Aonuma: Hand-Holding In Games “Isn’t That Fun”, U.S. Fans Are “More Passionate” Than In Japan


In a new interview with Polygon that took place after his presentation at the New York Comic-Con, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma discussed A Link Between Worlds, Zelda fans in the U.S., and the pervasiveness of “hand-holding” in recent video games. After acknowledging that complaints of hand-holding have been leveled against recent Zelda titles like Skyward Sword, he said that he has come to believe recently that a game with too many hints to guide the player along “actually isn’t that fun.”

He went on to mention that there was a section of A Link Between Worlds where he argued with his director over including a hint, eventually winning the standoff and ensuring that the hint would be left out of the game. Additionally, Aonuma discussed the huge response he received from the crowd in New York during his presentation, saying that he thinks the fans there are “even more passionate than the fans in Japan.” On its release date of November 22nd, gamers will be able to decide for themselves whether A Link Between Worlds includes too much hand-holding. Here are Aonuma’s comments:

On New York fans: “It was kind of crazy, the way I would say one little thing and get this huge reaction from people. It really made me realize that man, the fans here are so passionate. I think they’re even more passionate than the fans in Japan.”

On hand-holding in games: “I think that one thing all game developers worry about when they’re putting something into a game is, ‘Will people notice it? Will people realize what they’re supposed to do?’ And we kind of have a bad habit of hand-holding, trying to make things easier for everyone. But more and more, I start to think that that kind of isn’t actually that fun.”


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    1. LOL, it took up until Shepherd Aonuma to point out the obvious–a game with too many hand holding blah, blah, blah cake walk instructions is not fun to play–for Nintensheep to finally agree and follow. *FACE THROUGH BRICKWALL* x__x~@

      Person 1: Games that are too easy aren’t fun to play.

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      1. No. You have me all wrong. I am an avid Nintendo fan, and I myself think that their games for the last decade have had too much hand-holding (Zelda in particular, which is my favorite series ever). I have never ONCE defended Nintendo on their hand-holding.

        I’m not a sheep following Aonuma; I’m very happy that he finally admitted that this is becoming a problem. I hope he actually does something about it.

        To put all Nintendo fans in the same category makes you an idiot. A big one.

        1. I was actually agreeing with you and adding my own two cents… ¬_¬

          And at no given moment did I say fan is = to sheep, though it’s hard to tell ’em apart sometimes because of how much dick they have in their mouths.

  2. The legend of Zelda appeals to Europeans and Americans because the story fits these regions better. When you think of a Princess being saved from a castle with a villain and such you think of old English/European tales, which I think bring out more passion amongst Europeans and Americans.

    What I’m trying to say is Zelda is an western story written by awesome Japanese people.

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  3. Listening to the fan complaints? Pretty cool. Nintendo seems to be going all out to please us lately (new Mario 3D World & ALBW trailers), I likey :)

    1. It is nice.

      Although there’s a certain complaint regarding the entire… 4-5 years of a certain female bounty hunter that has yet to be answered….

  4. The game that really annoyed me with the hand holding recently, was Mario and Luigi:Dream Team. I wish there had been an option before you even started the game, that asks you if you’ve played previous games in the series. (I’ve played all of them) If you had said yes, it would completely skip any and all “hey, do you want me to explain this to you” so I don’t even have to be interrupted to answer “no” to the questions. The demo and practice options for the bros. moves is good, and should stay for future games. The explanations for the giant battles was also probably the only other worthy part worth any kind of “hand holding” since it was brand new. The rest was ridiculous and ate up so much time in the game, it wasn’t even funny.

    1. If I recall right Mario sticker star being such a shallow rpg game was Miyamoto’s doing also.The all fighting and no real story thing.

  5. Mr. Aonuma, YES!!!!! Glad to hear him say this. Hopefully this means future games won’t baby the gamers

  6. See, this is my theory… they intentionally bogged down the enjoyability of Ocarina of Time with what probably amounts to like half an hour of pointless tutorial messages combined to make any game seem accommodating in comparison. In a word… tough love!

    Tutorials should always be fuckin’ mandatory.

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