Human Head Studios Developed Wii U Version Of Batman: Arkham Origins


NeoGaf member Hero of Legend has discovered that the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins was actually developed by Human Head Studios. Prey 2 was originally meant to be developed by Human Head Studios, but was subsequently cancelled by the team. The latest Batman adventure hasn’t gone down as well as the previous games in the series, but it still has an average score of seventy-nine for the Xbox 360 version on Metacritic. Sadly, it’s already been announced that the Wii U version of the game is lacking multiplayer.


    1. It seems wii u just doesn’t get online mp, not even from the first party games like nintendoland, mario 3d world, nsmbu, why would you expect 3rd parties to put it in, you can say that it sucks in this game, even though i doubt it, and you didn’t even try it, and if the wii u version was the only version that had online mp, you’d never shut up about it, but this is not the only game not to have online mp on the wii u, and yet other versions have it, you know what games i’m talking about

      1. To be honest I still want online feature to play with my friends that live oversea or far away. I agreed that it is odd that Nintendo don’t want to include online for a while. I starting to think Nintendo don’t have servers ready for online. At least we got Mario Kart 8 in the future.

        We got CoD, Monster Quest Online (Japan) and couple other games so far.

    1. That was to be expected.
      And doesn’t really sound like that the new studio reached the bar set by Rocksteady.

      Just have to hope that the studio doing the port didn’t completely wreck the game

  1. By all accounts lacking the Multiplayer is not a big deal in this case its so tacked on and just bland… I’m glad I saved the 10 dollars by getting the Wii U version

  2. Cancelled? I remember reading somewhere that development of Prey 2 was handed to Arkane and that they were told to start from scratch.

    1. Ah, I think you’re right. It looks like Human Head were originally going to develop the game, but development has shifted to Arkane. Thanks for the heads-up.


    its like saying assasins creed multi player is missing FACE BOTHERED MY FACE DOES IT LOOK BOTHERED

    lol garage is garbage abd the single player aint much better

    1. Yes I agree with this statement, garage IS garbage! Why your an artist. But in reality your to retarded to see the perfect example of when multiplayer is best left out

      1. “Your” the retard who is “to” retarded. Get hooked on phonics son! Do you dumb fuck posters shut your spell check off or twat?

  4. So, from what I’ve been hearing, the online for this game is horrible… Guess the Wii U version is the best one, after all. XD

  5. Lacking tacked-on multiplayer that nobody really wanted or thought was a great idea in the first place? Some friggin’ loss…

        1. Seriously guys? Not everyone care about Off-TV Play. I rather play Wii U games in HD on my big screen HD TV. Don’t give me crap that you can watch TV while playing the game since everyone can do that with a laptop or TV with “Twin Picture” (P&P) feature.

          But if you say miiverse then that is understandable even know I don’t use it at all except for Wind Waker.

          1. There might be others occupying the TV.
            Off-TV radically ups my console gaming time.
            And seeing how “multiplayer is meh”, almost 20% discount does make it the best version.

            1. I supposed you can view as that way. I haven’t play the multiplayer yet and I’m not surprised it is not good since they got DLC for multiplayer already.

              I guess you got people on your TV all the time since nobody really use mine except for me and my friends that come over.

              I supposed you can argue that almost 20% discount can beat the multiplayer feature. To let you know the PS3 got two exclusive skins which are Knightfall and Adam West. But again not everyone cared for skins anyway.

              I respected your opinion then. I still not saying any version is the best until I play them all. So far the PS3 is okay and its could be better.

              1. I wouldn’t claim that any version is better than other, they are pretty much the same game.
                And most of the things that people compare to claim superiority, like graphics and performance, I cant see any difference unless running side by side

                1. Yea, we should play the game side by side to figure out the graphic and performance. So far, I haven’t got an freeze for PS3 version but there are a lot of slowdown the further I get into the game. And it is getting annoying.

                  Do you get any slowdown for you Wii U version assuming you have the game?

                  1. There are some framerate hiccups from time to time and I did get frozen in one spot once. Had to grapel to get out. I think all of them are the same honestly. People who say their version is better is probably seeing what they want to see. The reason to get it for Wii U is for off-screen play, miiverse, and some fun gamepad uses.

          1. Off-tv play is awesone considering everyone’s attention span is short nowadays. Gamepad while texting yup that shit comes in handy.

  6. I dont understand why you guys think the wiiu version is the best just because the multiplayer sucked…

      1. It doesn’t make it a better game you imbecile, it just makes it cheaper, you must be the most retarded son of a bitch i’ve ever seen on the internet, if anything this version is the worst because it doesn’t even have the option of online mp, however good or bad it may be

        1. I can’t confirm however I think the wiiU version has much better framerate than the ps3/360 version. Have not heard any complaints about the pc version either.

        2. So I guess what you’re doing is trying to be a dick? Or does that just come natural to you? We think it’s the best version because we didn’t have to pay 10 bucks for something we didn’t care about, Still have recieved all of the DLC, the frame rate isn’t as bad on Wii U, we have off-screen play which is nice if you have to share the TV with your wife, we have miiverse so we can post pictures of the games to friends, we still have achievments so we are not left out of that category, and it uses some of the gamepad features, such as having a map on the gamepad.

            1. Oh by all means please enlighten us. Surely your opinion is what is right. See I know that your opinion is right because you’re calling people a piece of shit instead of actually backing up your claims. I already listed plenty of reasons why I personally believe it is the best. But since that isnt good enough for your standards and you must make us believe youre right then please tell us.

      2. Well I know Xbox 360 and Wii U doesn’t get two exclusive skins which is Adam West and Nightfall skins that is available on PS3.

        I don’t know Nintendo do this which I don’t see why not except for no unified account to know you own the 3DS copy or not but you get an exclusive “Beware the Batman” skin if you owned both Batman Origin (PS3) and Batman Origin Blackgate (Vita) assuming digital copy only. (I’m not sure you can get it for physical copy.)

        The good news for Nintendo fans is that they don’t have any problem with Deathstroke DLC while majority of PS3 and Xbox 360 players didn’t get them even with pre-order.

          1. I heard that Xbox 360 got a lot of freezing problems. I haven’t got an freezing problem with the PS3 but I did get some slowdown sometime. I got the PS3 version because I thought I getting more for my buck compared to Wii U version. Now I’m curious what the unbiased gamers say about the Wii U version.

            I’m not going ask those guys on the Nintendo website since apparently anything on Wii U is the best version.

            1. lol well can’t say if I am biased or not, but the wii u version is actually a great version this time around. Normally 3rd parties like to screw us but this time they did a pretty good job. There are some very minor frame rate hicups but I haven’t had anything that bad, and I did briefly get stuck in one spot and couldn’t move in the city, had to grapel to get out. Other than that we have all the DLC, off-screen play is always nice, miiverse is great to have. We actually have achievements. There is one thing that took me getting used to. I play AC on ps3 and they flip floped two buttons from the ps3 remote to the gamepad, dunno if this is just on wii u, but the quick batterang and the detective mode buttons are flipped and you can’t change them. I kept activating DM in fight when I wanted to throw a batterang. lol other than that its good. So hopefully that is a fair opinion.

              1. Actually that is a pretty fair opinion to me. Believe it or not but they switch the two buttons on the PS3 as well. That is the first thing I trying to do is to switch the buttons. I don’t know what they are thinking.

                If the Wii U and PS3 have this change then I think the Xbox 360 got this change as well.

                Look like I was wrong about you guys on this website. :P

  7. You fanboys think it’s better on Wii U because it’s on a Nintendo console. Lol smh the ps3, 360 version are either the same or better simply because they have online mp. Only the fanboys will deny it


      1. I don’t do anything that warrants me a ban so that made no sense. Just because I don’t agree with you fanboys about the Wii U doesn’t mean I should get banned for it

    1. According to many people the MP sucked it turn into a boring TPS. So wii u owners are happy they save 10$ from a crappy MP. What did people expect it was the people who made brink’s

  8. The online MP is terrible, which some predicted that it would be as it was developed by Splash Damage.

    So Wii U – MP – $10 = Great deal in the end, obviously not intended by WBI but it’s funny how things turn out isn’t it? : )

  9. We all already knew the U version wasn’t getting online. From what I’ve heard, the game’s online mp isn’t preferable

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