Miyamoto Says It’s Unlikely He Will Work On Next Mario, Wants To Focus On Smaller Projects


Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told GameKult that it’s extremely unlikely that he will be producing the next Super Mario title. Miyamoto says he would rather focus his attention on much smaller projects and hand the reins down to the other developers at Nintendo. However, he explained that his future projects won’t be modest downloadable titles.

“Create a game of the caliber of Super Mario 3D World takes a lot of energy and there is little chance that I could take the time to work on the next Mario. However, I want to get involved again and more deeply in the development of smaller projects, but that doesn’t mean it will be a modest download-only title or something like that. It is not impossible for me to work on a new game as the main producer in the future, but even when I’m not directly in charge of a project, I always look at what the teams does in terms of gameplay, and I trust them. Don’t worry about Mario!”


  1. Hopefully this means he won’t have any input at all, I’m tired of the directors of the game’s vision for the game being changed just because Miyamoto didn’t like something of it (Skyward Sword, Sticker Star, etc)

    1. And Four Swords Adventures, apparently Miyamoto wanted it to be more gameplay oriented than story, so the story was dumbed down

      1. Yeah, but the game was wildly fun??? Look, I’m all for a nice, well written story, but in the gaming industry those can sometimes be a swing and a miss. Miyamoto’s decision to make a GAME have better GAMEplay is by no means a bad thing. Finding a balance would be wonderful, but I would never sacrifice gameplay to make a story a bit more compelling. Four Swords story wasn’t this deep meaningful commentary, but it really wasn’t bad either because it never tried to push some deep thing down our throats. I’m not saying story is bad, but games should always be about the gameplay first, that’s why to play a game, to have fun!

      2. gameplay is the onlything that matters in videogames you asshole… that is what makes.ninty ten times better than other developers and a hundred times more interesting than screwing your mom. Asshole i hope youll never pick on miyamoto on this site he is a genious of the gameplay and you are a graphicwhore.

        1. But a lack of a good story can also make it harder for some people to keep playing the game. Imagine if neither Fire Emblem or the Tales games had stories.

          1. Fire emblem could stand perfectly withiut story because it has a complex and amazing gameplay just like pokemon it wouldnt affect NOTHING. Tales of… well i cant really tell because its gameplays sucks. Graphicwhore.

            1. 1. Fire Emblem would be shit without story, everybody would play on easy mode because they wouldn’t have feels for the dead characters.

              2. Pokemon is the most simple RPG ever made, if you think it’s complex then you’re retarded.

              1. Pokemon simple? LOL LOOOOOOOOOOL Omg , breed me a pokemon with 248 points of EV on attack and with Perfect IVs. Dont forget the good nature ok, kid.

                Apparently you havent even scratched the surface of Pokemon.

            2. LMFAO Tales of is for graphics whore?
              You either have spent all your life with Nintendo consoles or are blind as shit because the tales games are far from maxing out the PS3 or 360 specs.

              1. Just going to say that some of the best Tales games have been on Nintendo consoles (Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Abyss 3DS), and Tales of Symphonia did use up all the Gamecube specs. Still, I agree about not maxing out PS3 specs- Tales of Xillia’s graphics could have been far better!

    2. Ugh both those games were such wasted potential. Sticker Star was a desecration of a once great series.

  2. Good that he’s leaving his franchises in capable hands… if only other companies’ head people would have the same mindset (Crash MIA since 2010… or 2008 console-wise, and Skylanders-propaganda Spyro…)

  3. Its about time really, I don’t know when the last time nintendo stopped making remakes of their franchise instead of being original and just create a new trademark

    1. What… are you talking about? The last remake we had was Wind Waker HD, around that released Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3d Land, Pokemon X & Y, and A Link Between Worlds. Sure, they’re all a part of a franchise, but they’re all fresh! They’re all new! They make remakes, but sometimes people blow how many they actually make out of proportion. I am, however, down for a new trademark. But it’s going to be wildly different, which is good. Nintendo’s policy is that if it seems similar to one of their franchises, it’ll become apart of that franchise. A good example being Kirby’s Epic Yarn, which was supposed to only star Prince Fluff. Alright, a lot of this didn’t need to be said. I’m sorry. I’m very bored.

      1. More like the revival of a classic/obscure IP. But, it’s a great game regardless and I can name many other games in that category that needs reboot. (Mach Rider, Nazo no Murasame-Jo, ect.)

  4. All i want is one more 8 bit mario game from the Father himslef…just one more, Super Mario bros 4…… Please

  5. good be fucking original again….. you have been in the crapper for years now, same old unoriginal crap, copy and paste. when was the last time nintendo wasnt shit…. the gamecube?? yeah make games that arnt dumbed down and casual, and return older franchises and make a new ones…… last time pikmin??(dont even try to say crap like wii music and wii fit count) buy more companies like you did with monolithsoft and stop doing everything like a dumbass. that just tells you how much nintendo went down hill in general. maybe this can be a start. probabaly not though with you corporate slaves damage controlling everything.

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  6. 3D world probably be a good legacy for him as the game looks like a combination of all mario games in to one epic multiplayer mayhem.. As good as he is though, its about time that a new perspective comes into play.

  7. This is great news. With a new developer comes new ideas. Maybe this’ll be get him to leave out-source other franchises as well like F-Zero and Star Fox

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  9. This was going to happen eventually. Miyamoto has been working for years now to train and assemble a team of young developers competant enough to take over the development duties of major franchises like Mario/Zelda. I trust this new team. 3D World looks amazing! And the Galaxy games…well, you already know how awesome those are. Please, Shigeru, work on a new Starfox now. ^_^

    I can’t wait for the unveiling of his new IP.

  10. Smaller projects? Since Kamiya had recently said fuck Star Fox (he’s possibly working on Nazo no Murasame-Jo instead based on what he said last year and recently playing the 3DS Virtual Console game), Miyamoto should have the honors on bringing our favorite furry fighter pilots back to the good old days when Star Fox wasn’t “going the way of early Modern Sonic the Hedgehog”. Also, work on some new games that will be as big as Mario unlike smaller IP’s like Golden Sun and Dillon’s Rolling Western.

    1. Agreed, despite the meal-ticket he is, some more mature games are practically needed now. I hope for a horror-type franchise from Nintendo, they have the skill to create a great story for it. But we’ll see.

  11. Can we finally get a Mario game that isn’t a rehash now? Please? The series is really starting to get stale, it definitely could use some fresh, new ideas.

    1. Well, you can’t blame them. After Sunshine, all people wanted was “PLEASE RETURN TO MARIO’S ROOTS, SUNSHINE ISN’T A MARIO GAME, IT’S TOO DIFFERENT!”

      Then, after FOUR NewSMB games, and several 3D Mario games that try to appeal to nostalgia and reuse old tricks so many times, THAT’S when people start complaining. Nintendo was already ahead of everyone by making the games original and trying to let them grow in new ways.


      1. You make that sound like it’s a contradiction, and it’s not. The problem is that they haven’t really found a good middle ground between old and new. Sunshine was a good idea on paper, but the problem was that the gameplay and level design didn’t really feel Mario because of the lack of platforming, that’s what the “too different” complaints are saying. Galaxy and 3D Land did a great thing by bringing the platforming back, but now we’re in a position where most of the games use the same gameplay, same (practically nonexistent) plot, same setting (having every game take place in the Mushroom Kingdom and use the same environments), and it’s to the point where the games just feel like one long continuous game. What they should be doing is creating new ideas and refining existing gameplay mechanics to create a new experience, but in a way that retains that same gameplay essence that all great Mario games have. It’s a tough job to be sure, but considering how Nintendo is always brimming with innovation, I think they can handle it.

        1. I really feel they should just go and make Mario’s 3D games fully platformer (ie Galaxy), whilst making 3D Luigi games – as the more quirky Sunshine-exploration game.

          1. Yeah, I think the way to go would be to use both styles of gameplay in different games. I’m not sure the exploration oriented games should star Luigi, though, I don’t think that would really fit him (unless you’re suggesting Luigi’s Mansion should go this route, in which case I wouldn’t really be interested in playing that series). So either it should be a separate Mario series, or they need another character to fill it (and I can’t think of any off the top of my head).

            1. Yeah. Or create a new character. The point is, they need people to know what sort of game will get revealed so they can end up with a less marmite-y situation.

    1. Yes indeed it does, let’s hope for some, I really don’t want my Wii U to collect dust while I wait for the next game.

  12. Yes, to this day ToS is my favorite tales. Tales of the Abbys I dont really like, I hate Luke, such a pompous asshole, I actualy prefer emil’s whiny bitch as over Luke. Again, I agree, ToX couldved looked a bit better, I mean look at eternal sonata. Thats game looks beautiful. And that game is from like 06-07

  13. I wud actually feel bad if this was the miyamoto of the past, now his ideas are milk nsmb milk nsmb milk nsmb

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