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3DS XL Charging Cradles Sold Out At Club Nintendo And Will Probably Not Be Back


The different-colored 3DS XL charging cradles recently offered by Club Nintendo not only sold out in roughly an hour, but a customer service representative has stated that due to the limited quantities of the item, they are unlikely to return. The cradles came in blue, red, yellow, white, and green colors, and sold for a respectable 500 coins. Perhaps the only Club Nintendo item more popular than the cradles has been the elusive golden nunchucks that also sold out in the blink of an eye. If the cradles return, will you be seeking one of them out? Let us know in the comments.


      1. I still havent got my majoras mask cd. Do you know when the rewards come? Also the mask itself would be an amazing award

  1. I got the Gold Nunchuck and the Kirby medal. I didn’t really want this for my pikachu xl, so I’m honestly ok.

  2. Sold out in roughly an hour? I call shenanigans! I checked the site repeatedly since around 6am eastern time. Then, around the 1pm-2pm area, there was a point that I checked and they were not up yet and then checked again 15 minutes later and they were listed as unavailable.

    1. I got mine a little after 12:PM EST or so and they were sold out shortly after. On the front page, it showed them as coming 10/31/13. On the “Get Games and Rewards” page, it refreshed to show the item…I jumped. Got me a White one.

  3. they’re so insignificant it doesn’t matter if they ever come back. it’s not like it’s required to charge your fucking 3ds.

  4. Not be back. That’s dumb dumbtendo. Why would you discontinue something in high demand? If you are going to discontinue something discontinue Weak Ass WIi u. Yes I said it It’s ME Mario. And I’ll say it again. Dumbtendo made a weak console!!! I looked up sources and didnt find shit about you claming Wii U ain’t weak.

    1. I think they´ll bring it back sooner or later, remember, they said the same thing about the Golden nunchuck and Wiimote and then they restocked a few more…

  5. I’m glad that I bought the Mugen 3DS XL Battery Pack (for $100). So the cradle is useless for me.

  6. this is bullshit nintendo has lots of them as they have been on club nintendo japan all year same goes for the gold nunckuck and club nintendo japan still has them avalible

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