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QubicGames To Release A Wii U Title In Coming Year

Airace Speed

QubicGames, developer of AiRace Speed, has announced that it will release a Wii U game at some point in the next year. Apparently the company is even working with its own game engine for the system, called C-Way, which will handle the new game. QubicGames has been supporting the 3DS eShop with both AiRace Speed and 2 Fast 4 Gnomz, and now the company is looking forward to its first title on the Wii U eShop. No official release date has been confirmed yet. Here is the full statement from QubicGames about the game:

“We are already authorized developers for Wii U. We have the devkits and we currently prepare our own game engine C-Way to feature the proper technology to handle development on Wii U. We do hope that we could release a game on Nintendo Wii U in the next 12 months.”


      1. Knew that was coming. Is predictable when the topic is to much to handle.

      2. *too

        Before Jellybean told me you were Macarony64, the coward trying to hide from his past, I thought you were mentally challenged. Honestly, you’re that stupid.

      3. Nope… I’m not the dude who’s already extremely jealous of seeing Pokémon X & Y sell millions of copies physically and digitally combined worldwide, VoR.

      4. Don’t try coming back with another name. Your first grade English skills will give you away.

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  1. As Indies slowly become the next third Parties. Watch EA, C-Way Engine from QubicGames, The Second generation engine from Shin ‘en :).

  2. The WiiU is bathing in a greatness of a hard earned future. The 3DS, well two months, Million game selling releases, that is all I will say about that.

    1. Ore?

      Oh you are talking about the Xbox One line up. “AAA, remember?” No I don’t remember putting AAA into my controller but doesn’t the Xbox One controller run on AA?

    2. Ignoring that DKTF, Smash, 3D World, Pikmin 3 and under rated W101 are in the line up but you wanna play dumb in acting like it ain’t.

    1. Yeah at least we know DK TF will get 1080p 60fps but hey they could have released it by rushing it so it could get 900p 30fps like Xbox One’s rushed shit. I read and heard developers are already at.the limits of Xbone and PS4. All those cores and gigs and they struggle at 1080p. That’s a shame. And isn’t Ki side by side like TF?

  3. Anyone notice a trend?
    The closer the Wii U gets to some good releases and the more the supportive messages come in, the harder the trolls try?

    Yeah, they’re running scared, and it’s funny as hell to watch.XD

    1. It because they know Indie Devs are supporting the Wii U and PS4 but their Xbox One is starting to lose developers because some are already saying the Hardware in the Xbox One is shit.

      Everytime I start my Windows 8 PC all I hear is “SEGA” and the Dreamcast logo keeps popping up in every Xbox One video I watch… its a sign my child :) I beautiful Sign

      1. In a way, it is…but thats my old self saying that…My other self, “true gamer”, is saying “I want more competition”. But over all, I can care less now these days for as long as I keep fighting for what I want to do with my life. Is it wrong to think of such as saying “YEAH, FUCK YOU SONY AND MICROSOFT” and then turn around and say “keep going, all three of you are doing fantastic”? Just curious…I know its options but that doesn’t apply to dumb trolls like a few I see here like Neutron, IceEatenJudger, Peanut Butter Kit Kat, and Adarazz.

    2. They will be converted just as many were with the 3DS success…

      While the PS4 and Xbox Done offers nothing new other than insignificant details…

      1. The Wii u is not build to Compet how can they get support for more than 4years.

      2. Have you seen the PS3 vs PS4 Watchdogs, screenshot comparison? They made the PS4 version darker to hide the fact that there’s hardly any difference..

        The PS4 difference: “don’t blink or you’ll miss it!”

      3. Downplaying Graphic leap…from a Nintendo fan.Graphics doesnt matter right its all about the games…You dont see on your console-

      4. But that’s all the Sonyans knows, graphics so in their case it’s justifiable to compare graphics withing their own machines…

      5. The Samaritans switchboard will be jammed with the “Next Gen” crowd when the Steam Box comes out.

      6. Probably…

        I’ve heard that in the same terms as the Xbox Done and PS4, the Steam Box will dwarf them both…

      7. I’m not downplaying anything, I’m just pointing out the huge gaping hole in your incredibly flawed logic.

        I’m just wondering how you’re going to cope when you realise that that your “next gen games” don’t look all that different to what you’ve been playing for the last 8 years?

      8. Will then if you can hardly tell the difference between Ps3 and PS4 on Watch Dogs what are those gigs and cores that Sony ponies keep bashing the Wii U for not having does anyway? Hell the developers are just about already at the wall on next gen consoles anyway. But the funny thing is, developers who worked on Wii U never said they just about went to its limits.


      1. You are one of this hardcore fanboys that threaten to kill me over Videogames?

      1. I don’t get it. Why is it that a 3 core console with 1gig for gaming not nearing the wall but a 3.5gig and 8 core consoles are? It would seem like it would be the other way around.

      2. So now when Ubisoft told us Wii U’s version of watch dogs is in the middle but closer to PS3, I got to assume they only did that because of lazyness and not because of power. If they wanted to they could have even put exclusive features on Wii U’s version. All I know is if it is hard to differ PS3 and PS4’s watch dogs visuals then so will Wii u’s.

      3. Wiiu just to weak.Dont you really think they give the wii u the Current generation because their lazy?

      4. Its cause they are lazy. But since you like to hear about specs you are a brick wall.

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