Here’s The First Nineteen Minutes Of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate For 3DS

NintenDaan has rather kindly uploaded the first nineteen minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Nintendo 3DS. The 2.5D Batman adventure has been developed by former Retro studio developers, Armature Studio, so there’s a lot of expectation surrounding the game. A week before its scheduled release in Europe, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate was delayed until November 8th. Are you planning to purchase the game?



  1. ha, prefer this style. wasn’t a fan of the console batman games. they’ve been good but just not my cup of tea. this one looks sleek.


  2. The graphics aren’t the best, but the open-world feeling you get from the game almost makes it seem like it isn’t a 2D game. If the PS Vita’s version has better graphics, I’ll probably pick that one up.


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