Aonuma Says He Wasn’t A Fan Of The Zelda Tech Demo For The GameCube


Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma has revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the original Legend of Zelda tech demo for the Gamecube. Aonuma says he saw the demonstration and automatically thought it wasn’t the Zelda that he knew and loved. He concluded by saying that it didn’t contain any interesting surprises and it basically looked like a revised scene from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

“I saw that movie and I thought, ‘No, this isn’t Zelda. This isn’t Zelda at all.” I felt like this wasn’t what I imagined Zelda to be. It wasn’t the Zelda I wanted to make. That video clip didn’t actually contain any big surprises. There wasn’t any kind of revelation going on. It was more like a continuation of the previous version.”To me at the time, I say, it looked like a scene from Ocarina of Time, but better looking. “Yeah,” he smiles. “That’s right. I wasn’t interested in it at all.”


      1. Aonuma said it himself. He dislikes Zelda 1, 2 and in A Link to the Past he would only cut the grass. The Space World demo was what Zelda is really about, what Aonuma does with the franchise is actually his own game, called Marvelous: Mohitotsu no Takarajima for SNES

        Miyamoto created Zelda, he created Ocarina of Time, about a kid who grows up to face a world full of danger by using courage, because Miyamoto explored caves when he was little

        Aonuma dislikes Zelda, his hobby is playing with puppets, and that changed the game to be about NPCs and Puzzles, so he can have lots of puppets interacting with the player, reacting as he wants them to react, ergo, Majora’s Mask

        1. Lol your so wrong on so many levels because that clip had nothing to do with what Zelda is dood

          if you can tell me now that clip embodied Zelda I’ll believe you but so far your wrong

          but its your opinion and I respect it

        2. So because the games nowadays don’t appeal to your particular taste, they’re a failure?

          Everyone! We have been in error! Nintendo have failed to please Rafael Monteiro! We must repent our sins now before it’s too late!

        3. The Tech demo was Link fighting Ganon to a ridiculous standpoint. That’s NOT what Zelda is about. Zelda is about exploring your surroundings, traveling to different places, meeting interesting characters, and solving the puzzles that hide the treasure. Zelda is much more than just swinging a sword at someone.

        4. “Aonuma said it himself. He dislikes Zelda 1, 2 and in A Link to the Past he would only cut the grass.”
          i’d love to see a source to that claim

          puzzles have been a big part of the zelda franchise even before aonuma took over… zelda today is still the same zelda it was back then

    1. Damn straight. After seeing that, I want this idiot out. Wind Waker was a great game, but THAT IS NOT ZELDA. Zelda is not a fucking cartoon you fucking twit. Damn it if he makes anything like Wind Waker again for anything other than a home console. Cel shading is nice, but not for Zelda ever again. You had your stupid little “real Zelda” Aonuma, now get your fucking shit together and get with the program of what the fans actually want.

        1. No it isn;t you dimwit. You always post stupid fanboy shit. Just because Justin Beiber has millions of fans doesn’t make him great. So deal with it. Zelda is not a cartoon so you deal with that.

          1. “Zelda is not a cartoon”? Such cacaphony! Little things such as Tingle, the windmill man in OoT, and those circus brothers at Lake Hylia in TP are defining characteristics of LoZ’s vast world and it’s variety of life! With that in mind, do you honestly want a realistic LoZ? LoZ would seem like an emo teenager struggling with his identity if it was realistically presented, and I hope TP is the closest things ever get to being realistic.

          2. and YOU of all people know what the fans want why exactly? been a fan of the zelda series since i played a link to the past and i very much enjoy aonuma’s titles

          3. Are you retarded? Wind Waker is the best 3D Zelda game to date, before or after Majoras Mask, you’re an idiot, and even though it is your opinion, it is flawed, graphics do not make a Zelda game, gameplay does, and Wind Waker is the epitome of Zelda, get your head out of your ass.

        2. Actually, no, not even sales.
          General reception on internet forums, sales, reviews, so many things are saying precisely the opposite of what you’re thinking.

          1. Nope. Just because they liked it the one time doesn’t mean they all want Wind Waker to be the premise from now on. And you think because you haven’t read the people who don’t like the WW style that it automatically means they don’t exist? Get real.

            1. Yep.
              Plenty of people came back to Wind Waker and loved it.
              It won’t be the premise from now on, but that doesn’t mean that Wind Waker was NOT a Zelda game to be proud of.
              Hate it all you like, but WIND WAKER WAS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF A GRAND ZELDA GAME.

            2. who the fuck said wind waker would be the premise for anything? WW HD was a bloody remake
              aonuma already said that the visual style of the next zelda would be quite different
              and why are you so fixated on visuals anyway…

              also: NOBODY can EVER make it right for EVERY fan
              it’s impossible
              get that into your head

      1. Ok, so I’m a little mad at stuff in my personal life and took it out on him. Yeah, guess I could have toned it down a little with my frustration.

      2. troll on big guy.

        i loved every zelda so far. why? because it always changes whilst staying true to a format

      3. Zelda has a always been a cartoon dood, the only realistic Zelda was Twilight Princess that is probally the worst of the 3D Zeldas dood

        It isn’t received well by people who aren’t blinded by nostalgia, IT IS A FANTASTIC GAME but to quote the peanutbuttergamer “Its not a great game on Zelda terms”

        1. i wonder why people have to be so extremely close minded about their “favourite franchise”
          so what if the visuals were different.. are zelda fans really such nitpickers? i like to call myself a fan and i still enjoyed TP very much
          more than skyward sword anyway which wasn’t open enough in my opinion

          1. It wasn’t open but I don’t mind it, I liked it because I actually cared about Link and Zelda so I loved it (also my first Zelda)

            And im not close minded at all, Im just stating a problem that people had with the game. Its not a bad game by no means but I hate how it tried so hard to be an OoT clone to cater to the America audience

            I also want my WW2 :<

            1. As much as i love OoT, my curretn favorite would be SkywardSword even with its linear worlds but i did enjoy it a lot and consider it as one of best if not the most innovative of the franchise..

            2. well TP turned out as it did because aonuma listened to fan feedback.. tho usually that’s just the fans being most vocal about it

              1. Well listening to the fans isn’t always best :/ Twilight Princess wasn’t as good as WW, its is the worst one but that’s not a bad thing

                here is the list for me at least
                from worst to best


            3. WW2 exists.. Phantom Hourglass? Go play it. In fact, WW3 exists, it’s called Spirit Tracks. The WW style has officially been the most used style, so it’s really time to move on, and do something different.

              1. Well those aren’t sequels… infact those are different links

                Phantom Hourglass maybe but not spirit tracks and those don’t even share the same gameplay.

                And I never said keep the same art style, I just prefer a cartoony Zelda rather than that

                unless its a WW sequel then it has to da same

      1. No, he constantly rambles on that Twilight Princess was, in his opinión, shit that he had to make because Nintendo wanted a new Ocarina of Time.
        Of course, Twilight Princess is the crowning gem of Zelda, the best game of the series to date, what would you expect from the man who holods Skyward Sword’s shitfest in a higher regard?

        1. Except that’s bullshit, because he said the one he disliked was Zelda II.
          Twilight Princess was far from being “the crowning gem”.
          It sidequests sucked, its overworld had far too many barren stretches, and some of its items only saw a tiny amount of use outside of the dungeon they were found in when there was sooooo much potential for side-quests and minigames taking advantage of them.
          You’re freaking insane if you actually think it was the best Zelda just because it pandered to the dude-bros that insist upon having abso-fucking-lutely everything all dark and gritty and realistic.
          Realism is over-rated, and TP, while a decent and enjoyable Zelda game, was nowhere near the best of the series.
          Don’t even try to kid people here with that shit.

          1. Some part of TP were boring, I like having two different versions of the games Nintendo makes. etc NSMB Wii U and a Mario Galaxy Wii U, Metroid Prime and Other M, Wind Waker HD and a OoT/TP LoZ games. As long as the space them out a bit.


  1. Good. I don’t think that video captured the spirit of Zelda at all. Zelda’s about adventure, discovery, and something unique. That video focused on the old, it wouldn’t have pushed the series forward, or anywhere. Zelda always looks back on its roots, true, but it never holds onto them. It likes to break free and that’s what makes it work. Aonuma is good for Zelda, because he understands that.

    1. Yes because Mary Sue goddess-princesses and repetitive concepts about darkness and light are pushing the envelop so much.
      At this point I’d rather have a Twilight Princess remake thann an all new shit example of HOW NOT TO MAKE A GOOD ZELDA GAME.

      1. What a bland mind you have, that you can’t see how they’ve pushed Zelda’s gameplay since Majora’s Mask. Pretty much every Zelda since then has offered a fresh new way to explore an intricate world, with the except of Twilight Princess, which offered almost nothing new, and was only enjoyable on the basis that it brought together a culmination of elements from Zelda’s past. I completely understand why Aonuma was dissatisfied with that game.

  2. Said the man guilty for the Skyward Sword debacle, I guess not having a gigantic Mary Sue goddess in the video turned him off, no wonder he hates Twilight Princess, good characters and aesthetically interesting takes are too much for him, guess his next game will be called The Twilight Saga.

    1. I agree with him, I like all Zelda games but that clip didn’t do anything for me… It wasn’t how Link would act or fight… It didn’t capture the spirit of Zelda imo

      And for those of you crying about him saying we getting another cartoon Zelda

      he said he didn’t feel it was what Zelda was about, he wasn’t talking about the art-style so please, take off your fanboy blindness shades (which are fly btw, gimme a pair) and read what he said.

    2. yeah i’d like to see a source to where he said he hated TP

      if that was the case he wouldn’t have made it.. because he was designing it based on fan feedback.. and fan feedback is not binding.. if he hadn’t liked it he wouldn’t have made it.. and he certainly wouldn’t have considered creating an HD remake of it for the wii u

  3. Well Aonuma, then you should not have put that thing to show off what the gamecube was capable of.

    But when I think about it, That tech demo have more impact in the Zelda franchise that the one shown in the Wii U presentation; I will dare to say the gamecube demo may have had an impact the franchise bigger that other games Zelda games on it.

  4. Well, he has a point. That tech demo was dull and generic as fuck.

    Then again, the same thing might easily be said about certain recent DS installments of the series…

  5. Hope Twilight Princess comes to Wii U as either an HD remake or virtual console. TP, SS, and AlttP are the last Zelda’s missing from my collection.

        1. This. The Controls for Twilight Princess either need to mask the GameCube version or Wind Waker HD OR they need to mask Skyward Sword. The motion controls in Twilight Princess Wii feel half assed compared to Skyward Sword.

  6. I agree with him, I like all Zelda games but that clip didn’t do anything for me… It wasn’t how Link would act or fight… It didn’t capture the spirit of Zelda imo

    And for those of you crying about him saying we getting another cartoon Zelda

    he said he didn’t feel it was what Zelda was about, he wasn’t talking about the art-style so please, take off your fanboy blindness shades (which are fly btw, gimme a pair) and read what he said.

  7. People are being so stupid about that tech demo, including Aonuma. It was like 10 seconds of Link and Ganondorf fighting. Do you people think that an entire Zelda game would have been just that if not for Wind Waker? It was just to show what Zelda could have looked like at the time graphically and/or cinematically. And honestly, it looks a hell of a lot better than Wind Waker to me. At the very least, you can’t deny Wind Waker’s detail-lacking graphics were easier to make than the demo’s graphics. And there’s a reason why Wind Waker was poorly received upon reveal and sold relatively poorly, while Twilight Princess was the most successful Zelda in both regards.

    1. wind waker had some very decent physics, which also requires quite a bit of processing power, and for that time an elaborate art-style

      the detail of the tech demo almost certainly wouldn’t have been possible in a zelda game at that time because tech demos are heavily optimised and do not have to react to player input
      bandwidth for example can be used to its absolute limit whereas in an actual game you need to have a certain threshhold so the game will still be able to stream player induced actions that can’t be anticipated without severly dropping fps

      such as when i pull out my bow -> textures, effects and animations have to be pulled from memory… or processsing power.. again with the bow.. the GPU suddenly needs to render additional polygons
      in a tech demo you always know exactly what happens where and when and can design the tech demo accordingly with maximum poly counts and better textures

      1. lol What? “had some very decent physics”? You mean like basically every 3D game ever made in order to be playable? And how was the art style elaborate? “Duhhhh, let’s make everything disproportionate and not bother with textures.” So elaborate. And the tech demo’s graphics were more than possible at the time. Twilight Princess looked far superior, and that was on the gamecube. Even if you want to argue that the difference is it being at the beginning of the gamecube’s life cycle, the tech demo’s graphics still weren’t any more impressive than the graphics in Melee, Pikmin, and Metroid Prime. Tech demos for gaming consoles typically don’t use pre-rendered cut scenes since it isn’t an accurate representation of what’s possible. Maybe that demo was, I don’t know. But it didn’t have to be, and I know for a fact that other tech demos they’ve done (like the Zelda Wii U one), were not pre-rendered cut scenes.

        1. i never said anywhere that tech demos were pre rendered, then it wouldn’t be a tech demo obviously
          and apparently your expertise in that regard seems to be very limited

          read my post again, try to understand it and then try to come at me again

        2. and to adress your other points:
          with elaborate art style i was referring to the fact that wind waker features a high amount of round or rounded objects
          maybe you’re aware or maybe not but rounded objects require a high poly count to actually appear round

          the other games you named tried to avoid round objects where possible or simply used less polygons to depict round objects (which then became jagged) in order to have more detail in the game
          smash brothers had the advantage of having very limited stages, almost like a tech demo stage, so the designers had more freedom in approaching bandwidth or poly count limits
          implementing elaborate streaming technology into smash brothers (which itself requires some resources) was for the most part unecessary but a definitive requirement for any open world game (still is today)

          arguing textures in WW is pointless since you only get the cartoony look if you omit texture detail, that’s nothing new
          thanks to that however they could use more detailed textures where they were needed resulting in a less washed out look for texture detail than for example metroid prime had

          regarding physics i meant rigid body collision physics + weight simulation which wasn’t very common at that time, wind physics, which i don’t remember any game having (but which WW obviously needed) and for example chain link physics (such as were used for the boar like enemies.. don’t know what they were called)

          none of that was considered standard at that time or “necessary to be playable”

  8. while i think that tech demo was amazing, i can understand what he’s saying. there wasn’t much adventure in that video.

  9. Aonuma is right; the Zelda tech demo for GameCube was unremarkable. It only existed to show off the GameCube’s hardware, and as we all know, Twilight Princess was created to cater and satisfy the people who loved that tech demo and were disappointed with Wind Waker. Aonuma is perfect for the Zelda series. You can’t expect Miyamoto to create Zelda games all the time. Miyamoto said himself that he’s passing the torch off to other developers due to his inevitable retirement some day. That’s why he’s been less involved in recent Zelda/Mario games. A Link Between Worlds looks fantastic, and from what little we know about Zelda Wii U, it also looks like it will be amazing. Aonuma is working hard to revitalize the franchise with these two new entries to the series.

  10. This is the kind of attitude I’ve come to expect from everyone at Nintendo. They taut how innovative they are, and how unremarkable this or that was because it wasn’t innovative or different enough, yet in the end, they’re all guilty of sticking with old ideas. One example of this is their big selling point with most of their franchises in the past few years, which has been making their characters bigger. For example, mega mushrooms in NSMB, Yarn Yoshi and its giant eggs, mega evolutions, etc. Zelda is no different.

    Face it, Aonuma. Zelda has been the same game since Ocarina of Time. Same story, different graphics. Find the Master Sword, collect triforce pieces, maybe even go to a dark world (like that’s never been done before), go through temples, derp derp derp. Hardly any mechanics changes have been introduced as well.

    1. Well, realistically, it’s been the same since Link to the Past. Find 3 items, which give you the ability to grab the master sword. Medallions in LttP and Stones in OoT.. then you collect items to unlock Ganon’s Castle/Tower, 7 Maidens in Crystals, in LttP and 6 Medallions in Oot.

      Ocarina of Time is just a watered down, 3D version of Link to the Past, with more dialog to tell the story, and some new gameplay mechanics, like lighting torches with sticks. Fewer Dungeons, fewer items, but more collectables and side quests. Even some of the items are mostly the same. Two sets of gloves to lift rocks, 3 magical items to produce spells, which are a swap of the game’s items to unlock Ganon’s castle… Magic Medallions in LttP and Magic Crystals in OoT. Green/Blue/Red Tunics in both games. Fire and Ice weapons. Mirror Shields.

      It seems like people forget the formula wasn’t invented with Ocarina of Time. Link to the Past was first. Personally, I think it did it better, boasting the largest amount of temples, and if it was built to scale, and in full 3D like OoT, would be the largest Zelda world.

    1. LOL!

      I used to say that to my niece to tease her when I let her watch my Legend Of Zelda cartoon series on DVD.

    2. I totally read that in Link’s whiny cartoon voice. I also imagined the actual animation in my head. It’s so cheesy, but great. Haha

  11. I loved that clip. It made me more exited for the GameCube. I was disappointed when I saw Wind Waker after that. However, Wind Waker eventually won me over.

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