Mighty No. 9 Developer Shows Backers Rough Engine Footage

Mighty No. 9 is in its final countdown stages with just over a day to go until the Kickstarter project ends, but developer Comcept is still boosting its backer appeal. In an update from the developer, Mighty No. 9 will be created using Unreal Engine technology, and since it’s a crowd-funding project, Comcept has published a very rough and short video of the game in testing by Inti Creates. The video footage – which you can see above – took seven days to put together, in order to see if the engine was appropriate for Beck and his enemies. Of course, they underlined that this footage is very rough and not necessarily what you can expect from the game when it launches in 2015 for various consoles. It’s only 13 seconds, but what do you think of the footage?


    1. Unreal Engine is only hideous when companies try to go ultra-realistic with it. MN9 looks like it’s going to be cartoony, so yeah


  2. I thought the game was going for a hand drawn style. Was that first screenshot just a test? It looked SO much better.

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  3. Wait, I was kinda expecting this game was gonna be a 2D game with some 3D elements. I didn’t think it was gonna be 3d all the way. It’s good though. That’s why I backed this project up.

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