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Check Out This Beautiful Zelda Ocarina Of Time 2DS Skin Cover



Listen! Legend of Zelda site Zelda Informer has made yet another impressive find, with this majestic Ocarina of Time skin cover for 2DS that’s currently selling on Amazon. The scratch resistant skin comes in three non-sticky pieces that can simply be peeled off the console and replaced at will. The item retails for only $8.99 plus shipping, and is sold by Skinhub, a company that specializes in these types of items. A 3DS version is also available.


  1. That clearly wasn’t designed with the 2DS in mind. Look how the logo is cut off on the front screen.
    And it’s the same image on the front AND back.
    The most minimal of effort was put into this.

    1. Of course it wasn’t, these companies just take an image, stick a template on top, cut out the bits for buttons/screens/etc and then try to sell them. Cheap and easy money, I guess.

  2. Already said this, but it’s not THAT impressive. Just cheap finding of an image, then sticking a template on it. Less beautiful, more… Tacky. Same design on that front AND back? Template badly placed? Why is this article worthy? Why not just go through their shop and make an article about all of them?

    I guess the only good thing is it doesn’t look as bad as the hinged-consoles versions?

  3. I love Zelda but I’m not really into that skin. It’s hard to find a decent looking skin for consoles/handhelds.

  4. Too distracting if you ask me. Maybe take off the front design and keep link and epona on the back

  5. Looks rushed, as if they just copy and pasted the picture onto a layout and didn’t even bother to edit it to improve it. That logo sticking out is a clear example of what not to do.

  6. You can get a skin like that fo everything, even fucking iphones. Same art and all. It’s cheap shit. Never buy this stuff, it’ll ruin your portable. If you ever want to take it away, good luck.

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