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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Nearly Doubles Kickstarter Goal, Adds Another $37K To Boot


WayForward’s campaign for Shantae: Half Genie Hero ended its Kickstarter run on Friday, finishing with a total of $776,084, nearly double its intended goal of $400,000. In addition, WayForward revealed that they received over $37,000 in additional funding from Paypal donations, for a grand total of over $811,000. The impressive haul for Shantae will not only fund the game, but has allowed the campaign to meet several of its stretch goals, including extra costumes, chapters, and the ability to play as Shantae’s nemesis, Risky Boots. Paypal funds will continue to be collected, with that sum going toward the development of cut scenes for the game. Half-Genie Hero is scheduled to be released in October of 2014 over multiple platforms, including Wii U.

37 thoughts on “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Nearly Doubles Kickstarter Goal, Adds Another $37K To Boot”

        1. She looks like a gypsy whore like Aladdin’s women. This is almost as bad as playing as Barbie. It’s like the developer’s are getting off on the fact that your playing it like a gay.

              1. I’m being serious. Why do I have to play as a Disney character that little girls would look up to. At least give me a choice. In 3D world I don’t have to play as Peach.

                1. It is a lot more than a platform game. Sadly you can’t really tell by the video they have there. Check one of the updates and you can tell it is a lot more than an platform game. You get power-up such an spells, transformation, and boosts. Spells can be fireball, blizzard, and etc. Transformation can be Monkey for climbing, Elephant for breaking rocks, and etc. Boosts can be like increase your attack damage, defence, and even running speed. Its got dungeons in the past games but I hope its will make an return.

                  Yes, there are a lot of female characters in this game but you shouldn’t ignored this game due to sexist game.

              2. If Barbie was an awesome platform game that rivaled Mario would you want to play it? Look at me driving my pink convertible to the mall while I collect my 3 purses and collect Ken dolls. Oh, but the game design and controls and creativity are awesome so let’s play it.

            1. Big 3 arent overrated

              Gays are attention whores with their stupid parades and proud to be gay things. Apes dont seek attention atleast. Tbh i dont know which one is worst jew or gay. And anyway who the fuck finds males appealing? Straight girls are out of their heads too.

    1. It can still be reached, they are still accepting pledges via Paypal for a few months! I really want to play as Rottytops so I really wish they reach it. It’s only 70K away so it’s very possible.

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