Patches Coming For “Infinite Falling” And Other Problems In Batman: Arkham Origins


Warner has issued a statement indicating that they are aware of the technical issues in Batman: Arkham Origins, and will be fixing them in due time. Among the issues faced by players is the “Infinite Falling” problem, where players are unable to advance because Batman falls entirely out of the world in an infinite loop. While this problem exists on all platforms, several other issues appear to be affecting the Xbox 360 version only. Warner has promised to keep gamers updated on the impending fixes. Here is a portion of the statement the company has issued:

“We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who has joined us since the launch of the game.  We appreciate the fan support and also want to thank all the people in the field who have sent us their saved games as they have been invaluable in helping us identify the problems.

“It has come to our attention that there are issues that are negatively impacting the experience for some players.  The team has been working around the clock to review, validate and pinpoint the problems that have been reported and we have identified three main issues which we are tackling first, and are listed below.  For these issues, we expect the software update to be available within the next week.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you all for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.”


    1. and people say it was a bad thing that Nintendo limited 3rd party devs to five titles a year, back in the day ; )

  1. It’s nice that they delayed to release it on Wii U, it will be patched for its release and if he’s good as PC’s version I’ll take it, I’ve liked the Arkham city Armoured edition


    so this must just mean the the DEFINITIVE VERSION! is on the Wii U :)

    Wii U Master Race :D!

      1. I’ve tried ten first minutes on PC and it looks very nice, I hope that the Wii U version seems like the Arkham city or the PC because it’s not the sames studio which dev and in France the game will be released on november 5th or 8th on Wii U and 3DS

    1. I have the infinite fall game breaking glitch on the wii u version I posted it on mii verse username uriel822

  3. I don’t get how or why games are being released with such big bugs. They need to step it up in the debugging stage. It’s kind of annoying.

      1. They mention that in their thing but they also said it might have been cheaper if they made it slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the 360 was cheap at the time (Well cheap for me)

  4. And yet the Nintendo haters like to say “please understand” but when a bug on a 3rd party debuts fucked up it’s not a problem. Yet Pikmin 3 that was supposed to debut in late Winter is bug free. Imagine that.

  5. So I can assume DKTF will also be bug free. Smash Bros. MK8 X and Bayonetta 2. Like Commander said back in March, I rather wait for the game then a rushed one with bugs. Good thing I don’t have short term like Xbots fans huh?

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