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Are Game Freak Teasing Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire Remakes In X & Y?

pokemon_x_y_hoenn_remake_hintAstute Pokéfans across the world may have given Game Freak’s next big project away, that’s according to a few sneaky references to Hoenn in Pokémon X & Y. Various screens, which you can see here, on Twitter here, as well as the one pictured above, hint openly that a Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remake could be on the cards. It’s not the first time Game Freak have thought about this either, as back in 2011 Pokemon director Junichi Masuda responded to fans saying he’d “consider” their request to remake Ruby and Sapphire.

Although this is purely speculative, remakes for Red and Blue were released on the GameBoy Advance as FireRed and LeafGreen, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver were released on the DS, so could a Ruby and Sapphire remake be plausible, or is Game Freak merely being referential? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. It makes sense to remake Ruby & Sapphire. I love the storyline, and it would be amazing on 3DS. I also love the two different rival teams, Aqua and Magma.

  2. How many Pokémon games does people need? If you’ve played one or two Pokémon games, you’ve played them all. All I played was Pokémon Diamond. Then every Pokémon game I attempted to play after that felt like the same thing with mild changes.

    1. Your comment is suspicious… if you have only played diamond how can you tell what has changed between games? Even though 4th generation was preferable, it is not comparable to 6th generation. You lack the credentials to judge the Pokemon series, sources say…

      1. Now, hold on. I’m not defending him, but what does being a 16yr old have to do with anything? I’m 16 and I have played EVERY single Pokemon game that has come out on handhelds.

      2. Yeah man, I’m around that age as well, 19, and I went back and played Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver because I missed them. Maybe all he got were 4th Gen games, even 5th looked better than 4th. That said, every Pokemon fan knows that the gameplay is the same, new regions, Pokemon, and game mechanics are what to look out for.

    2. Many of those “mild changes” are different enough to warrant having a separate game. New regions and new Pokemon make further Pokemon games worthwhile to play, as those kinds of changes create a different experience. People asking for drastic changes in gameplay are asking for too much, the gameplay is solid and doesn’t need much change. It is the ability to play the same gameplay in different situations that keeps things fresh.

    3. If you’ve played Diamond and then tried Pearl or Platinum, it would make sense that you say they’re all the same. But if you’ve played gen 5 or 6 there’s no way you could say that. They just add so much stuff.

  3. If ANY Pokemon game should be remade, it should be Pokémon Yellow. Since that’s the only one that follows the anime (well, the way it USED TO be).

    1. there’s a game called FireRed and one called LeafGreen for the GBA… they are the remake of gen 1, so I doubt yellow needs to be remade before a long time..

    2. The game came before the anime cartoon. The anime should have followed the story of the games!
      And yellow was just a version of red and blue / green but with starting pokemon as pikachu following you around to appeal to fans of the tv series.

    3. In terms of gameplay, Yellow is too much like RB to be worth a separate remake, those handful of anime references aren’t really reason enough to bring this game back.

    4. WTF the anime is not fucking canon. The games are the main story AND the anime came after the games stupid.

  4. well it would be cool to travel through hoenn with gen 6 graphics. there’s no way to pack every pkm from other gens to one game so this remake will make it easier to fill up the pkdex.

    1. Well actually you could get any pokemon from gen 3 up to any recent games. That’s what I’ve been doing for years. I still have some of my original pokemon from Sapphire.

      1. Transferring from 3rd to 6th gen is actually pretty difficult and expensive, though, you need a copy of one game from each generation, two DSes (one of which is a DS or DS Lite), a 3DS, and an active subscription to Pokemon Bank. That’s a lot of hooplah to transfer your old Pokemon to the new consoles, and unless you’ve already been keeping up the whole time, it’s not really worth getting all of that. Also, it’s not just about the Pokemon, but being able to re-explore Hoenn, which you cannot do without the original RSE.

    1. I had a lot of ambition for love, but I decided it was time to stop being needy. Now that I’m lazy, I’ve never been more successful!

      ~Nintendo referring to the Wii & Wii U of a near future.

  5. I thought for BW2 the cruise ship would travel to Jhoto because of how much some passengers referenced that region in BW.

  6. In the french version of the game, it isn’t “In due time” but the french for “When you go there” (in his region)

  7. I don’t really know if they are hinting the remakes, but I will tell you that this game is really full with references and funny sentences!

  8. would be fun, x&y is first game i played and i kinda like it!. but i hope remake would also be the easier version of game(like getting xp when catching pokemons)

  9. You know you missed the harmoknight reference in one Pokemon center and an earthbound joke in the beginning

  10. Not the first time, BW 2 had a couple, each from Team Magma or Team Aqua respectively. I’m surprised people missed this.

    1. Why did Wind Waker need to be remade? Why does anything need to be remade? It’s because the game is old and out of date, and newer generations of fans have not gotten the opportunity to play those games.

      Also, remakes sometimes benefit from new gameplay mechanics. New mechanics introduced in 4th, 5th, and 6th gen such as Fairy type, new evolutions and Mega evolutions, new moves and abilities, the physical/special split, the PSS, and Super Training can enhance the gameplay.

  11. Not that I’m doubting the possibility of a RS remake, but how does this screen allude to gen 3 games at all?

  12. Well, they remade Red and Green for the GBA. Remade Gold and silver for the DS. SO it would makes since if they remade Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS

  13. If Iwata has a fuckin brain, he would bring the remake to the Wii U to boost sales. Nah who am I kidding, he’s stupid as fuck.

  14. Update:

    that npc is not teasing gen 3 remakes unfortunately.
    If you talk to him for a few days he’ll say
    “Where is it, you ask? Well, I can tell you that it’s not Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh or even Unova!”
    screenshot of this conversation is up on serebii.net eight now

  15. I’m somewhat neutral to the argument of RS remakes, but I think there’s a good chance that they’re coming. As for why:

    -It would make money (that’s reason enough for Game Freak)
    -Both Hoenn and RS itself are old, and GBA games have become unplayable on recent handhelds.
    -There’s a good 200 or so Pokemon not catchable in XY (maybe a little less, we still don’t know all of the Pokemon not in the game).
    -We need something besides a third version/sequel to stretch out this generation (I don’t think 7th gen will start until about 2017, possibly 2018).

    I wouldn’t mind seeing one, but I’d kind of like to see something a bit different, it’d be a bit boring replaying through a game I’ve already played before (maybe not as much as games like Emerald or Platinum, but still kind of boring). I want to see RS2, that’d be more fresh and interesting.

  16. There’s also a VERY important thing I noticed. XY’s Wild battle, Gym leader battle and Champion battle themes ALL HAVE THE ORIGINAL RUBY AND SAPPHIRE WILD BATTLE THEME remixed on them!

  17. The also referenced all of the other main games as well. Are we forgetting that? X and Y are more of a love letter to the fans at this rate.

  18. They should so make a remake. there are pokemon who cannot be caught afer ruby & sapphire. for example breloom. I dont have r&s so i cant use it. i am not the biggest fan of the other 2 grass& fightings so dont give me that crap

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