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Japanese Nintendo Direct To Air Today For 3DS Game Band Brothers P

band_brothers_p_3dsNintendo of Japan is set to air a Direct focussing on the upcoming Japan-exclusive 3DS title Band Brothers P this morning. For those who are unfamiliar with the music game, Band Brothers P is the long-awaited sequel to the 2008 DS game Jam with the Band, which was released in Europe in 2010.

Developed by Intelligent Systems – those who brought the immensely popular Fire Emblem franchise into our lives – Band Brothers P comes with a unique feature where you can transform yourself into a “vocaloid”, by simply taking a photo of yourself with the 3DS camera and using the microphone to record your voice. This time, Nintendo has also featured more musical instruments to get your fingers flexing and an overall upgrade to the sound quality. Today’s Nintendo Direct will last approximately ten minutes in length, and will begin sharply at 7am ET/ 4am PT/11 am BST. You can watch the presentation, here.


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