Monster Hunter 4 Link Costume Coming December, Mario And Luigi Costumes Available Now

monster_hunter_4_linkMonster Hunter 4 is continuing to sell at beastly levels in Japan, but there’s still more to come before the latest Monster Hunter bundle hits Japan stores in November. Last month, Nintendo announced that Mario and Luigi Felyne costumes and a Link player costume would grace users screens in the months after the game’s release. For those hunting specifically for the Mario and Luigi costumes, they are available now through 7-Eleven’s 7spot service until November 11. And if you’re looking to nab Link’s garb, including the green tunic, Hylian Shield, Master Sword or Bow and Arrows, you can pick them up starting December 2 until January 10, 2014, from the 7spot service.


  1. I hope this comes to WiiU as Ultimate version or something. But i will pick it up for 3ds for sure. MH is probably my fav ip atm.

    1. A chance to bring a massive 3rd party exclusive to Wii U, bit of a no brainer there…

  2. 01100010011101010110110101110000.
    *Destroy all Nintendrones*
    *Target *
    Bieeeep Bieeeeeeeep

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