Pandora’s Tower Developer Is Helping Out On Wii Fit U


Kotaku writer Stephen Totilo has revealed via Twitter that the developers behind the well received Pandora’s Tower are co-developing the next entry to the Wii Fit franchise on Wii U. Totilo found out the news when he noticed Ganbarion on the Wii Fit U title screen. Wii Fit U is due for release in December, but there’s a free one month trial in November.

Little nugget for Nintendo-watchers… Wii Fit U is made, in part, by Pandora’s Tower studio Ganbarion. I spotted that on its title screen.

Thanks,  iceazeama


  1. Nintendo is doing favors to those that help them during the wiiu time. This company royalties pay will be hugemongus when the game start to sell.

    1. They needed extra hands so they decided that a developer that made them a huge wiiu game deserved the pay that’s all.

  2. I am actually playing at Pandora’s Tower (48%) and I love my baby game ;-) sorry i gotta go, Elena is hungry!!!

  3. Funny thing is, that machine desperately needs its Pandora’s Tower and such, instead we get this nonsense.

  4. this is such a fucking waste of talent!!! they have a good fresh creative studio and what does nintendo have them do…… shovelware wii fit u. can rule them out as someone trying to make a good game on the wiidust4u.

    1. I doubt they’re just focusing on Wii Fit U. They’re just giving Nintendo a hand with HD development (like Namco with Smash). Best bet is that they’re working on something else as well (maybe a prequel to Pandora’s Tower).

      1. im pretty sure though that this company isnt used to hd programming. they havnt made any hd games before!! im pretty sure anyway, so it seems weird if thats why they are helping. they better not just be doing this bullshit….. just throwing a possibility of a good game away but they do this.

      1. How about maybe Ganbarion needed some cash(seeing as Pandora didn’t do too well) and Fit is a multi-million seller with potential to move consoles?

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