Reggie Says He Has Put In Over 300 Hours In Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Nintendo of America president recently took over the company’s official Twitter account to interact with the fans. During Reggie’s time on the Nintendo of America Twitter account he revealed that he has put in three hundred and four hours into Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS. Reggie also showed that he has also played New Super Mario Bros 2 for a staggering one hundred hours. You can view the image of his Nintendo 3DS play time, right here.


  1. 80 hours here since the release date. But 300 hours? what is there to do ? “i borrowed this from blabla can you give it to him bla bla, and please do it today” every day the whole time. im so bored of all those things. lol

  2. I played the game non stop for a few weeks, but then I just felt like I couldn’t keep up, and it started to feel more like a chore to go on every day and make sure my town was clean and…..eventually I stopped. I’s one of those games though, where I KNOW I will go back to it.

    1. Reggie my dear I’ve got ya beat in that department in fact I’ve got all my badges but 5 , this game’s addicting

    1. Reggie isnt a developer, but you do have a point. It seems NoA hasnt been doing much for us lately, pre order bonuses have been half assed, games just dont seem to be coming, and it kinda pisses me off because Nintendo systems sell best in NA. For the most part at least.

  3. big fat zero for me in both, but I’m getting up there with fire emblem and probably will get over 100 in pkm x.

    1. Haha, true. Animal Crossing is like legal crack-cocaine though. I’m not surprised he became addicted to the game.

    1. How can anybody know how many hours they played Animal Crossing? Does it show it somewhere in the game, or in the settings?

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