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Metroidvania-Inspired Legend Of The Lancer Coming To Kickstarter October 11

legend_of_the_lancerFor those who love their indie games with some Metroidvania appeal, Legend of the Lancer will be directly down your street. Due to launch on Kickstarter this month and developed by Gorilla Press Games, this non-linear title is shaping up to hit the PC with its initial funding goal, but a Wii U stretch goal, as well as other consoles, is also planned.

You play as the main protagonist Sam, taking on a number of towns in the world named Umber, with his aim to reach a Master Jousting Tournament. As the game can be played in a non-linear pattern, you are only required to complete three towns and its boss, before taking on the final battle. However, if you choose to explore many more towns, you’ll encounter a different ending when you come to face the final tournament.

Legend of the Lancer even drew inspiration from both Super Mario World and Mega Man X. In fact, depending on your exploration through towns, the maps will change, corresponding to your decisions throughout the game. Protagonist Sam also owns a horse, and can be used to clear your path or fight enemies. Developer Paul Emanuel said this was particularly inspired by the blue bomber’s ride armour:

“The horse will also be able to have armor and attachments that can be upgraded separately from Sam. When Sam jumps on the horse itself it will transform into a Biped horse.”

Legend of the Lancer will hit Windows, Mac, and Linux PC platforms first, but stretch goals will be put in place for Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita when the Kickstarter launches October 11.

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  1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

    Sounds kind of interesting, speaking of indie games Little Inferno will receive a price reduction on the eShop this week.. definitely picking that up

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