If you feel so strongly about things looking realistic, try going outside, moron.

  6. I’m praying for a real Paper Mario, an amazing RPG like the first two games. It would be god damn awesome.

  7. They should dive into the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars universe. Make a game focused on the companion characters and more new ones.

  8. For the love of God Intelligent Systemn, just show us some gameplay of Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem!

    Other than that, I would love you to make a successor of the Nintendo Wars (Famicom/Advance) franchise.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re helping finish the already announced Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei the same way Retro helped with Mario Kart 7 when they were between projects.

  10. A new entry in Dr. Mario! Introducing.. Dr. Mario: Particle World! Electron Mario! Proton Mario! Neutron Mario! Saving the Nucleus Princess from the Infectious (Enemy Name here)

  11. Please Advance Wars… Please Advance Wars… Please Advance Wars… Please Advance Wars… Please Advance Wars… Please Advance Wars… Please Advance Wars… Please Advance Wars…

  12. If they make a new Paper Mario it BETTER be like 64/TTYD. But most importantly NO GOD DAMN STICKERS! I’d much rather them bring back Battalion Wars though. (not gonna happen)

  13. I would absolutely love Fire Emblem on the Wii U.

    However, I think at the moment, I’d rather see Paper Mario, just so I could hopefully get the terrible taste of Sticker Star out of my mouth.

    And if it is Paper Mario, KEEP MIYAMOTO AWAY FROM IT!!

  14. i just started play TTYD the other day, just to remind myself of how awesome the Paper Mario series is, because of how huge a disappointment Sticker Star was. Styled like the first two entries you’d have a solid game. I never saw a reason to depart from the traditional style the first two games had. The writing and dialogue is fantastic in all of them and Intelligent Systems knows what they’re doing, it’d be a huge game.


    That was the best Paper Mario game IMO, with TTYD being the second best, Paper Mario 64 third and Sticker Star 4th IMO.

  16. paper mario wii u please I liked all the games pm spm and ss in that order I never played ttyd yet

  17. If it is a Paper Mario game, it better not be like sticker star.
    Make it more like ttyd or the original. Or even Super Paper Mario. Those three were the best. (especially music from SPM)

  18. Personally, my all time favorite of the paper mario series is the thousand year door…I love that game! I was so pumped when it came out for wii then bummer it was a let down…I didn’t like all the geometric shapes and the new age story line. But also wanted to point out that the original paper mario for the Nintendo 64 wad pretty good as well…can download it to your regular wii. It puts you in the mindset of the paper mario tyd. And personally I liked sticker star no where near as well as pm for 64 and pm for GameCube but I did like it way better than spam for wii

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