Super Smash Bros. Screenshot Shows Gorgeous View Of Skyloft

super_smash_skyloft_stageDevelopment screenshots for Super Smash Bros. on both Wii U and 3DS have been flooding in through the Miiverse gates and the official website for many months. But for the first time since The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s stage was announced, the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai has posted a beautiful view of Skyloft. Previously announced stages in Super Smash Bros. include Pilotwings and Metroid: Other M. Could you imagine both Adult Link and Toon Link fighting against each other in this arena?Accompanying the Wii U screenshot, Sakurai said

“A panoramic view of Skyloft, a location that we’ve seen since the first announcement of the game. You fight landing on the various platforms.”


    1. I love that you use PlayStation as your argument on how Wii U is failing, as they have a particular piece of hardware that is doing atrociously (COUGH VITA COUGH). Now please leave, we’ve all seen you post this video on various pages because god knows why. Wait for the main hitters to come. Wii U will rise. Same thing happened to 3DS. And even if it doesn’t do terrifically, who’s to say the other consoles will too?

    2. PS3 sales at the beginning so…. this video is invalid and doesn’t prove a thing :)

      we have to wait to see because you can’t tell how a console will do just from its first year anymore, ex. PS3, Nintendo 3DS

  1. I fear that the reason they’re being so careful publishing anything new about Smash Bros at the moment, and keep posting old characters and allready seen stages, is because they’re probably considering whether to cut the Wii U or not. It all comes down to the holidays, if they botch it, we’ll probably never experience this game.

    1. ..No. Keep in mind, even if that was the case (in which it will not happen. Nintendo wouldn’t just jump to another one.), we would still get the nintendo 3ds version. They are simply getting the old characters out first so they can go ‘bam bam bam’ with new characters.

    2. That’s the most true comment I read today. I think they are taking into account that the Wii U has a chance of failing so they don’t wanna work too hard just so the game can never be released on Wii U. The holidays will determine the fate of the Wii U

    3. They will follow it through its normal 5 year cycle for the WIi U. It would have to be doing allot worse than its doing to completely drop it and ruin any remaining confidence in Nintendo’s console market.

      They are doing it this way slowly, so they don’t spoil it so soon. They have to keep you excited about the game until sometime in 2014. If you knew what you wanted to know you would probably lose interest by then. But as it is they have people checking once a day to see if anything cool gets shown.

  2. I’m sorry what was that about? I can’t hear over this Skyward Sword music playing on the Skyloft stage in Brawl (Project M 2.6b) :)

    Link and Zelda may not be siblings but they are definitely closely related.
    How big do you think the gene pool is on Skyloft? how many people even live there?

    I detect a 95% chance of incest in this region, Master.

    1. For one, it’s a video game.

      And you do realize that almost 8 billion humans came from 30 000 individuals, right?

    1. Ignoring that Mortal Combat uses the same stages since Mortal Kombat 1. But because Mortal Kombat ain’t Nintendo that makes it OK.

  3. Skyloft was so beautifully designed. If there was one location I didn’t like as much, it was the area outside the training gym. Everything else made economical use of space and was marvelous from any angle.

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