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Sonic Will Feature In Smash Bros Wii U And 3DS

Nintendo has finally confirmed that Sega’s blue mascot Sonic The Hedgehog will be a playable character in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The next entry in the acclaimed Smash Bros franchise will be released next year.

71 thoughts on “Sonic Will Feature In Smash Bros Wii U And 3DS”

    1. NO! I always preferred Mario over Sonic!
      (not trying to hate, just trying to be contrary please don’t take it the wrong way lol)

  1. Though I’m getting antsy for a new character, I’m glad to see yet another of my Brawl favorites confirmed right away. Now I’m just waiting on Lucario!

        1. Mewtwo just had a movie AND has a mega evolution now….like I get that lucario does too, but mewtwo seems to be the much better choice in bringing advertisement forward…

        1. They may have waged war in the past… But thy kingdom and empire shall arise and triumph over the damned. They shall storm into the gates of hell and take back Banjo and Conker; they shall extinguish Capcom, take it, and revive MEGAMAN… -Morgan Freeman

          1. That’s what I’ve been thinking of, with Sega owning Atlus and Nintendo owning the better Sonic games they are basically fit for each other, who knows, Persona might come to 3DS in the future

          2. The blue bomber and the blue blur in the same game… do you hear it? it is the cry of joy of million of fanfic fans screaming in the distance.

          3. Cool. I wasn’t very in to gaming when I played brawl, so I didn’t care much for other characters than the classic ones.

          4. Im no sonic fan but when he was announced for brawl it blew my mind that they actually put him in the game especially after the fake photoshops for melee that i got fooled for haha.

          5. NNNOOOOO!! he single handedly ruined brawl, he made every character slow!! melee was way faster in pace, while brawl was slowed down because of that autistic hedgehog!!

            1. How is Sonic autistic? He doesn’t show any signs of Autism, I’d say he was more ADHD. So trolls hardly understand what Autism is yet you still use it as a joke? Pathetic how you guys can’t come up with anymore original insults.

              1. yes he is, he also attracts autistic people. he turns normal people autistic, i mean look all the fans of sonic are disgusting furries. worst fanbase known to man.

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                2. YES! Sonic was a Must Have for the game. Now that he’s in it, my hopes are back on track for the game. We just need Mewtwo, Roy, Ike, and some of the other big shots. Also, I don’t want a copy and pasted Brawl roster with 3 new additions. We need to start beefing up the ranks. Add Dark Samus, Shadow, Bass, Blood Falcon, James McCloud, Lucario, Lyn, Candy Kong, Rosalina, and as many others as they can throw in

                  1. Ehhhhh…
                    Quality over quantity any day.
                    If they just threw in any old charcter the game would lose its shine.
                    Also, Roy isn’t too much of a big shot honestly.
                    He was only really put in to advertise his game.

                    1. Maybe Roy wasn’t a big shot in popularity, but he was one of my favorite characters to play as in Melee. Also, I gotta go with Quantity in this one. The more playable characters the better. Even if they’re clones

                  2. AWESOME!!! Now if Pacman is added we can have a full 4 player battle between the top mascots belonging to different brands. Nintendo vs. SEGA vs. CAPCOM vs. NAMCO. That would be epic :)

                  3. I really hope this isn’t just Brawl HD + 3 Newcomers. They need to announce new characters if they’re gonna tease us like this. Plus, I hate Sonic.

                      1. Fuck that they need to make tails playable what about the tails fans are do they even care about the tails fans think about it this game would sell more if tails was playable

                    1. Good, now add Mario as a guest character in the Wii U version of whatever new Sonic & Sega All Stars game you have planned for next year!

                    2. “Why the hell is Sonic in this one? Ugh…”

                      Am I missing something here? Either they hate Sonic just because he’s in Super Smash Bros. only on two Nintendo systems… or it’s because Sonic Lost World is coming this month only on two Nintendo systems? Gosh…

                      1. I don’t hate Sonic, but he should have stayed a guest character in Brawl. I’m just afraid of Smash Bros. not being a Nintendo only party game anymore.

                        1. Don’t be a pretend, hero cup. You should know that Super Smash Bros. is a FIRST party game. Just imagine– The Blue Blur, The Blue Bomber, and the Italian plumber from Brooklyn in a video game together. The more, the merrier.

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