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New Iwata Asks Reveals Details About Wii Sports Club, Including Namco Bandai Involvement


The latest edition of Iwata Asks covers the development and release of Wii Sports Club, which constitutes the updated Wii U versions of Wii Sports games like tennis and bowling. The question and answer session with the game’s developers revealed several interesting tidbits about the games, including the unique “Day Pass” pricing system that allows players to play any of the sports games for 24 hours at a price of $1.99, as well as the revelation that Namco Bandai were called upon to play a small part in the development of the game. Here is what developers Kozo Makino and Takayuki Shimamura had to say about Namco Bandai’s involvement:

Makino: “We asked Namco Bandai Studios to develop it, so I first participated as a coordinator. But in the end, I got into just about anything. I mainly worked on the network aspect of the game, but at times I made suggestions on how some features should turn out to be.”

Shimamura: “From the middle of development, Makino-san and Suzuki-san were also working as full-fledged planners. We did ask Namco Bandai Studio to develop the game this time, but staff in Nintendo’s Network Development & Operations Department—the Software Planning & Development Department that these two are in—and EAD also chipped in.”

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    What I don’t get is, why Namco Bandai doesn’t release more of its games on Wii U like armed core, Dark Souls , Tales of Symphonia remake, when they have a close relationship with Nintendo, that Nintendo allows them to help out on projects such as Smash bros, Wii Sports, Mario Kart Arcade.

    1. They’re just companies, and these are just Bussiness decisions. For the same reason Samsung used to manufacture screens for apple’s iphone and be apple’s strongest rival on the market at the same time, even fighting on tribunals and shit. Each company is always making the best for itself, the needed decisions to guarantee the profitability and viability of the company. There is never true friendship in the bussines world, never forget this.

  2. If they make this game right, they can advertise it together with Mario 3D World and Wii Fit U and maybe get the interrest of some casual gamers/families.

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