Aqua Moto Racing 3D Coming To North American eShop On October 10th


The game universally held as the perfect casual game for the 3DS with one of the most generous download play schemes on the market today is hitting the eShop for all the Nintendo of America areas on the 10th of October. This release is an updated, polished and better version from the one released in Europe this summer. Better sound, smoother gameplay and better physics has been carefully woven into this version of the game.

Experience racing at breakneck speeds in paradisaical worlds of heaving oceans and sandy beaches. Do wild stunts for boost rewards and use the extra speed for an extra fun riding experience. Buy new, pimp out your rider and race all kinds of water-craft. Compete against your friends in Local Play where the ability for direct communication is paramount for hammering your superiority in! Advance, unlock and enjoy more powerful water-craft in tournament play and make your challenge for the top spot and record times.

This new and expanded game from Zordix takes the franchise one step further, implementing a more defined racing experience and a deeper immersion in the paradisaical vistas made possible by the possibilities on the Nintendo 3DS.

Selected Features

  • Ride Real Waves in Exotic Locations.
  • Experience 48 Challenging Courses
  • Perform Gut-Wrenching Stunts
  • Single Player Career with 14 Championships
  • Local Play Action with Up To 6 Players
  • Generous Download Play Capabilities
  • Beat Target Times and Unlock Medals
  • Excel in 25 Achievements


    1. I mean, I have yet to play any game with better water-physics than Wave Race 64. With the power that the Wii U has I can even think about what they could do with a Wave Race now.

      1. If they did wave race again it would likely just be the gamecube one in hd for $50.lol

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