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PAL Version Of Zelda Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Comes With Reversible Cover

reversible wind waker hd cover

It has come to light that the PAL version of The Wind Waker HD Limited Edition that comes with the Ganondorf figurine, also comes with a reversible cover, pictured above. The coveted Limited Edition version of the game has been sold out at many online retailers. In North America, GameStop had recently gotten some stock of the title back in, but it seems that they have once again sold out. While North Americans have been able to download the eShop version of the game since September 20th, on October 4th, the download will be available in Europe along with the worldwide release of the physical version of the game.

29 thoughts on “PAL Version Of Zelda Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Comes With Reversible Cover”

  1. please understand we had to release this game as a desperate attempt to have a 1st party AAA game out for holiday season.


    1. Super Mario 3D Worlds is the AAA title for the season. After watching the new trailer, my skepticism melted away. Afterwards, I found out that blogs are filled with people saying they felt the same way.

    2. So true, and the babies think it is a brand new game when it just the same old game from 10 years ago. Same old particle/water effects, same old low polygon primitive backgrounds and environments. Same old sound effects they been using on their games for the past 30 years. They couldn’t even bother to add those dungeons that were never included in the original.

      At least Mr. Yamauchi tried to diversify Nintendo. Back when Nintendo had Rare(Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, etc) and Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), the good relationship they had with Factor 5 (all the Star Wars games), back when Nintendo made games like Wave Race and 1080°. But the idiots decided to sell Rare and all the rest of these awesome studios. Nintendo used to make other types of games for the ones who aren’t interested in all the baby games. Now Nintendo is just a baby game company. Satoru Iwata is the idiot that made Nintendo into a baby game company. “We want to bring back the core “gamers” with the Wii U”. What a lie that was Mr. Iwata!

  2. I’d like to thank my girlfriend for pre-ordering me a copy of this game in the UK. Even though she’ll never read this. I got so pissed off about Gamestop selling all of their pre-orders before I got my check/cheque that I resorted to having her pre-order me a UK copy. I WANTED THAT FREAKIN’ GANONDORF FIGURE!!!!

    1. I always wondered that same thing. I know that on eBay they go WAY up in prices through time (or instantly, when greedy people buys multiple copies just so they can sell them on eBay for twice the amount. I saw this game for $120 on eBay. ASS sellers). But officially, I’m not sure if the value goes up or not?

        1. it will be worth a hundred bucks after a couple of years. It’s limited and extremely collectible.

          20 years from now, it will be worth well over a grand.

  3. please understand,don’t tell me to shut up because I will be forced to shove my foot up your “A” Hole

    thank you

      1. i dont care if u believe me or not i was just confirming that the NA version has two covers as well.
        if i got it earlier its not ur bussines. bitch bye.

  4. Cool another game like that. Wish I’ll be getting that version. I already have Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower like that.

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