Former Wii U & Wii Exclusive Dragon Quest X Now Coming To Smartphones


Square Enix has announced that it’s teaming up with NTT Docomo to bring Dragon Quest X to smartphones. Docomo has revealed that they will be using a cloud gaming based platform to bring the former Nintendo exclusive to smartphone users. The company will also be collaborating with NTT Docomo to develop a Dragon Quest themed smartphone which comes pre-installed with a special Dragon Quest mobile title.


  1. I will start saving money to buy me some square enix ips instead of a wiiu cuz the way I see it they will go into bankruptcy at the half point of this gen.

      1. What do you mean “only Pokemon save Nintendo”, look at the other games that are selling like crazy Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Monster Hunter 4 (JP), Super Mario 3D Land, the 3DS had sold more units then PS3 and Xbone 360 has in their life span and the Wii was the most selling console of last gen. So before you go saying only one game is saving a company, shut your mouth and do your research

    1. Their games have actually been selling quite well on mobile devices. And they’ve always gone where the money is, that’s how they get the capital to invest in great games.

  2. To think if this game was designed for the wii u from ground it up it would be a huge system seller. Oh well.

  3. please understand wait for the game by Monolithsoft called X, its gona sell out Wii U consoles all across Japan and the US.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Wow. The game sucked so bad they have to result to smartphone users to buy a console game?

    This will be a good experiment…

  5. Bu bu but, smartphones are so much weaker than dedicated gaming consoles and thus multiplatforms are impossible on the weaker platform?

  6. Woah I seen gameplay footage of this game and it looks good, but I don’t think its worth a montly payment square enix. How would this even work on smartphones anyway the game has some pretty complicated controls. maybe on tablets.

  7. I really wanted this game on my Wii or Wii U. Very disappointed. i will not be playing this on a f…ing phone.

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