Here’s The Impressive IronFall Tech Preview For The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS developer VD-Dev has revealed the impressive tech engine behind the intriguing third person shooter for Nintendo’s latest handheld. The developer has made no qualms about comparing the game to the Xbox 360 smash hit franchise, Gears of War, and says that if you enjoyed the action-packed blockbuster series then you will certainly like IronFall. The game is set to be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop during the spring.

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        1. I guess U MAD BRO cause Gears players own your ass easily with Lancers and shit thinking you’ll get the same excusable cheap way to cheat wins like in COD when you first played Gears.

          Gears of War, I played them and loved it next to COD4 (last great and balanced COD game)

          1. No not mad BRO gears is just a piece of shit. Nice graphics though. I guess it’s a polished piece of shit.

        2. Engine itself looks that it would work great for games like Max Payne or Army of Two. Amazing work for 3DS.

    1. “Is very hard to make and achieve a goal that you put a lot of passion on it, but is way more easier to be criticized by others”

    2. This doesn’t look any better than iOS games like Shadowgun. If you want a good looking 3DS game look at RE: Revelations. Also whoever wrote the script for this trailer for got to spell check.

      1. The 3DS hardware is a hell of a lot weaker than any iOS or Android device capable of running Shadowgun.

        This video is extremely impressive considering the hardware. RE:R also looked fantastic on the 3DS, but I don’t recall that game having dual screen 3D rendering, the amount of npcs on screen that Iron Fall shows, or physics as displayed towards the end of the video.

        1. RE Revelations looks amazing indeed. Ironfall will run on 60 frames per second in 3D. I hope everybody understands how difficult this is to achieve. The guys that did this are amazing. Looking forward to playing the game.

          1. Also with rendering on the lower screen. Nobody does that even though it’s possible.
            Dynamic depth of field?! 60 fps locked with 3D on or off?!
            5 developers worked on this. Quite amazing.

  1. Wow… They weren’t kidding when they said that they would be “pushing the 3DS to its limits.” This looks amazing!

  2. this looks great but I worry if this game will be as good as it looks now remember the Legend of Zelda spaceworld demo in 2000?

    1. The space world demo was meh at best :/

      Even TP looked better than that
      and it was as cinematic cutscene made to look good

        1. Wind Waker looked better than most games that generation

          And I have to admit, I read the comments first and Im like “ok… so it looks good but I doubt this will be that good”

          Character model shown = “ohhh… wow nice, not amazing but very impressive”

          Sweeps and then shows gameplay = WOW this looks very good and its a good looking shooter with epic mechanics, the effects and stuff aren’t perfect but they look nice!!! Very Impressed!!”

          Outside and shows all enemies and explosion = OMFG!!! This… The next Nintendo handheld is gonna rock the dayum market!? If the 3ds can do all this now!? This proves that a dedicated Dev team can do a lot point!!! I can’t wait to get this!”

      1. I know but just making a point I hope it still looks like this when its all developed not something completely different

        1. Its is running real time dood, that was gameplay, not a tech demo this was a tech showcase of running in real time on the 3ds

          the space world demo was a cutscene and the point you made didn’t mean anything because like I said TP looked better than the Demo so…im confused D:

          1. Plain and simple… things change okay listen to the guy in the video, he says like s speak&spell, obviously things might change just leave it at that

            1. Things might changing being things could be improved, they aren’t gonna dumb anything down because this could be a game on its own. Things such as the AI, environment and such can change so… I don’t know why you are so worried. The game will hardly change so no real need to worry about it. But you do have a point things can change but I doubt they will be negative. These are Indie dev after all

    1. They already said it doesn’t, due to their small team size – Just 3 people, with a few others helping out here and there I believe.

  3. This is technically pretty incredible for 3DS @ 60FPS in 3D with dual screen rendering capabilities.

    If this much can be squeezed out of 3DS, just wait until people really start to squeeze the Wiiu! I’ll be getting Iron fall on 3DS just to commend the effort these guys have obviously put in.

      1. If that was the case then why are Ubisoft, Platinum Games and Monolith Studios still developing for it? Also, Activision is still publishing for the system so technically there are people who want to develop for the Wii U, plus, the indie devs which the Xbox Done doesn’t have ;)

                  1. *Facepalm* I though you would say the 12 and mention a few third party’s not a even worst generic shooter than cod.

          1. But technically indie developers are classified as developers henceforth there are far more people interested in developing for the Wii U than the Xbox Done ;)

            So you are basically pwning yourself

        1. Well …

          -Ubisoft develop for whatever they get there hands on
          -Nintendo are paying Platinum and no one else is … so naturally, they’ll develop for Nintendo
          -Monolith is owned by Nintendo dickweed. Of course they’ll develop for them.

          P.S. Hi fat fuck!

  4. I am sooo impressed, THIS IS A GAME that needs to be Bragged about, Ik the vita has better visuals but for the 3ds, this is damn near Console quality

      1. lol theres a difference between saying “this looks like a ps3 game” to “this is close to console quality”

        im talking all consoles in general but if u want, I’d say early ps3 and 360 titles

  5. Amazing what you can do if you actually put effort into it.

    It was all looking incredibly impressive, and then they just had to show dual screen 3D rendering. Mind is blown.

    1. yeah gears of war sucks because is just another shooter but this is amazing isnt it? YOU FUCKING RETARDS FANBOYS it is a copy o GoW although i have to say it looks incredible it is just what you use to critisise an unoriginal game with amazing graphics. . . so stop beeing so hypocrites nintenfag. Now the graphics are important? what happen to all that gameplay shit? this is just not another shooter more? why? o yes BECAUSE IS ON A NINTENDO SYSTEM. . . i can believe how stupid fanboys are SUCK MY DICk.
      Im.gonna definitely pick this up because i love gears and i think good games need giod graphics too and it will be one of.the best 3ds game for sure :)

      1. 1. I’ve never ever cared about Gears of War or even mentioned it until now…

        2. The Graphics is the issue on this thread…

        3. I’ll never put graphics over gameplay as long as I live…

      2. I don’t see anyone here talking about Gears and the point of this is too see what the 3ds can do. So we are praising the graphics because all we get is a small look at the gameplay and look of the game. I for one love Gears and if one shows up on the Xbone, that will the only reason I buy it

        And gameplay is everything, but we can’t praise graphics every so often? And the game is based off of Gears, the developer said so

  6. Wow! That was damn impressive! I’ve always known the 3DS was more powerful than most people give it credit for, but even I didn’t think it was this capable. Amazing!

    I’ll definitely be picking this up! If only more devs were this ambitious…

  7. Wow, this is what happens when you have competitive developers. Seriously though I’m not underrating 3DS’ power but damn… O_O

  8. Imagine what they could do if they got their hands on a Wii U dev kit… we could see the next Unreal Engine for Nintendo Consoles :D

  9. Wowit looks incredibly but. . . its just kike Gears of War the camera how you cover hiw you run even the characters are a little similar. . . it will probably an amazing game and i’ll love it because i fucking love gears but i find amazing hiw YOU nintendrones crtisize gears because is just a TPS more and you all are expecting this game with anxiety. . . stupid hypocrites.

    1. Actually, Nintendo Fans hate gears of war because its really a boring game. I for one dislike Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and Gears of War Judgement because they all just feel the same. Gears of War 1 was okay but it got annoying after a while which is why I hated the gameplay in the other games that came after it.

      1. I’m a Nintendo fan, and I sincerely liked Gears of War, while it never really changed that much, it was still a blast to play 1-3, I haven’t played judgement though.Maybe its not nintendo fans that hate it, just you, and diehard fanboys.

  10. Nintendo should hire these guys to do a version of Ironfall for the Wii U.
    After seeing this tech demo, I’m intrigued by the idea of letting them go wild by developing a game for a more powerful system.

      1. I’d be willing to wait however long it took to see that happen.
        Heck, maybe Nintendo would even loan them a few guys to expand their team to speed the work along?
        I could see it working out well…

  11. I don’t think people care whether or not this game is a gears of war clone, but the fact that they have finally created an engine that the 3DS can run a game at its full potential bringing out the best in a game on the 3DS.

    1. yeah yeah if they copy epic doesnt matter but when sony anounce the play station vita remote control of the ps3 as seen on wiiu everyone here was cryig and insulting FUCK YOU ALL NINTENDO FAGGOTS!! This game wont sold a shit because nintendo is for kids but not for normal kids but for FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS

      1. Are you ok? You look like a cherry picker. Where does it said this is make by Sony and who wants to copy Sony? Eww.

  12. لا تعليق ….

    فقط المظهر للعبة وقوتها جعلتني أنبهر بها ….

  13. This tech demo is some impressive shit and something everyone thought it was impossible on 3DS’s specs much like how RE4 defined the GameCube technical specs and Super Mario Galaxy on Wii.

    Now if only more third parties were this hard working and ambitious on 3DS and Wii U combined, they wouldn’t get so much shit that they alone asked for by gimping ports and talking crap. That’s possibly the reason why Nintendo 3rd party support sucked from the beginning.

    Anyway, I hope this engine is used to run Metroid 3DS if and when it ever happens.

  14. Impressive here. 3ds does have the power to run games at a Wii level, then i just ask myself why is nintendo developing another zelda game that looks like DS title.. ?

    1. A link between worlds doesn’t look anything like an old DS game. It’s running at the same 60fps, full stereoscopic 3D. It’s not taking full advantage of the 3DS hardware, but that’s mostly because it’s a sequel to A link to the past, so it’s going to have the same look and feel of that game in general. If the built a Zelda from scratch, using it’s full capabilities, it would look awfully close to Twilight Princess at least. While that would be great, it would defeat the purpose of a sequel to arguably the best Zelda game ever made. The connection wouldn’t be there

  15. If this game goes online which i have no doubt it will…the online community alone would be gargantuan. If the proper steps are taken I could see this game having clans, leaderboards, sales would extend over 9000!!!

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