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Nintendo Releasing New Monster Hunter 4 Bundle In Japan

Monster Hunter 4 3ds


To capitalize even further on the startling success of Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS in Japan, Capcom have announced a new baby blue, Monster Hunter 4 edition of the handheld console, to be packaged as an exclusive bundle. The bundle will include a downloadable version of the game and will retail for 19,800 yen, or about $200. Gamers can expect the release of the bundle on November 7th in Japan only. No word yet on whether Monster Hunter 4 will be coming to the U.S. or Europe, but Capcom have certainly heard the pleas of 3DS owners in the West.


  1. I’m not just acting stupid, but does this system give you little bit of an urge to sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on your hairy balls to have a snack to pack for your lunch pale?

  2. It’s too bad this’ll probably be with a digital version of the game. I already have a 3DS with a digital version of MH3U, and I’d be willing to get this if it would have a physical (+case) copy of the game.

    Two systems with 2 digital games is not really what I want.

  3. I cant wait for this game. I have been no life since i got into monster hunter but god its worth it. I hope they will make Mh4U at some point. This 3DS looks sweet and sexy.

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