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Spoiler: Here’s The Location Of Every Pokemon In Pokemon X & Y (Map)


A member of popular social news network Reddit has rather kindly posted the location of every single Pokemon in every region in the recently released Pokemon X & Y. If you’re struggling to catch a certain Pokemon, and are unsure where to look to find it, then this map should certainly come in handy. To view the full size map, just click on the image.

33 thoughts on “Spoiler: Here’s The Location Of Every Pokemon In Pokemon X & Y (Map)”

        1. Sweet I have a shiny octillery, and remoraid if anybody wants shiny suction cups… And a shiny luvdisc. I’m really looking for anything shiny or somebody with x to trade stones / Pokemon with.
          Or Even battle!
          Damn the pss is dope

  1. You all need to buy ARTPOP by Lady Gaga on November 11th + Buy her new singles APPLAUSE & DO WHAT U WANT. Available on iTunes. I want an Articuno, someone give it to me.

    1. Newb talk. People that say that are the people who only played Gen 1 and weren’t hardcore enough to continue. Get out of the nostalgia trap, gen 6 is amazing.

      1. Series lost its shit after the first ones. Designs became less and less inventive, and no real changes to the formula was made. You’re the one who’s caught in the commercialism trap.

        1. What? Are you fuckin’ kidding me? Let me show you how wrong you are:
          Gen 3 introduced more than 77 different and more unique abilities for old and new Pok√©mon which made weak Pok√©mon relevant again, perfected and created a new weather, in this case, the hail for Ice types, new competitive way to battle which implied 2 vs. 2 Pok√©mon for the 1st time, Pok√©mon now have an individual personality value which can range up to a number above four billion. Abilities and natures, also newly introduced, are determined based on this value, as is a Pok√©mon’s gender, while the IV system has been overhauled for greater variance (0-31 rather than 0-15 as it was before).

          Gen 4 introduced FINALLY the chance to make a move physical or special disregarding it’s type, there is also now the category of status that includes moves that do not do direct damage the addition of 113 new moves, 47 new abilities, many older Pok√©mon can now have one of two Abilities, rather than the single Ability they could have in Generation III, the ability to record and share battles with other players and in the Battle Frontier over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. New evolutions for old Pok√©mon, yet again, making them relevant again.

          Gen 5 introduced 92 new moves, 41 new Abilities and older Pokémon are allowed to have new Abilities, including some that were introduced in Generation III and Generation IV, by transferring them from the Dream World. This effectively gives most Pokémon three legitimate abilities, rather than the two which have been standard since Generation III. Triple Battles and Rotation Battles are now a part of gameplay, the introduction of the Wonder Launcher, a new battle mode which can stack with double, triple and Rotation Battles. etc.

          Gen 6 has to got the most major notable changes of all, introducing a new type and rebalancing old types making the perfect balance between them, the super training making the EV training less hard and repetitive, the introduction of more abilities, more moves, Mega-evolutions making again old Pokémon relevant in a competitive way, for first time a full 3D cell-shading experience including full 3D movement and customable characters, new horde battles and sky battles, the PSS and ridable Pokémon in some parts.

          You don’t know shit about Pok√©mon if you think they’re the same formula as previous titles and you have only played the 1st game. I’m sure you’re just one of those fags who just earthquaked all wild/trainer he encountered. And no, the designs are just like they’ve always been, with a unique look and with that magic fcreatures who fight each other have.
          Don’t ever again speak bad about this franchise without even knowing half of its things.

        2. Voltorb, Electrode, Grimer, Muk, Magneton, Dugtrio, Dodrio, and Geodude were all incredibly uncreative and simple. It is designed to appeal to children, after all. Second gen has the best designs (personal opinion), but there are stars and duds in every generation. The games have gotten nothing but better over the years.

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