EDGE Says Wii U Should Steal Your Christmas


Respected UK gaming publication EDGE has written an interesting feature titled why Wii U should steal your Christmas. The article goes quite in-depth about why the Wii U should be on everyone’s Christmas list this year if they are a gamer. It’s nice to see a positive article on Wii U, so it’s well worth a read if you’re still on the fence about purchasing a Wii U.

I’d hereby like to extend the Wii U as an invitation to anyone who read that piece and thought: I miss the old days. Wii U is the console for anyone who wants pure, old-fashioned gaming with a slight contemporary twist. It’s a beautiful paradox, if you think about it: Nintendo has taken the cutting edge technology and terms of engagement – the second screen play, motion control and connected world – and built it around its own wonderful world of colour and invention.

In opposition to the Wii’s manifesto of shared experiences, and despite the presence of titles like Nintendo Land and Super Mario Bros. U, I’ve found the Wii U’s trick to be all in that new suffix: it’s about you. It’s a selfish console, one that encourages a single player to be king of the castle, to revel in the role of sole owner and overlord. Pikmin 3′s plot may outwardly appear to pivot on teamwork but there’s another reading to made here: it’s about one big cheese and a litter of minions. The chunky Gamepad is something to cherish and cradle; adults feel like big kids, kids feel like they should: like kids.


      1. Nintendo in general has ALWAYS stole my Christmas’. Nintendo has always been the centerpiece of my Christmas times, ever since the NES. It’s what always made my Christmas’ even more special.

        But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll have the Wii U this year. I’m waiting for a special edition and/or new color. I’m a lot more patient now than I was as a kid. As a kid, I would have had a nervous breakdown having to wait so long.

      2. Indeed…

        I hope they release more colours or something for the Wii U before I buy it next year…

      3. Our empire is the Alpha and Omega, the Santa Claus and Grinch, the Arceus and Yveltal…

        And so on…

      1. To be honest the PS4 lacks any real good games, same with the Xbox One. I’ll be playing KillZone, Knack and Call of Duty for a while to keep me happy but my main focus will be on Super Mario 3D World.

      2. …. Yet many people are already cancelling their pre-orders because both the PS4 and Xbox One aren’t really pulling anyone in due to lack of 1st party games that interest a wider audience, this is mainly due to the delay of Watch_Dogs and The Crew, and not forgetting DriveClub for the PS4. Wii U on the other hand will have this bundle, Super Mario 3D World (Which is getting a shit ton of praise) and Sonic Lost Worlds which despite the reviews is selling pretty well.

        So over all your argument isn’t really based on facts, more based on your blind fanboyism. I can’t wait to get my PS4 in November but I have to agree with EDGE on this one, the Wii U will steal Christmas and unlike the Grinch will NOT give it back to the XBox One and PS4 until Next Christmas.

      3. Trouble is, Sony and MS are not video game designers/creators, so there will be lack of 1st party titles. Nintendo create their own hardware and software, and they’ve been doing it a lot longer than MS and Sony have.

        Yes their games might not look like what games like Ryse, but it’s about the quality of the game that counts.

      4. I thought Sony had loads of studios.
        And Microsoft has bought out some as well.

        Honestly, Division is the only game I’d like to play that coming out on those consoles.

      1. Kids will look at it and beg for their parents to buy it. Hey, if Microsoft can use evil tactics to pull in people (even though its failing), why can’t Nintendo do the same thing.

      2. Nintendo has been doing it. They do it with the 3DS all the time, they did it on a massive scale for the Wii, it’s about time that they do it with the Wii U too.

    1. Yep. Even more impressive from a site/magazine that is clearly anti-Nintendo in everything it does and publishes

  1. This is the story of how “Tje Wii U stole Christmas” xD
    It’s great seeing positiv articles about Wii U, and I hope this is just the start. I think one thing that has been the reasone behind many hate articles about it is because so many sites and people just follows a trend. It’s line with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber (?) and all those other hated musicans: most people that hate them doesn’t even listen to music, or at least that music genre. They just follows the hating trend.

    1. Haha yeah, you’re right. People do trend with their bandwagons of hatred. I’m not a Belieber, but his music is innocent enough so I don’t understand the hate. If The Jackson 5 were just hitting the scene now would the internet sheep masses flock to their concerts or mock the “annoying high pitched 11 year old that can sing”.

      1. The Jackson 5 were actually talented, I’m no “Bieber Hater” but you’re comparing apples and oranges here..

        There will always be a place in the world for cheesy pop and “teeny boppers”, the 70’s and 80’s had it’s fair share but there was more variety back then.

        Gaming is very similar you have your people that like FPS games and your people that like Mario and also people that like both o_0

      1. Lift off in 5, 4, 3, 2014! Oh, man I can’t wait for 2014. 2014 is going to be a real big year for gamers. EXCITING TIMES.

        The Wii U is going to bring out the big guns.

      2. And will be the year I buy the Wii U as our Nintendo Inglets lead the way for us…

      3. Considering all three next-gen systems plus Steam Machines, new gaming tablets, etc. will all be rolling ahead in 2014, yes, it will be a big year.

  2. Why would they only post this part of the article? The part they decided to highlight on here is weak and full of fluff. If you don’t click on the link and read the full article, and only read what is posted here, you would not be swayed to purchase a Wii U. I’m not saying post the whole article, for obvious reasons, but they could have highlighted a meatier section of the article if they want to help Edge’s article get some word of mouth. I didn’t notice the link at first, and started writing about how crappy the article was until I decided to go back up and check if there was a link. Some people won’t think to check for a link and just read what MNN posted and think “wow, what a pathetic attempt to hype the Wii U.” ————Just my two cents anyways.

    1. People think the Wii U is weak because they only looked at the clock speed, which many people do and say “well that’s weak”. The truth of Wii U, is that it is a very powerful console, and people do not realise it. If they considered what the hardware does and the fact it’s designed to be a very efficient console, then they’d think otherwise.

      Also you cannot compare it’s hardware architecture to X1 and PS4 as it is different.

  3. EX -respected publication

    these fucks tryed bigging up ps4 that sin alone shows how out of touch they are

    and delibratly giving lower scores than all other reviewers does not make you some profound publicatio LOL


    1. Positive articles are out there. You just have to dig deep. The positive articles don’t get as much views as the negative ones, so you don’t hear about them as frequently. Controversy is the bread and butter of “journalism.”

  4. First they nail the top 20 games of our lifetime list (except they forgot Metroid prime) and now this. EDGE has really come good as of late. Harsh review scores, but a good publication.

  5. Nintendo are coming back! They seem to be sorted out their advertisement. Looks like Wii U is going to smash this holiday season with great titles.

    Never underestimate Nintendo, they know what they’re doing. The old “3DS” trick looks like it is coming into play!!

  6. Wii U will steal Christmas and then DESTROY it XD It is so cheap now! People can buy it with pocket change practically! GO OUT AND BUY ONE PEOPLE!!!

    1. Mainly because Nintendo do not develop junk. I mean if I were to buy the X1 and I am not, I don’t want to spend X amoutn on a console and a sensor which i won’t even use. I would rather have something physical in my hand that I can use.

      1. I think the PS4 will thrive, but Microsoft REALLY messed up the price with the Xbox One, so I’m not sure how it will go for MS.

      1. People don’t understand the hoildays. People go after the deals wii u seems to offer alot lately. Ps4 and one will sell well but not as much as the 360 and ps3…hell possible the wii u. They have deals flying all around them. People don’t go for high price tvs on black fridays they go after the Tvs that have been cut in price. I feel like nintendo will do well during the holidays, as long as they market the system. They have alot that applies to everyone during the hoildays compared that of the ps4 and one.

      2. I worked in games and electronics retail for a long time, I know how it works.

        I’m not comparing the Wii U’s price to anything else; Just wondering how $300 amounts to pocket change. That’s still a pretty hefty investment on entertainment for the average family.

      3. When it comes to 40-50 in tvs 300$ is pocket change LOL. I’m sure u know better then I

  7. This is a welcomed change of pace. Let’s hope the positive vibes continue. The Wii U is too unique and fun to just fizzle out so soon. Let the Wii U rise from the ashes it lies in!

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