Shin’en Announces FAST Racing Neo As Its New Wii U Game

fast_racing_neoShin’en Multimedia has announced one of its new Wii U games just hours after teasing on Twitter to expect it within the next day. FAST Racing Neo is a sequel to the company’s WiiWare title FAST Racing League, which was released back in May 2011 in both North America and Europe. Currently, there’s no extra details for the game or screenshots as of yet, but you can check out the teaser site, here. As the teaser site says, FAST Racing Neo is due for a 2014 release. Is this the new Wii U game you were expecting? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, PumaX



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    1. Neeeeeeerd!XD

      Anyways, on topic: i wonder if this will scratch that f zero itch I’ve had for so long? It would be great to have a holdover title till the next F-Zero.


      1. i kept saying it time and again.. don’t expect an f-zero game coming from shin’en.. this expectation *will* end in disappointment

        they’re not going to be the ones developing it due to a very limited teamsize


      2. The only area in terms of “quantity” that would be relevant is in terms of staff on hand which I’m Nintendo could help with if they wanted to. Nintendo would be producing and distributing the game anyway so that is something that wouldn’t an issue.

        But it’s neither here nor there. Right now Shin’en is working on this.


      3. shin’en wouldn’t want that

        they’ve stated that they see no reason to expand

        and if they stocked up on staff randomly quality would be sure to decline


      1. Not really. The ps2 and the wii were both oddities in the industry. I feel its unreasonable to expect anything to even match their half way marks after only a single year on the market…


      2. In the case of the Wii U the future is pretty murky. It started off like gangbusters with record-setting holiday sales last year, then slowed to a crawl for much of 2013. Sales will get a significant boost this holiday season, but going forward it is impossible to tell whether or not Nintendo can sustain those sales. If they can keep the 1st party titles coming, are willing to outsource development of remakes of older Nintendo titles while they focus on new projects, and continue to rack up more indy support, that might be enough for the Wii U to be successful without any of the major 3rd-party studios moving an inch towards the Wii U.


      3. That all depends if 3rd party developers actually start learning Wii U’s hardware. They should be really.

        They can’t exactly ignore it. Just because the hardware of the console is different and architecture is not the same as X1/PS4, doesn’t give anyone the right to say no to it.

        The hardware is as we know it, very powerful, and just as powerful as the other 8th generation consoles. Developers need to start paying attention to the hardware set up instead of looking the clock speeds of hardware.

        In this day and age, clock speeds don’t really mean anything, what does matter is the latency and the hardware architectural design of the console.

        The developers of the new Batman game have said that the game runs really well on Wii U – because they’ve taken advantage of the hardware. If that is the case, then it just goes to show that developers don’t know how to program for it, and it takes some effort to get things running. You cannot simply dump 360/PS3 code into a console that isn’t the same as you will get latency and frame rate issues, AC III is a prime example of that.


  2. Was expecting a racing title. Was hoping for a F-Zero game, but this is good enough for now. The more racing games the merrier. Wii-U doesn’t have a lot in that category.

    On a side note, I’m sure the music in this game will be nice but I wish that the Wii U had a custom soundtrack feature because I love putting my own trance and dubstep tracks to racing games I play. Heck, it was the music from Wip3out on the PS1 that got me into trance music and the source of my handle! ;)


    1. I have to say that Wip3out is one of the most fantastic racing games I’ve played. The soundtrack was so solid. As your nickname, there was a song named Xpander by Sasha, and there wasn’t anything better like driving my concept car listening to that shit.

      On topic again, the only thing I ask the 3rd parties is online, that’s it.


  3. The original Wii game actually looks really impressive, will be interesting to see how this game will look on the Wii u…..probably bloody amazing.


  4. This is what I have been waiting for. Thanks Shin ‘en, I have always preferred their racer to F-Zero. F-Zero and Mario party are they only nintendo games I have not had interest for ever.


      1. That depends if someone can make a racing game with the quality Mario Kart can provide. NFS Most Wanted U is a rather good racing game and that’s a port as well. Its kept me going for some time.


  5. They are testing the water, i really hope this sells well and Nintendo take notice. If it does, Nintendo may ask them to develop the F-zero we’ve all been hoping and waiting for. I just hope by the time this new game arrives, the Wii U market gives it a chance. Shin-en are proven great developers, their new engine could surprise a lot of people and encourage the many lazy 3rd parties to make a fucking effort.


  6. These are great news, and just what I was hoping for. The Wii game is great and it will be even better on the WiiU. And it will even make a decent substitute for F-Zero.


  7. With the image of the car, I would just prefer the title “FAST” as it gets directly to the point…and you kind of figure it is a racing game….


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