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Miyamoto Says Online Multiplayer “Wasn’t The Focus” For Super Mario 3D World

super mario 3d world cherry power up

In a new discussion with Kotaku, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the lack of online multiplayer in Super Mario 3D World. While Miyamoto admitted that online multiplayer is possible for Nintendo achieve, and while other games like Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprising have included the feature, Miyamoto contended that it “simply wasn’t the focus” for Nintendo with 3D World. He went on to explain that for the Mario series, Nintendo is currently interested in focusing on the multiplayer experience with people in the same room.

It is difficult to say how the inclusion of online multiplayer could have affected sales of the game, but given how many gamers were upset when Nintendo announced the mode would be missing, it seems like the company is losing out on potential console sales for the fast-sinking Wii U. Here is Miyamoto’s full quote addressing Nintendo’s stance about online multiplayer for Super Mario 3D World:

“While online play is certainly technically possible for us, it simply wasn’t the focus for us this time around. What we really wanted to do was to create something that people could experience fully while playing comfortably with others who were nearby them, and this is something we decided would be best for Pikmin and the best case for Mario here as well.

“Now that is to say the answer to this question might change in ten years time, if there’s a future game where for example we don’t think it’s important to be able to see the face of the person you’re playing with, then we might be able to focus more on some online function there. But for right now our focus is really on a comfortable play experience with people in the same room.”

194 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Online Multiplayer “Wasn’t The Focus” For Super Mario 3D World”

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    1. it should have. im not gonna invite every time my friends to my house just to play local multiplayer, and worse when i want to play at some time at night, i could just play it online at the comfort of my house. it should have online multiplayer as a option. the era when we were little and we go to our friends house everyday is over.

      1. Ok that doesn’t apply to everyone. Its a game ment to play among friends not…strangers. Its wouldn’t have vibe like mario kart it would be weird.

        1. Online mp is not only to game with strangers but also friends. As an adult I can safely say that opportunities to game with friends in the same room are few and far between. Although, gaming with strangers online does shake things up. If you are always gaming with the same friends you learn their game and it that tends to get stale. If you are a casual gamer though, I can see how online would seem like it would be a waste or unimportant but for hobby gamers, it is vital.

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      2. Well, being a home console that’s meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, I think Nintendo wants people to be social. If you’d rather avoid real interaction through online-play I guess that’s your business. I’m hoping this game can promote actual real interaction and that’s why I support the lack of online-play. The fact that online play is more comfortable doesn’t mean it’s better for people’s lives.

        1. Oh I am sooo sorry that I live way from my family and friends. I guess I am not worthy of being able to enjoy my hobby with my friends. I shouldn’t have moved out of home. Well I have learned my lesson. If I move away from home I don’t deserve friends or family. Apparently my life would have been better if I never got a job out of town.

  1. It seems that online is never the focus of the big N anyway, unless it’s Mario Kart. And now hopefully, SSBU as well.

    1. They feel like Smash brothers didn’t need online, please understand….

      As someone above said, I game with a brother, my dad, and another friend, and they are all over an hour away. My brother and dad will not be buying a WiiU because they are afraid it will be like the Wii.

      So that leaves my Miiverse friends (who are better that anyone I’ve met IRL) and I won’t be gaming with them because no online.

      Still, I’ve had very, very few multiplayer Mario experiences that were enjoyable, so maybe Mario was meant to be played single player? IDK.

      1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U, and Super Mario 3D World disagree with the premise that Mario was meant to be single player.

  2. What’s the difference between whether the player is in the same room as you or not? If it’s possible, Nintendo should just include online-play for the sake of it.. I personally don’t use most online features, but I can definitely see how that would help move more units.

  3. Miyamoto is really starting to show his age :/ He needs to get laid or something, something to get him feeling confident again. C’mon Motto get back in the game! Show the youngsters you can hang. It’s an online world now!

    1. Some people want a challenge in the game and online is the best way for challenge. Ienjoy playing games with friends in the same room but always winning? Hell no. Smash. bros. I always put the CPU players on 9. After all the chances of being lucky to play BRawl online is 1/10.

  4. ‘Miyamoto Says Online Multiplayer “Wasn’t The Focus” For Super Mario 3D World’

    Has it ever been? Will it ever be? Oh that’s right come back in 10 years time. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic! Get with the times Nintendo. They’re like a prehistoric dinosaur that refuses to evolve and we all know what happened to them.

    1. You know, everyone always talks about how the dinosaurs went extinct, but they always seem to forget that they ruled the entire planet for about 300 million years.

      Also, they did evolve over time. The weren’t T-Rex’s when dinosaurs first appeared

      There we go! I just punched a huge hole through your logic.

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  5. I plan on playing this game solo most of the time anyways, but this mindset that online is not important is alienating for most of us who aren’t in school anymore and are working. We don’t always have time to just go over to a friend’s house to play video games anymore. Online lets us come home and play with friends regardless of our proximity. What truly baffles me is that they chose not to include online multiplayer in the upcoming Mario Party game. Anyways, this game is going to be a blast regardless of multiplayer capabilities, but I hope Nintendo embraces online experiences more in the future, especially for games where multiplayer is clearly a major focus.

    1. I think mario party is game where it would not be fun playing online at all.If you watch the therunaway guys on youtube i think thats nintendo’s goal are.

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            1. Ok, so you’re not familiar with a huge amount of good games, and you consider metroid to be crappy, well, it seems you’re not a gamer

                1. Close enough. You shoot weapons, and it’s in first person (or at least the Prime trilogy is). It’s still an FPS, just not a pure FPS.

          1. You do realize it’s pretty hard to put your hands on the same WiiU gamepad if you’re playing online between countries right? :P

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  6. I understand the point. Nintendo i’m guessing whant to see if this 3d multiplayer mario works. If it does they’ll try to expand it more. I’m alright not having this game couch multiplayer but i get where people are coming from. This game would work with online…but nsmb could not in my opinion

    1. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

      Hey nice post! However I do think this is one of those times where local might be better then online, despite everyone’s gripes. There would be less teamwork and exploration online

      1. Yeah, I totally agree. There wouldn’t be the same kind of chaos by playing online. There wouldn’t be teamwork. I know that online would have been a really nice addition, I actually do and I LOVE playing online. But I believe this game doesn’t need it. Besides, it may not be a full blown online multiplayer mode but you can download ghosts from other players and compete with them. Now THAT is a smart addition I believe.

  7. This is my main problem with Nintendo sighs They decide how were supposed to play their games. Were not permitted the option of playing online or playing with friends around us Were just forced to play with people around us if we really want to do co-op and it’s ridiculous. Nintendo needs to start thinking about what the consumer wants and not what they want. Miyamoto and company may be fine with their current way of co-op but, others simply don’t play face to face as much as the old days. When me and my friends hang out, we go to the movies or bowling or any outdoor activity. When we want to play video games, we play online. It just annoys me that they have this mindset that everyone is supposed to just be content with offline multiplayer when they have the option and the resources to add online. I want to be able to play online with friends and be in parties like on xbox and playstation. It’s just not fair…Rant over

      1. I’m afraid many people don’t have that option as they either don’t have friends/siblings or either of those 2 live far too away…

          1. Is it?Because i reaaaaaaaally think it isn’t, and it isn’t you turd, you monkey, did you see the interviews, all they talk about is the multiplayer or te gameplay videos, are you that stupid????

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              Oh my god donko your such a stupid cunt and ever worse, your a shit troll. DO YOU LOGICALLY THINK NINTENDO DIDNT ADD SINGLE PLAYER? In a fucking Mario game with NO ONLINE, they don’t let you play single player? A statement that stupid rules you out as a Nintentroll, and a generally stupid and sad person. I hope your next gen 720 in real life, so I can hit your wife with a bat and say “I think she enjoyed it” just like the stupid shit you spout wveryday

                1. All you do is insult and/or name call, you’re either a child or and immature adult.
                  And were you actually saying that the game can’t be played by 1 person and has to be played as a multi player?

                  1. No, i said the game is centered around mp, not sp, it can be played in sp, but it’s not a full experience, like mario bros games or nintendoland, maybe i call people names, and that is because they deserve that

                    1. So, you insult me based on what you thought, even though what we both said doesn’t really disagree on anything, aside from semantics?

                      And I’m not sure, if it’s correct call it MP-centric. IDK whe these MP-centric ideas came from, perhaps Nintendo needs better PR and marketing. The trailers so far contained a good portion of 1p footages, more so in the new trailers from this month.

                      Then, you’ve good these word assuring you it’s not just “another MP Mario”.

                      “And an extended session with the E3 demo assuaged our fears that Super Mario 3D World would be “just another” multiplayer Mario title.”

                      “The Super Mario Galaxy series has a lot of passionate, vocal fans — not all of whom were happy to hear that the next 3D Mario game would have a multiplayer focus. Hayashida directly addressed this with an emphasis on EAD’s unique — and often outside-the-box — sensibilities.

                      “To those people,” he said, “I would like to say that we’re planning so many interesting new ideas for single player that you shouldn’t necessarily feel like you are restricted to playing this game in multiplayer. As we said earlier, we had this kind of Galaxy-style development, where we threw out all sorts of different ideas and what we’ve come up with is really a lot of fun whether you’re playing single player or multiplayer.”

                      “As mentioned before, the dev team focused on creating a rich single player experience at first. After that, developers sat down to figure out what could be added and changed to make it just as engaging for a multiplayer experience.”

    1. Nintendo’s tradition is to reunite people around the video game console to have fun! I don’t see what’s wrong with that? Still, online could be an option if it’s well made!

    2. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

      K lemme start by saying.., your a retard. I stopped reading after your second sentence your such a fucking moron. WHAT DEVELOPER DOESNR DECIDE HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME!?!?!! THEY MADE RHE FUCKING GAME!!! Your sooooo stupid

    3. Seems more like they want everyone to play the way Japan does, face to face interaction is more viable over there because they’re more densely populated and everyone and their grandma is a Nintendo fan. It doesn’t work that way in the west, though, Nintendo fans are more niche and it’s harder to interact with others in person, it’s much easier to interact with fans over the internet. Again, I think Nintendo is showing that they have no understanding of western gaming, they’ve been making several decisions lately that don’t really benefit western fans.

    1. Playing multi-player only with people in the same room is the only kind of multi-player gaming I care about anyways. I never fully understood the point in playing against people you don’t even know?

      1. What’s not to understand? Children have lots of time to game with friends @ home while adults with jobs and lives do not. Pretty straight forward if you take a second to look at from outside your box, eh?

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          1. And yet you’re defending nintendo 24/7, by your logic you are just doing the opposite and losing the same amount of time, so you must be a virgin too

      2. The point of playing against people you don’t know is to get a challenge. But that challenge ain’t going be with your friends who may not be into games and can only come over like 3 times a year. I’m so sick of these ass kissers ignoring that some people want a challenge. But insteading I’m going to be popping bubbles from left to right. The only reason we’ll move on to Bowser will be because of me. I’ll be the only actully killing bosses while my friends will be bubbled up. Yeah that’s really better than online. I also wish I could get q challenge in Pikmin 3.

  8. God dammit, Miyamoto is so f***** stupid sometimes. Ok, that is not the experience you want to give but why do you have to FORCE US to do what you think is best? Maybe some of us don’t have the availability to have 4 friends at the same time or maybe we just enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world. YOU HAVE TO LET US CHOOSE YOU SELF CENTERED PIECE OF JAPANESE POOPY. Am I allowed to swear? Cuz I feel like bashing Miyamoto’s face in with a brick.

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      Your an idiot… They made the game, they get to decide how you play.don’t like it? Well then burn on hell

  9. Sigh…Not at Nintendo for excluding online multiplayer, but this for missis the important parts of the interview. It’s not new news and doesn’t provide depth as to why not. There were already some disappointments and complaints about that exclusion, but it’s like Kotaku knew this and decided to feed the fire.

    Anyone wanting to read another take of the interview: there is a good piece about it by gonintendo.

    “They even took into account the types of people you’ll be playing with. During development, multiple devs were asked about what they do during dates with their significant others. You heard me right, Nintendo was doing boyfriend/girlfriend research among staff to see how they spend time together. This informal interview lead to a huge list of activities that Nintendo tried to manipulate into gameplay mechanics. They’re hoping these mechanics will help players bond while running through the title. This is why keeping multiplayer local is so important to the team. They want to make sure you can see/respond to the faces of your playing companions. Miyamoto wants you to make those meaningful connections with co-op buddies by expressing your actions in-game and in real life.”

    The interview also mentions the teams initial focus was single-player. Think of it as a single player game with multiplayer features. This game would still be good for people with no friends, far away friends, or anti-nintendo friends.

    “As mentioned before, the dev team focused on creating a rich single player experience at first. After that, developers sat down to figure out what could be added and changed to make it just as engaging for a multiplayer experience. ”

    If they made a single player Mario game instead, would people still complain about the lack of online multiplayer?

    1. You can say “if” all you want, but the fact is, they didn’t make a single player Mario game. It’s a game that is heavily MP focused. In fact, everything they have shown is mp. It’s nice they did research on various play styles and local mp situations, but they still forgot a huge demographic that plays games.

      Local mp is great, but having just the option for online mp – it’s an industry standard today. There’s really no valid reason for Nintendo to continue to neglect this side of gaming. The OPTION.

      The part that annoys me more is that he says maybe in 10 years… TEN YEARS, they’ll focus more on and put mp in more games. -,-

      1. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

        Listen you little shit! I didn’t realize there was this unspoken standard in gaming… PH RIGHT! They can make the game however the duck they like and if you don’t like it suck an egg bitch

      2. Lack of online MP is a valid concern. But I don’t think it’s a big deal for these type of games (my main concern was sensationalism in media.). The question Kotaku asked was,”Would he ever consider adding online multiplayer to a Mario game?” I recommend reading Miyamoto’s reply in the context of the question. And I don’t think you should take the 10yrs in literal sense.

        Online MP is more of concern for competitive games like Kart and even Pokemon, those games do have online mp. So, Nintendo is not entirely excluding online MP.

        Also, there were numerous cases (most parts of the latest trailer was 1p) where they only showed a single character playing on screen. Not everything thing they showed was MP, I think it may have seem that way because they were hyping MP is now in a 3D Mario game.

  10. Yeah I also like local multiplayer. But it all comes down to whether the game really needs, or requires online.

  11. Depends on the mario game. If it were a paper mario title or something like galaxy, then I wouldn’t expect nor be made about not having online. That being said, theirs no excuse for a game like Super Mario 3d World not having online.

  12. Based on what I can tell the only thing to improve this game so far would be to include online drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with voice chat and to fix the camera when people get spread apart on screen. That’s it really.

    1. “and to fix the camera when people get spread apart on screen.”

      What do you mean by that exactly?

      Concerning the camera…

      I think each player shouldn’t have to depend on a global camera. It should be unique to the player. If required, they could include a global map to show location of any of the other players in the game.

      1. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

        Your an idiot. How are they supposed to explore at a fair pace with no equal camera. For a 35 year old your pretty dumb

    2. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

      Agreed. Tyler wins the forums, an my admiration
      Most the rest of you here are trolls or idiots just mad there’s no online. Logical thinking people explain why they would or don’t want that feature or how it could or couldn’t be implemented properly, not complaining. Thanks Tyler!!! Ithought everyone here was a tard

  13. Oh well. While it all comes down to each person’s preference, I’m playing by myself, and only because I like it that way. Ok maybe with just 1 friend. Hugs!

  14. I really think it’s a missed opportunity. I usually skype with everyone i play games with, so the face thing and stuff wouldn’t of really been a problem. And they could just use the gamepad’s microphone to talk to each other, I would of really enjoyed this…aww well.

  15. How would online multiplayer even work in this game? If 1 person run ahead of the others, they would be forced to to the same.

    1. So many co-op games, even platformers, have online co-op and other forms of online mp in addition to local mp that work. There’s still no *valid* excuse to leave out the option.

  16. I don’t think they’ll lose any sales because they don’t have online multiplayer. I think it’s rather the opposite. If you have a game you can’t play online you’ll want your friend to come over and play with you. If they don’t have a Wii U they’ll now try it for the first time and think it’s awesome, and buy one for them self. The best thing with home consoles that you can’t do on PC or handhelds, is the local multiplayer. It’s great that Nintendo knows this and I hope other devs’ll too!

  17. Not every game has to be online, look at Batman Origins for example, tacked on shitty MP for the sake of it.

    1. Ignoring you can’t use Batman Origins as an example because 3D Mario a world is naturally a multiplayer game. NSMBU should have had it too. But Nintendo is stupid to think of online during development.

      1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

        Or conveniently ignoring Batman Origins MP because it sucks, like most online experiences these days?

      2. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

        Your a butthurt batman fan. Where does it say it’s naturally multiplayer? And if they’re too stupid to think of it , why did they address it? your butthurt from Nintendo raping you into the ground day after day again

  18. Dumbtendo. I guess I’ll just have to keep popping bubbles playing multiplayer. And no one know is good enough to remove my crown. I’m going to be bored always coming in first with my friends. The real challenge is online. But dumbtendo didn’t think of that during the development of this game. Not only that but it seems if you know that your console for next gen offers free online, it would seem you use that as an advantage over the competition but putting online in as many AAA as possible.

    1. They maybe thought about it but “it wasn’t the focus”, I think they didn’t take the time to do it, but yeah they should go online for mp just for the haters to STFU

      1. Oh so I’m a hater for wanting to play online to get a real challenge? I’m supposed to just accept it lime you? I’m supposed to just easily win all the time?

        1. To be clear, I think Nintendo wanted a 3d Mario for Christmas and didn’t take the time to do the online! But your argument about the challenge stuff seems valid to me!

  19. نعم اوافق السيد مياموتو لان العاب ال. platform. لا تحتاج لنطاق ال online

    1. And what’s worse. If tour friends keep on losing they won’t be interested in playing it anymore. So I’ll have to purposely hand my crown and save them from dying so they can get power ups they won’t even really use to their full potential. No the do was stupid for not thinking online during the development of this game. Just like they were dumb in 08′ thinking Sony wasn’t making a PS4.

      1. Just imagine how fun it could have been online. I could be trying to take an expert’s crown and when I finally get it I seriously would have to run for my life because it would be no telling if or when I would vet that crown back.

        1. I could steal all the giant mush rooms to prevent that online player from being a giant. Your friends who hardly play games wouldn’t think to stratigize like that.

          1. I would have loved to kick Dr. True, shokio, legelhead or Active gamer in this but Nintendo was too stupid to think of this during development of this game.

              1. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

                I stopped reading your comments… Cuz your really stupid, but I think you just don’t have a single living friend

      2. This has been somewhat my problem. Anyone local won’t play Mario with me because they spend all their time “In a bubble”… If you are familiar with the (not) New SMB series, you know what I mean..

        1. A single living friend Yeah but next gen 720 is a bitch just assumes i don’t have friends. I’m glad someone sees my point in wanting a challege.

            1. Yes I do have friends. I beat them in Pikmin 3. If you won beating your friends in Tennis wouldn’t your dumbass want a challenge?

  20. So, basically, as far as Miyamoto is concerned, he can’t imagine himself even CONSIDERING adding online multiplayer to one of his own games until at least 2023.

    I guess that means, give up all hope of ever seeing an online Miyamoto game before he retires to an inactive, honorary executive role at Nintendo.

    It really seems like he just hates Online.

    I’m sorry Miyamoto, but the whole world doesn’t live in Japan, where the entire nation is the size of just one of our american states, but with several times the population density. We don’t have a culture where every other person in our apartment block is a gamer who is more than happy to come over and play with us. Gamers are numerous here, but far more spread out, and our gaming friends are usually miles, if not tens, hundreds or thousands of miles away from us. Asking them to come over and play multiplayer with is doesn’t happen often, outside of schoolyard friends who ride the same schoolbus, or college dorm mates.

    Gaming culture works differently here. Why is that so hard for Japanese developers to comprehend?

    1. Answer: because Ninte do is stupid. Not only that but they are too stupid to really take advantage of online multiplayer since the others charge now. If Wii U is lucky enough to get the same games as Xbone and PS4 and the game is a 10/10 and it has online, it could help increase Wii U hardware simply because it offers free online.

    2. Maybe he’s scared about a world where people are isolated alone in a box with no real friends shooting at each others and becoming schizo?

      1. Excuse me Officer, but my Miiverse friends are real friends and I would like to play online first party titles with them.

        Please go report to Nintendo, why the FUCK create a fantastic online community (MiiVerse) then NOT let us play together?

        Do you see the fucking irony?
        Does it make sense now?
        Miiverse = friends – online -> we can’t enjoy 3D world or Pikmin together.

        Thank you sir. I hope this explanation helps.

        1. I was refering to physical persons/friends next to you more than “real friends”. Don’t get me wrong, we need online for every mp games. You are right about miiverse, I was talking about Miyamoto forcing us to play in the same room!
          It’s good to have a logical mind to discuss with on this blog ;-)

      2. Ignoring I already said I’m tired if beating my friends in Pikmin 3. After all Pikmin ain’t a system seller like Mario so anothwr good Pikmin Player is like in another country. Why can’t you get that in your thicke skull?

    3. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

      K you spazzing homos, here is the real answer, and it is

      1. I got friends but tYou shut the fuck up. ToReal gamers doh’t live in my nighborhood. I guess i’ll just be popping bubbles all through the game. Then when I get a bell, the people i game with won’t know that’s the catsuit powerup. I got to tell them. The real gamers lives hundreds of miles away from me.

        1. “Real gamers” your a fucking idiot. Maybe you should teach them? Or better yet maybe you shouldn’t register 4 controllers to yourself. You’d die a lot less

          1. Ignoring that Nintendo said they were hoping hard for online last year. And ignoring I have a Gamepad, Pro controller to play if I don’t want to hold Gamepafand Wii remotes from my Wii. What the fuck are you talking about dumbass? ignoring Wiimote work on Wii U.

      1. Nxt gen 720 is a bitch

        Uhh yeah there is! It’s a good game,so it doesn’t need multiplayer, just cuz your hooked on cod doesn’t mean Nintendo has to become cod
        It means you have to die

        1. I’ve never played COD and don’t plan on doing so in the future! Online is really a must. Just because a game is already good doesn’t mean that it should avoid online. Online would just make it better since it can’t affect the gameplay. Nxt Gen +720 = Half Life 3 Not Confirmed!

  21. LOL at all the fanboys damage controlling. Why wouldn’t you want online mp in this game ??? Its only a bonus and helps those that have actual lives and can’t meet up at a friends house. You guys accept anything from Nintendo and its the reason they continue to make dumb ass decisions, because you sheep don’t speak up.


    1. Cuz I have friends irl, and online multiplayer wouldn’t work with this title? It’d be broken and trolls would run rampant. The reason that you nintendo haters like this story is cuz you’ve all grow addicted to myiplayer cuz you have no friends cu your spiteful people

  22. This site and it’s community is a HOT mess. Ain’t nobody got time for this. Hey, I got siblings and a friend I can play with just down the street. I’m HYPE for this game. And, everyone stop being forever alone. It’s Wi-Fi, not a whole new universe. If you’re an adult, sorry. But this is Nintendo. They do what they want, and we still buy the games. In my opinion, Wi-Fi for this game just does not seem needed. Why give Mario Wi-Fi, now? He’s been fine without it before…. Just saying. Then again, my opinion does not matter so just keep scrolling. :D

  23. It aint the 90’s anymore man nintendo can’t afford this way of thinking anymore. Online is the way to go. Or atleast included as optional or as a patch later.

  24. Isn’t this kinda why they added ghost Mii’s in the game? You may not be able to actually play with your friends online, but you can still race their pre-recorded times. Pretty great if you ask mii.

  25. i love gaming on 3ds and wiiu. they are by far my most used systems atm. if there would be the evil within, destiny and dark souls 2 on wiiu it would be a perfect world.maybe i will buy into steambox later as an addition to the nintendo systems. i haven’t turned on my ps360 for a month or so. i have xone and ps4 on preorder but i really don’t like any of their launch titles :(

    1. Yeah I’m tired of current gen consoles and there’s almost no reason for me to buy next gen besides the witcher 3. Besides that titanfall and project spark and like 90% of the new games are gonna be on current gen

  26. Its clear in the inteview that he says “Now that is to say the answer to this question might change in ten years time, if there’s a future game where for example we don’t think it’s important to be able to see the face of the person you’re playing with, then we might be able to focus more on some online function there. But for right now our focus is really on a comfortable play experience with people in the same room.”“Now that is to say the answer to this question might change in ten years time, if there’s a future game where for example we don’t think it’s important to be able to see the face of the person you’re playing with, then we might be able to focus more on some online function there. But for right now our focus is really on a comfortable play experience with people in the same room.”
    Which means if another game happens if the game does well. Also u know that club nintendo survey…GO THERE AND DEMANDED IT!!! INSTEAD OF USING THIS SITE OVER AND OVER AND REPEATING UR SELF ABOUT SOMETHING THAT WILL BE NOT BE SEEN BY NINTENDO!!! You people aren’t getting anything done if you just post it needs online on this site, nothing is going to be seen buy nintendo. Go to their tweeter ask for a online patch, go to their facebook. Just stop posting the same things. Nintendo reads the club nintendo survey, they listen for honest feedback. If they see this request everywhere maybe they’ll make a online patch for the game. You people aren’t getting anything done here crying about it even the damn trolls here are at fault too. I don’t think every game needs online. Mario party is marketed to friends that hang out and families. If your friends don’t hang with you all the time then the game wasn’t for you. Mario party island tour has the best idea for the series one Card sharing. playing the game with one gamecard with four 3DS its great moblie experience and can be played anywhere. Donkey kong country doesn’t need it its a hardcore platformer friends would need the highest level of coop to work together. Plus the game feels more single player focus. I think there are some types of games that need online like racers, shooters(if they have multi), fighters, and sports games.Again I get where people are coming from thats fine but complaining on this site or other news sites is not going to help.

  27. So many Nintendo fanfucks defending this idea. I don’t see why they couldn’t have just given us a fucking CHOICE to play Online or Local. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One (A Sony platformer since I assume most of you Nintendrones are oblivious to everything non-Nintendo) had online AND offline Co-op. It came out in 2011 on current gen hardware. We’re in 2013 with next gen hardware, I’d assume Nintendo has gotten with the times and made it Online and Offline, but I see they’re still stuck in 2001.

    (I’m not a Nintendo hater, I love Nintendo, but I can clearly see that having no online is a shit idea)

    1. No online is a shitty idea, its just when you are a dumb Nintendo fanboy you don’t ever speak up if Nintendo does something wrong. You just accept it like you’re Nintendo’s bitch. Fanboys don’t have minds of they’re own

  28. I don’t mean to be “That guy” or anything but.. Just because online functionality isn’t “the focus” does not have to mean that it shouldn’t be an option available to those who might want it. Not everyone has the luxury of having their friends or family be able to just come over and enjoy a multiplayer game. More often than not these days, *thanks to the power of the internet* people have friends all over the world, so because we aren’t able to be in the same living room with each other, that means we can’t play a multiplayer game together? I mean its 2013, this sort of thing was okay in 2003 but come on… :/ I’m just disappointed a bit in the decisions that they’ve been making these days. I want to see the Big N succeed, but please guys get with the program.

  29. What’s REALLY frustrating is that, somehow, Nintendo acts as if they HAVE TO choose between the inclusion of local multi-player and online. Can’t they realize that they can include BOTH options?? You don’t have to compromise local multi-player for the more impersonal online multi-player! The local multi-player will still be there for those who want it, and the same goes for the online mode. There’s a time and place to use both modes. Sometimes one is more conveniant to use than the other. Give the players both options!

  30. If its about seeing the face of the person your playing with, their forgetting that the gamepad has a face cam, and its own mic. they could just have the face pop up in the corner of the screen like they did with nintendo land, except actually include online with it. I don’t mind couch multiplayer because online multiplayer doesn’t work with my NATed network.


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