Batman Arkham City Creator’s New Game Coming Next Year?


Rocksteady, the acclaimed development team behind Batman Arkham City, has begun posting several agency jobs matching text of Rocksteady career openings. The blurb states that the project “has been tipped to be one of the most successful games of 2014.” A report from Variety stated that Rocksteady’s next game is based upon a Silver Age-inspired prequel. The prequel apparently included a number of DC based characters that focused on Batman’s first encounter with the Joker. However, the plot line is similar to the recently released Batman: Arkham Origins. What would you like to see Rocksteady tackle next?


              1. Wii Gave Our Gimped Batman Arkham Gotham City Repasted to Someone Else so They Can Gimp it Even More For U…

                1. Wii Give Batman Arkham Gotham City 360 to someone else to Gimp and poorly port for U… Please Buy or Wii Drop all Support for U!

  1. Uh-oh I sense a rehash series coming along.. Along with sport games, call of duty, and assassian’s creed. Damn shame.

    1. It’s a great series and they always renewed it like champs.
      No need to be so negative when we don’t know shit about the game yet…

      1. Asylum and city were great. Origins went alittle down hill. I’m glad rocksteady is back to making it though.

        1. Yeah, Ubisoft REALLY rehashed Rocksteady’s gameplay without adding anything to it. Now this episode was a disappointment.
          Even if it’s already the 4th episode of the Arkham series, we could still be surprised by Rocksteady, pretty sure about that. Plus, Batman’s universe is very dense.

    1. They won’t be working on a Wii U version, Human Head Studios will probably be given that particular “chore” again.. That’s if it does make it to Wii U.

  2. Will there a new DC Universe game next year?

    Here’s the info for you:

    Infinite Superheroes will team up with the players/user’s own characters and will be playable in thier party, but supervillains though.

    Roger Craig Smith will voice Superman instead of Batman, which will sound like Tim Daly and George Newbern

    This game will feature skins from animated TV series like DCAU, movies, comics and etc, but not DLC, just for flash drives which will be a starter pack for the game.

    These flash drives will be DC drives which will gain new abillites, civilian change, costume change and create your own character.

    Players/users will give superheroes a hi-five, hug, handshake and etc.

    The other characters will be non-playable.

    This game will be released next year on Windows, Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U.

    This will be a Non-Arkham game.

    I hope you enjoy the info.

    1. A new DC Universe game comes with flash drives featuring skin changes from infinite media, civilian changes, new abillites, character selections and create your own character.

  3. everyone wants rocksteady to make a tmnt game, that would be awesome but instead we get shitty shovelware titles from activision……

  4. The silverage prequel thing is just a cover for any screenshot leaks that may surface. That storyline makes no sense now after origins has come out and ‘stole it’s thunder’

    Theyre making a superman game set in an openworld metropolis.

  5. Batman Arkham World (Joker holding the script remember?) I know it was a joke. But They would make a far better game then Origins…complete crap. And I am a MAJOR Batman fanboy.

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