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The Impressive Luigi 2DS Was Actually Fan-Made


It has been revealed that the lovely Luigi themed Nintendo 2DS console that was doing the rounds on the internet was actually fan-made. The casing was actually created by Matthew Wiggins who owns Rose Colored Gaming shop. Wiggins regularly makes high quality case mods at the company, which is known for their speed and efficiency. You can hear Wiggins talk about the wonderful Luigi themed Nintendo 2DS and the creation of his mod in this interview.

Thanks,  Mike S

20 thoughts on “The Impressive Luigi 2DS Was Actually Fan-Made”

    1. They’ve stolen nothing. The whole point of this site is to consolidate Nintendo news, they take news from elsewhere and repost it. They’re not pretending they discovered this on their own.

    2. It’s not stolen if you rearrange a few words here and there… change the title like so… Ah! There we go! ;) Good as mine–er, I mean new! Actually, forget I said anything…

    1. But-but…it’s green! GREEEEEN!!! Green damn you!

      (Hm. For some reason your facial gesture remains neutral. Almost as if you’re unimpressed.)

      LOOK INTO MY EYES! @~@
      2DS-is-not-garbage…it-is not-garbage! WhoO-O-o-O!

    1. Ok, let’s see if all that training in the art of magic business has finally paid off…

      Abra-kadabra-hallelujah! \(* o *)/

      /( º_º)

      Nah, 2DS is still 1 mono stereo worthless downgraded low battery life garbage.

      *throws 2DS in the trash where it belongs*

      *Pulls out a regular DS*
      (‘least this last longer and has 2 stereo outputs, SMH.)

      1. There’s one thing I want to know. Will there be a 2DS XL eventually. I don’t even want to buy a 2DS because of that possibility. No way do I want to look at those tiny screens after being used to my 3DS XL.

          1. No, I wasn’t specifically asking YOU. But when I’m trying to post a comment on my 3DS XL (like now), I always have to click “reply” on someone elses comment in order to post my own comment. Because there’s no other option/button to click for posting a regular comment. Everything on the internet is either minimized, limited, screwed up or won’t work at all when using the 3DS.

      1. What’s so impressive about it? It’s green and white, with a little mould of Luigi. Better than the red & blue. But still basic.

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