Japan: Nintendo 3DS Sells 213K, Wii U Sells 3K


The Nintendo 3DS enjoyed another bumper week in Japan with the release of the long-awaited Pokemon X & Y. Sales of the console reached an impressive 213.570 units. Pokemon X & Y sold 1.8 million units, which will clearly put a smile on Nintendo’s face. However, it was a dire week for Wii U sales as the console only managed to sell 3.276 units and this is on the back of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Nintendo’s struggling home console couldn’t even beat the ageing PSP. Here’s the software and hardware charts.

  1. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y (Nintendo, 10/12/13) – 1,866,570 (New)
  2. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games, 10/10/13) – 360,115 (New)
  3. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 (Capcom, 09/14/13) – 110,208 (2,652,824)
  4. [PS3] Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (Namco Bandai, 10/10/13) – 77,228(New)
  5. [PSV] DanganRonpa 1&2 Reload (Spike Chunsoft, 10/10/13) – 76,162 (New)
  6. [PS3] Sakatsuku Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou (Sega, 10/10/13) – 73,696(New)
  7. [PS3] Fairy Fencer F (Compile Heart, 10/10/13) – 40,666 (New)
  8. [PSV] Sakatsuku Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou (Sega, 10/10/13) – 33,898(New)
  9. [360] Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games, 10/10/13) – 26,612 (New)
  10. [PS3] Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (Tecmo Koei, 09/26/13) – 11,044 (116,054)
  1. Nintendo 3DS XL – 141,245 (85,885)
  2. Nintendo 3DS – 72,325 (37,102)
  3. PlayStation Vita – 60,166 (3,538)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 12,395 (10,232)
  5. PSP – 3,467 (4,093)
  6. Wii U – 3,276 (4,001)
  7. Wii – 703 (914)
  8. Xbox 360 – 575 (354)



        1. It’s not too late though. 2014 will only be year two. If they can put out these major titles in year two, that’s a pretty big deal. Most of these franchises don’t come until somewhere in the middle or near the end of the console’s lifespan.

          1. Mr Simply G please keep in Mind that Only 7 games announced for next year.But you guys can still play this.

            1. Keep in mind that the few ip’s announce arent youre average selling ip’s. SSB is the best selling top grossing fighter to date. Dethroning any of the SF games. Mario Kart speaks for its self. Mario 3D World.. well, need I say more? Although the Wii U is struggling at the moment, Nintendo is far from pulling the plug on it.

              Ps: do you not remember how long it took Sony to bring back the ps3 from life support?

        1. It’s still a key year. The system recently got a price drop and there are big Nintendo franchises and exclusives coming to the Wii U in 2014. How the Wii U fares with these releases will determine a lot about the future of the system. Thus, 2014 is a key year.

          If the system still doesn’t sell well, even with these heavy hitters, then the Wii U is in serious trouble. On the other hand, if the Wii U sells well with these games, Nintendo can use that success to rekindle third-party support and also invest more in AAA exclusives.

          1. Trolls always move the “wiiu is doom”goal. First it was when the “new consoles get announced Nintendo is doomz” now is when they release.

            1. Yeah but will not get any support if that price remains the same…plus it better do something more than play just computer games if it really hopes to surpass the consoles. Its called “thinking outside the box”.

      1. 2014 will be a key year for every system. Hardly any love is being shown around this time of year for 2013. Looks like the contenders for GOTY will be either The Last of Us, GTA V, Beyond: Two Souls, and quite possibly A Link Between Worlds. Hell maybe 3D World might get nominated. But the list of games that I want in 2014 is enormous!

    1. Vita sales jumped from 4000 last week to 60,000.Look’s to be due to DANGAN RONPA 1 and 2 what ever that is. A jrpg maybe?Good for sony though.I just bought a vita a few week’s ago at a local pawn shop for $100 out the door with mk and an 8gig memory card.Got a bunch of free games with PS plus.It it a great piece of hardware.And I have a 3ds XL also.So I don’t need to hear it has more great games I know that already. But I would tell anyone who already has 3ds their is nothing wrong with having the both. Even if I had payed full price for my Vita I would have no regret’s the thing is bad ass.

      1. It is, its great, mine is currently shelved mostly due to Y but once Gods eater or Y’s Celseta come out. So will my Vita.

    2. Let me ask you something. Why is it that people aren’t confused about the Xbox One. Most people I know know that the Xbox One is better than the 360?

      Answer: Marketing.

    1. Dont forget your precious 3DS was in the same spot and THE ONLY REASON it pulled through is because it was a handheld and handhelds usually start pulling sales anyway, look at the Vita!

      (too lazy to log in_

    1. I doubt it. They said that about:
      -W 101
      All games I own and enjoy tremendously, but when I add Sonic to that list, The WiiU will get it’s small spike and flatline again.

      Although I probably will not be picking up Mario, I’m pretty sure that will see a more significant boost in sales, but it won’t last. WiiU needs a big shot of epinephrine to the chest. Maybe Smash. Maybe X. Maybe Zelda. *shrugs*

      I’m having fun with mine though. ;D

  1. Japan and its love for handhelds.

    Dat Pokemon though. High sales for 3DS and Pokemon were expected. It’s good to see that the Vita got a nice boost from the new model too.

    As for the Wii U….. ;/

    1. either way nintendo is making tons of money this year…Hopefully they advertise the hell out of the wii u in NOV-DEC

        1. Yeah, I would believe that since your still blind…but its ok. Won’t change a dam thing here. Won’t change a dam thing there either. Well fuck, in truth…I don’t feel any different than I did before…so I guess its just those who hate the one system. Hmmm…well, good luck with your small victory…your gonna need it when the heavy come. Trust me, huge system sellers are devastating when you just stick to one system. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I’m not feeling a dam thing…because I play playstation and xbox too…Eh, oh well.

        1. for japan no because its a console titles. People shouldn’t use japan as a damn analysis because they jun differently then the US and the UK

              1. How about make some Starfox or F-Zero?No.Well the 7 games for next year save the Wiiu Why Not? Like WWHD or Wonderful 101 and of course Mario 3D(not that bad) but lets see ;)

              2. Oh HEY…YEAH, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THAT!! Sonic’s return and facing the famous Mega Man. One thing I hope those smashtards and trolls will do is WAKE UP! Still too soon to even judge on the system just like its too soon to judge of ridley’s coming as a playable character (which I hope not…too fucking big)

  2. Well, let’s hope this is the last time Nintendo launches a console without 1st party games.
    The 3DS was a warning. They SAID they wouldn’t do it again, and they did. So they really were literally begging for this to happen.

    Well, I’m enjoying my WiiU. Kinda feels like Nintendo made it just for me as I’m one of the few to buy one. I just feel all kinds of fucking special…

    1. I buy My wiiu Wehen Nintendo gives it out for free after ps4 is out.Next time Nintendo you do it better ;)…Not.

    2. lol

      That’s how I feel with my Wii U too. It’s like: Nobody else wants to buy it? Oh, that’s cool. I’ll enjoy all its awesomeness all by myself. >=)

      I feel that way about my Wii U and Vita. But then again, I also felt that way about my Dreamcast. ;/

      1. Dreamcast!! D: RIP.

        I just hope they don’t scrap the game pad with their next console just because the WiiU is bombing. The Gamepad WAS a great idea. I love off screen play and such. I’ll be sad if it’s left off the next console.

        1. The way that the industry is moving mobile, with all of this second screen, tablet, Vita, and gamepad stuff, I’m sure something will linger.

          Who knows what form it will take, but I think two screens will become a standard in one way or another.

      2. It’s a double-edged sword for me. I feel bad that the Wii U is doing so poorly but that makes the Miiverse all the more special because there are less idiots roaming around on it. It’s not even close to becoming like Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Im A LiL bit mad about that news.Only Negativ shit.Nothing Positv on the wiiu.I throw mine out the window if nintendo Keep Scam Costumaz.

  4. Wii U’s selling decently well worldwide, though. Let’s remember Japan isn’t the only place in the world, yeah?

    The second they see Mario plastered all over game stores, it’ll have a similar effect to Pokemon. ‘Tis my guess.

    1. The Vita got a new model last week. People weren’t buying the Vita in Japan for a while because they knew the new model was coming out. That’s why it got a boost versus a drop.

      1. I like how they dropped the price with a remodel, but I think that they should have dropped the original model’s price and just made more colors rather than changing the screen. It is a bit different than for Nintendo to drop the 3D affect, but I think it will do fine. What they forgot to do, however, is put out good exclusives for the system’s much needed relaunch. I think it is about time they try and take some of those Monster Hunter or Resident Evil fans with their own version/new ips. I wish the big three good tidings, and hope that gaming can pull through this rut that it’s stuck in. I want to see more action and adventure and less shooting and gore.

        1. They did drop the price with the original model earlier this year in Japan. It was around the time that Phantasy Star Online 2 came out.

          They did more than just change the screen though. The button layout and shape changed, proprietary cables have been removed, speakers are different, it’s lighter and thinner, grip on back is slightly different, etc.

          Sony has been putting out a lot of Vita support and a few third-parties are getting on board now in Japan (mainly Namco Bandai and some niche companies).

          They have many alternatives to Monster Hunter games on the Vita. We’ll see more stuff as time goes on though.

  5. The home console market is dying in Japan, it’s blatantly obvious. People who have tried to compare Japanese sales figures to other markets have been exposed time and time again…

    Even the PS4 has been delayed there because the west is the much bigger market, I don’t even think that Microsoft are bothering to release the Xbone over there?

  6. I have to say i’m really surprised by such poor saled for the Wii U in Japan. Because, as for the rest of the world, people could say that customers are waiting for both other constructor’s next gen system releases before making a choice, but in Japan: the Japanese hate Microsoft consoles. MS doesn’t ever really have a target market there, and with the All-American Xbox One, that’s not poised to change. At all.

    So for most Japanese gamers, it’s a WiiU/PS4 decision, and without going all Nintendo fanboy on this issue, I really don’t see how the PS4 can be impressive enough to put the WiiU in such a position, without even releasing. From what we’ve seen, there’s nothing groundbreaking in the PS4 as of yet.

    So these sale figurs for WiiU in Japan, I just can’t see why. It’s weird. Like there’s something I missed somewhere, I don’t know.

    1. There’s no mystery, the Japanese have moved on to handheld gaming. Look at the figures, the Vita outsells the PS3..

      1. I guess you have a point. All gamers who had their childhoods in the Golden Age of Nintendo must be dedicated train commuters, so i guess this makes sense.

      1. Yakuza, Final Fantasy XIV and XV, Kingdom Hearts, Guilty Gear, The IdolM@ster game, Metal Gear Solid, Mobile suit Gundam, and a few others, but yeah there aren’t too many big games that appeal to the Japanese market – especially at launch.

  7. The only thing is to wait for 2014 spring, when mario kart and other come out. If things dont turn around much, then they will need to do something drastic, like slash the price to 230$ or something, and flood the console with high quality first party titles. Or discontinue that shit and make some real next gen console with more ram and more stuff.

    1. Yes More Copypaste first Party Games thats what the Wiiu Need…After 3rd Support…They Fucking Liers.

      1. 1st party are the only games that sell, idiot Nintendo fans moan about wanting new IPs and more third party games but when good new IPs and 3rd games arrive they don’t buy them..

          1. It’s stupid Nintendo fans fault at least Sonydrones and Xbots buy the games they say that they want.. Nintendo fans moan about wanting different games but don’t buy them..

    2. You do realise that these are Japanese sales figures?

      The Wii U had a decent week in the US and even the UK..

  8. I hope the Nintendo turns around the Wii U and Sony turns around the Vita. I think every console deserves its time to shine, and I think that both will sell well if they f*****g advertise. I have seen ONE Wii U commercial last NOVEMBER for launch, which is sad, and I, to date, have NEVER seen a Vita ad on television. Even my parents, who don’t even play video game consoles, know about the Wii U but every time I even mention the Vita they have a puzzled look on their faces. The SADDEST part of it all is that everyone in my family knows the XBOX ONE because of its infamous spyware box functionality. Microsoft did not even tell the average consumer about all of the dropped policies they have, so many people I know still think of it as a creeper camera. I get that advertising is hard, but instead of advertising they start paying for timed exclusives, or to keep things off of PC, I’m looking a Playstation for that one because the already admit to paying developers for free games on Playstation Plus. Also, Nintendo needs to get GTAV on their next gen console, actually, they all do. Also, I think these companies should invest in joint servers for multiplats, it makes no sense to have three sets to further divide gamers, if the people like your system and exclusives, they will come.

    1. That’s true…I think they all need to stop this bullshit of trapping the customers on half asses ports for a full price on 3rd party devs and get real. As for the big three? Go back to your original ways and become great again…

      1. Man, it’s like these news posts are just trying to rub salt into the Wii U’s wounds. If I was the Wii U, I’d be screaming OUCH!
        Written via Pikachu 3DS XL

    1. If I had money back when they came out I would have gotten a Wii, then waited and waited and waited for Kindom Hearts 3 on the PS3 before buying it… So I would have had just a Wii. I had neither, however, but being old enough to make financial decisions now means that whatever costs the least will be what my Kingdom Hearts fix is satiated with, and I will get a Wii U.

  9. As always the same recycled comments from the trolls…

    I bet all of you don’t even go to school or work…

    Just sitting in the basement, smoking joints and disposing your wastes…

    1. People still using the “7 year hardware thing”? are exposing themselves as they know nothing about hardware.

      I do agree about new IPs and SOME 3rd party games though, people who whinge about wanting new IPs and more 3rd party games but didn’t buy W101 and Rayman Legends are hypocrites..

  10. HaHaHa! What a pathetic failure this running on 7 year old hardware excuse of a baby console is. 3,000 units in a month! Even the 8 year old Playstation Portable sells more units than the Wii U lolol!!!

    The babies said that when Pikmin 3 would release the Wii U would sell like hotcakes, nope nothing. The babies said that when the Wonderful 101 would release, sales of the Wii U would increase, nope nothing. The babies said that when Zelda Windwaker HD would release sales would get better, nope nothing. Now listen to them, now they tell us that 2014 is the year lololol. Now they throw a couple of more baby games names around and say those will save the Wii U.

    Babies say when someone complains of the lack of 3rd party games on the Wii U: “Everybody knows nobody buys a Nintendo console for 3rd party games.” With a mentality like that what 3rd party developer is going to bother making games for the Wii U. But as it is clear, babies aren’t even buying their own baby games. The Wii U will be the shovelware and mediocre indie games destination of choice. No surprise there when even Ubisoft has said Watch Dogs on Wii U looks more like current gen than next gen lolol.

    1. “The babies said that when Zelda Windwaker HD would release sales would get better, nope nothing.”

      Then you haven’t been paying attention to the U.S. fool. Oh and you forget immature fuck head…all the companies are doing Independents developers…do you not see that?

    2. Pikmin 3 was a system seller in Japan. The numbers didn’t drop below 9,000 a week between its release (july 16) and beginning of September.

  11. So let’s seee….. Wii u sales rose in NA and it didn’t in Japan. Goes to show Japan don’t know gaming.

  12. I’m not even a little surprised. Pokemon has been such a strong staple for Nintendo. I’m buying a 3DS XL 100% just to play Pokemon X and Y. Gotta find a bundle somewhere…

  13. Yes the numbers look small, but if you think that it is only adding sales to the Wii U console itself. I know 3,000 doesn’t sound like much, but that’s a figure is it not? Better than 0.

    Between now and 2014 and we should see the sales go up. It’s the marketing that’s damaging the console.

  14. Regarding the omission of the Zelda bundle in Japan, it’s pretty obvious why it wasn’t released over there.

    When do Japan get the new bundles, is it November?

  15. #WiiuDeadComfirmed!! The time is just ticking for the Wii U to no longer exist. If sales continue like this R.I.P Wii U

    1. Wow you’re really desperate for this to happen aren’t you, unfortunately Nintendo have quite a lot of money and can afford to be VERY patient, Wii U isn’t going anywhere soon I’m afraid.

  16. Vita only sold better because the new model was released. I’m pretty sure the psv sales will drop after this week. Also 3DSXL sold 278k when it was released so 60k ain’t shit. WiiU is doing poorly in Japan (EU and NA both around 30k WiiU’s per week) they can fix it with games.

      1. Thanks for that, I was wondering when the Japanese bundles hit? That fact that there’s been no price drop or any kind of enticing bundle goes towards explaining the really low numbers.

        Not many people are going to buy a Wii U if they know that a much better deal will be available in a couple of weeks time.

  17. According to vgchartz Wii U has sold 38k in NA and 33k in Europe so I wouldn’t worry, Wii U is doing good.

  18. i find it funny how people deem the wii u a failure indefinitely after not even being on the market for a year

    1. They want it to fail because they want Nintendo to go multiplatform, for some reason playing Mario game on a Playstation or Xbox is more acceptable than playing Mario games on a Nintendo system…

    1. That’s only 3 days of sales. The Zelda bundle wasn’t available for the full week.

  19. It’s safe to say that it’s a different landscape now with the economy and all three console makers having many millions of PS360 and Wii out there with large libraries. The impetus to upgrade is there for the die hard fans but I think for the majority there is no rush to do so. We Nintendo fans have to admit that the Wii was a novelty and that the majority of those who purchased it are not hard core fans that normally buy every iteration of Nintendo’s consoles. I think there are probably around 30 million die hard Nintendo fans that have purchased multiple gens of their hardware. Nintendo shouldn’t be expecting to sell close to that 30 million number at their price point. I think they will end up selling 15 million after 5 years and have a new console out at that time. That would be a failure in their eyes I am sure but I just don’t see the necessary buzz needed to drive sales.

    The PS4 and Xbone won’t sell that well either but their fan base (teens, early to late 20s) is much larger and will feel the need to have the latest and greatest more so than Nintendo fans. But their sales numbers last gen were skewed due to hardware quality issues. If not for those they’d be probably in the 50 to 60 million sold. I predict this gen they will sell closer to 40 million. The ‘need’ to upgrade for all but the most hard core fans is not there. The PS360 is still being supported and will be for awhile. The price is prohibitive in this economy as well.

    I don’t mind that the Wii U won’t sell that great. All I care about is Tropical Freeze, Super Mario World 3d, Sonic Lost World, Super Smash, The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Zelda U, WindWaker HD, Bayonetta 2, MarioKart 8, ‘X’, and hopefully a new Metroid, Mario Galaxy, a couple of new IPs and whatever 3rd party games that seem good.

    That is a lot of quality games for a console that makes owning a Wii U worthwhile. Those games WILL be coming whether the console sells 10 million or 30 million. That is enough for me. Hopefully Nintendo has learned their lesson and markets the system better to get close to 30 million. I highly doubt it.

  20. does anybody not know that this is japan sells numbers they didn’t get a price drop (wiiu) so it makes sense is not selling good.

  21. 3K sold? OMG! My opinion is that Wii U needs a new design (new size or specf for the gamepad like more battery life, multitouch) or maybe another price cut ($150 dlls deluxe box set)

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