How To Survive Trailer: Watch This Intense Gore Fest With Your Eyes Closed

A new launch trailer for the Wii U zombie thriller, How To Survive, shows off the game’s penchant for blood baths with a rather ironic flare. Titled “Mother Knows Best,” the trailer offers motherly advice while demonstrating how the game’s Zombie-slaughtering protagonist, Kovac, might follow each nugget of parental wisdom. Although How To Survive was announced for Wii U without the inclusion of the online multiplayer found on other consoles, the mature content of the game makes it a welcome addition to Nintendo’s gamepad-driven console. Look for How To Survive in the Wii U eShop.


      1. Graphically the game looks god its the animations that look a little weird that being said this game needs to be scored depending on the price. If it’s $20 and you rate it as a $60 game then of course this game will look bad.

      2. Arkham Origins online multiplayer isn’t getting good reviews so I guess no online is good sometimes lol

  1. What’s this? It’s another zombie game, sure, but this black and white art style seems to give it a bit of an interesting edge. Alright, I’m interested…
    *sees actual gameplay*
    Oh…well that’s lame and generic. Never mind. I pass.

  2. I didn’t know they still did Wii games?… Oh wait its a multiplat game… wow… looks like fun but graphics…. not even my PC will have a hard time running this and its a weak ass machine

  3. Yes, what the Wii U needs right now is more “mature” soulless trash to further it’s reputation as the console with no games on it.

      1. I was being sarcastic. I was saying the struggling Wii U deserves better than such a worthless contribution as a game like How To Survive.

  4. No online no buy for me, this game was nice if i can play online with friends, so again no online no buy!

  5. Can’t really see anything good about that makes me want to buy it. Normal I don’t listen to reviews, but I may need to see a review to know if it’s good or not.

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