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Aonuma Talks About Missing Dungeons From Zelda Wind Waker


Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma has explained that the two dungeons that were left out of the original Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker were actually used in parts for other Zelda titles that came after Link’s sea sailing adventure. Aonuma says he knows that fans have been requesting those dungeons be implemented in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, but says that aspects of them have actually already been used in other Zelda games.

“I’m aware that lots of users wanted those two missing dungeons to be implemented in Wind Waker HD. But to be honest, we’ve already used those two dungeons for other titles after Wind Waker already. So right now, technically, they don’t really exist anymore…”

“We didn’t exactly use them as-is and implement them into another game. We’d add some [of their] features to other dungeons. So they’re in different dungeons now.” Elements of them must have found a way into Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, but who knows – their remnants may be somewhere in Skyward Sword, too.”

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    1. The only bit I didn’t like about Phantom Hourglass was the constant returning to the Temple of the Ocean King. Otherwise I thought it was a great game.

        1. Same here. Phantom Hourglass was a great game overall. But being forced to use the stylus throughout the entire game (even for running and attacking) was so annoying that I never even played Spirit Tracks, even though I bought it. I had no desire to play another game with that same horrible play control.

      1. I hated it because it felt like a Zelda game for the sake of it. Felt like Ninty said “Oh we’ve got this new console, should probs make a Zelda for it. Make sure it uses the console’s features”.
        Story was boring, items were boring, setting was boring. The game lacked that Zelda sparkle, didn’t stand out. I had no problem with the controls.

        1. Also I thought Skyward Sword was lacking because it was far too easy, the world felt underused and underdeveloped, and the gameplay was too linear. Controls were great.

        2. Man, the story in Skyward Sword was GREAT. I mean, there was FINALLY a sort-of romance going on between Link and Zelda. That was so sweet. The only thing that disappointed me was that they didn’t “actually” end up together in the end. But I kinda hated having to fight that weird monster over and over again.

    2. i enjoyed it but the controls left much to be desired for me. now its follow up, spirit tracks, is a game that utilized the ds right.

    3. It’s just an intensely flawed game. Too much repetitive sailing and too little plot development. Generic dungeons. Final boss who comes the fuck outta nowheres. If it weren’t for Linebeck, it wouldn’t even be worth the time of day.

  1. not much to post today huh? can’t think of any other reason why this non-news merits its own post.when we’ve known this for a long time…

      1. I believe he has a point. We knew about what happened to the missing two dungeons, even well before the Wind Waker HD had launched. Someone asked him AGAIN, apparently.

  2. how many times does it have to be said that those dungeons were used elsewhere in other zelda titles. although I wanted a master quest kind of thing with this remaster, but I guess hero mode is good enough.

  3. yea I don’t buy that one bit. They didn’t add them because Nintendo is cheap and lazy and if they “were used” why not add 2 new dungeons to compensate for the loss ?? No reason just lies and laziness

        1. yeah, even if these were lies, i rather prefer that they focus on the dungeons of the new Zelda, and not, wasting 2 dungeons on this remake, see?

          1. How would that be “wasting” 2 dungeons ? 2 dungeons were removed from the original so it would make sense to include them in a HD remake. And like I said if those dungeons were “used” again then add 2 new dungeons to the remake

            1. Even if they just added 2 nrw dungeons to the remake, the hardcore Zelda fans would get all huffy & maybe complain about wanting the “original 2 dungeons” that were removed. I’m fine with WWHD personally & I hope they’re focusing on Zelda U more than anything. Id love a huge open world & a deep story line.

      1. Dood its lazy because 2 dungeons were removed from the original game and they decided not to bring them back or just at 2 new dungeons in replace. That’s how dood

        1. It would take longer to make new dungeons and they re-used ideas for the TP and PH so your logic and hate towards Nintendo is a bit mis-guided and I love you making fun of me saying Dood

          you feel proud of making fun of that?

          1. Dood you don’t understand what im saying. Telling me that they were used in TP is irrelevant because they could have replaced those 2 with 2 new dungeons. And more time ? So what

            1. They wanted to get this game out instead of delay it to like 2014 to make two new dungeons

              Because they would have had to make new assests, new puzzle aspects and that would have taken time, and what do you care? You are just blindly hating because You don’t own a Wii U if im correct so

              you are just blindly hating just to hate dood

                1. So… investing more money and time and resources from the Wii U Zelda is considered lazy… And like I said, love how you didn’t say anything about you not owning a Wii U and your hating just to hate because im pretty sure you are not gonna get the game even if you get a Wii U so why do you care?

                  You don’t because your blindly hating not trolling

            1. sure you can cram everything in there that comes up as an idea and you’d end up with a huge game that does everything at once but nothing right
              again: how is it lazy if they didn’t implement already FINISHED dungeons? tell me please ;)

                1. i don’t think you’re clear on the definiton of the word lazy

                  your explanation doesn’t qualify because having 2 almost finished dungeons and deciding not to implement them because of game progression is the exact opposite of being lazy.. they threw work away because they couldn’t make good use of it
                  that’s called perfectionism..

                  1. No its lazy because they decided not to replace those 2 dungeons in the remake irrespective of it being “used” in other Zelda titles.

                    1. why the fuck would they replace those dungeons in the remake if they were never intended to make it into the game in the first place? that makes absolutely no sense

    1. I say just add the 2 dungeons as they were supposed to be. I don’t care if they have the same theme as other dungeons, two dungeons we’ve -kinda- seen before is better than nothing. They still wouldn’t be exactly the same because the items and abilities of WW are different to TP or SS.
      PLUS the missing Great Fish Isle dungeon is so noticeable when playing through the game. It feels like such a hole, just receiving the pearl after dicking about for a bit with the pirates.

      What’s the worst case scenario here? We get another rotating staircase waterflow change dungeon like in TP. Boo-fucking-hoo. Just put it in.

      1. Pretty much this. @kehool intended or not they were in the original concept and and could have been added to the remake. There was no reason not to and no harm would have been done and it would have made the game actually worth $50 but you’re just a damage controlling fanboy that accepts any excuse Nintendo gives you.

        1. they weren’t added to the remake because their concepts had already been used for other games and even if they hadn’t already been used they most likely still wouldn’t have been added because they wouldn’t FIT
          get that into your thick head

          1. Stop being a dumb fanboy man and wake up. We don’t even know of what he said was true since he didn’t mention what “concepts” were reused. Alot of concepts get reused like using the hookshot for the water temple in MM, OOT AND ALTTP so if he reused concepts in future Zelda games anyway then he could have re added them in the HD remake. But since you are living In the clouds like an idiot and are just trying to defend Nintendo’s excuse like a dumb ass fanboy would you wont believe that he could have and should have added it in

            1. “We don’t even know of what he said was true”

              so all of your claims are based on speculation and thus irrelevant

              thanks for clearing that up

  4. oily shop girl from braindead

    nintendo are lazy because misding sjit was used elswere and if reinserted to wind waker would have IDIOTS saying why did nintendo put skyward sward shit in wind waker hd or twilight princess shit etc

    wind waker is wind waker let it be

    that reminds me im half way thru time to get back on it

  5. Eh, that’s fine.
    Still doesn’t change the fact the games lack of content makes it a weaker game in terms of gameplay. Aside from the dungeons being the main act of Zelda games, all or most of the side content is just getting ruppees that you don’t need, where as in Twilight Princess it was upgrades and lots of heart pieces, the ruppee farming came from the bug catching, and the content was more than “go in this mini dungeon”, there were mini games too. Heck, even Skyward Sword, amongst it’s maaany flaws had better side content, because it was all implemented into the main game with the pre-dungeon areas, and anything else was the whole material gathering for upgrades.

    1. In terms of everything else though, like visual design, music, overall theming, Wind Waker nails it. Just falls flat in gameplay.

      The dungeons aren’t that great either :/

      1. Yea wind waker is defiantly one of the weaker Zelda games. The gameplay is dry and the “open world aspect” isn’t really open world, its just traveling hours of boring ocean

    2. wind waker didn’t seem any longer or shorter to me than other zelda titles

      the wii u is telling me i took 37,5 hours (finished most of the side quests but not all of them)

      1. Yeah but that’s the thing, i can spend 40 hours in Twilight Princess, and have it all, or 90% of it be worth doing and fun.

        Most of Wind Wakers side content is getting rupees, it’s uninteresting, and not rewarding at all, because you don’t need them, they’re just there because you need rupees to progress through the main game.

        1. didn’t feel particularly bored doing the sidequests in WW

          and no i don’t consider lifting treasure chests from the seafloor as side quests.. i didn’t collect most of them.. only those i happened to come by

    3. I put WW above SS. In SS, the side content was just following a pointer. Collecting all the gratitude crystals etc was ruined by dowsing.
      SS had better dungeons and bosses but was worse in every other respect.

  6. With all due respect, I have heard more BS excuses from Aonuma than mind blowing news.

    Your first Zelda game directed was Majora’s Mask, so all the more reason why some sort of Majora’s Mask related property is important.

  7. The game has 5 dungeons 7 if you count the forsaken fortress and the sunken hyrule. I don’t see people complaining about majoras mask 4 to 5 dungeons.

    1. That’s ‘cuz people still don’t know that lazy Nintendo scrapped multiple dungeons. MM actually had 15 dungeons and ZOoT had 24 dungeons during development.

      …*waits for people to complain and call those games lazy (fyi, i lied)*…
      It’s almost surprising how some people become unhappy when they know about ‘what ifs’, but are normal and happy if they are ignorant about the possibilities.

      Fun fact: studies show, when people are given a choice to pick 1 out of 2 unknown gifts. The people who gets to only see their choosen gift and not the other, are usually happier with what they’ve got. In contrast, those who saw both gifts after they made a choice are less happy, sometimes even unhappy even though they still got a gift for free.
      Ignorance is bliss.

    1. I love the fact that Nintendo chose the Wind Waker to do an HD remake of. But as much as I love HD remakes, it would have been nice if they had added some extra dungeons (to replace those two that were scrapped) and maybe add or change some of the story. Throw in a new world/island or two. You know, something other than improved gameplay and graphics. But it’s still cool.

      I’ve often felt that, if a console has the power to make a game bigger (more of everything), it’s a waste NOT to.

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