Original Call Of Duty Working Title Was “Medal Of Honour Killer”


Former Infinity Ward artist Justin Thomas, who also worked on Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, has told MCV that the popular first person shooter was originally called Medal of Honour killer. Thomas said that the Call of Duty team were devoted to making a better experience than EA’s Medal of Honour offered to consumers. Clearly it would appear that they surpassed their goal, as Call of Duty is now one of gaming’s biggest franchises.

“The project was actually named ‘MOH killer’ until an official name could be found. We were focused more on fun than success, with the idea that if it was fun, it would be successful. We were just going to make a great game, and do the things better than we did on previous projects. The great thing is that a team learns from previous projects.”


  1. No one gives a fuck about this article. Damn sickr will do any fucking thing for clicks on his article. This article is pointless dog shit

    1. Actually I found it pretty interesting.
      I’m curious as to what dog shit you consider to have a point?

      1. Oh my bad, I read bad. Still a very good joke from Activision though.
        One of the greediest publishers saying they don’t aim for money. Still makes me smile.

      2. infinity ward not activision

        not the same thing

        but the series is just a cash cow nowadays.. what enthusiasm the teams had back then to make a compelling and fun game is surely long gone.. squashed by the activision higher ups

  2. ” We were focused more on fun than success, with the idea that if it was fun, it would be successful. We were just going to make a great game[…]”

    that’s funny.. because nowadays it’s exactly the other way round

  3. Wanted to be MOH killer
    Ended up being game industry killer
    Yes somehow they are killing the damn industry with making the same fucking game every fucking year
    Oh yeah and made the next human generation a bunch of fucking assholes

    1. You can’t really blame them. They’re a business. The ones you can really blame are the people who purchase the games year after year. The gamers. Without the gamers constantly supporting the title, it wouldn’t have this much success and influence.

      Other devs wouldn’t try to make their games more like Call of Duty if it wasn’t for the fact that the series is very popular and makes tons of money each year.

  4. can i just point out that cod is a over rated kiddys casual game and runs like crap aand has crappy auto aim and wasnt at all polished for wiiu and had no userbase

    lol the wiiu userbase was tiny last year it wont sell ether this year as wiiu is a next gen system not a sd system lol 880×720 direct x360 port

    blame activition not wiiu for shabby goods

    lol not buying cod shows wiiu gamers as bad SORRY IT SHOWS THEY HAVE A BRAIN

  5. Wii give 360 COD to someone else to make gimped port for U, Wii think COD re-skinned is good enough for U, please buy or Wii get angry at U

  6. I’m an obsessive call of duty fan, but I’m also a history buff too. Call of Duty hooked me into history ever since finest hour, since then I’ve made a name for myself within various historical groups, collected ww2 items, and hopefully get my bachelor’s degree in history, all thanks to call of duty, I’ve also got to meet ww2 vets, and will soon be publishing a book 6 years in the making on all I’ve gotten to know from it all. I would be honored if I got a call from Activision to work on a historically accurate cod game in the future.

    Call of Duty is a fun series, I respect it’s earlier games, and play it’s current ones for the competitive online multiplayer, and if you’ve got a problem with that, yeah look at where I am, and where you are, I make money writing about what I love, which lets me get any game I want, pay subscriptions for games, get whatever I want when I want, play games like Battlefield, Ghost Recon, Socom, ect.. whenever they release because I love them too, ALL thanks to Call of Duty sparking my interest in ww2, if you don’t like that then go fuck your self you filthy fucking rat bastard.

    1. you do realize that what you have on your picture there is not a nut sack but testicles right?
      sheesh todays youth.. not even able to identify their own scrotum

  7. Man, I have fond memories of staying up late playing Medal of Honor: Frontline. That was a good game.

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