Super Mario 3D World’s Cat Costume Is “The Key” To The Game, Says Producer Koizumi

super_mario_3d_world_catsSuper Mario 3D World’s holiday release is only a couple of weeks away, and Nintendo is hoping it will strike gold with new consumers and claw back long-term fans of the franchise for the Wii U. But before that happens, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto and producer Yoshiaki Koizumi highlighted just why the cat costume is “the key to this game” in an interview with Eurogamer, as part of a round-table media event.

While Koizumi explains that the cat costume is accessible to both beginners and advance players depending on how they choose to play, Miyamoto speaks about how they managed to smoothly integrate the new costume into the franchise. And this isn’t the first time Koizumi has mentioned the game’s accessibility for other players, previously speaking about the importance of the flagpoles which act as a guide for players. You can check out both Koizumi and Miyamoto’s comments below.

“The cat costume is the key to this game. It makes it easier for beginners to make it through levels and get to the goal posts. But advanced players can use the transformation to perform acrobatic moves and impossible feats. For example, you can perform horizontal jumps from one wall to the other – a new feature that advanced players will enjoy.” – Koizumi

“Super Mario is fundamentally a game about jumping. So this addition might seem strange: the ability for the player to climb seems to challenge the core [of the series]. But I think we’ve found a way to implement that doesn’t cause harm.” – Miyamoto


    1. Yes! I want this game to be so freakin’ hard that it makes me want to break my controller in half. That’s how hard I want it to be!

      1. Believe me, you don’t want to break the gamepad.

        It’s very expensive and tough to replace, unless you can send that tablet-controller into repairs.

    1. Give us a Super Mario Hero Mode like in WWHD… its true- Mario levels are harder than the bosses at the end.

  1. it’s game for all ages so it should be easy. and if you want it harder then finish it and keep on grinding all those stars or whatever will there be

  2. “For example, you can perform horizontal jumps from one wall to the other – a new feature that advanced players will enjoy.”

    …Did he forget about 64/Sunshine/Galaxy 1&2’s Wall Jump?

  3. I want cat Mario in Smash. We are getting skins, so have the classic red and blue overalls, dr Mario, and cat Mario.

  4. Mario is about “jumping” maybe thatll calm down the ones that want mario being in an open world like sunshine with a big hub world. Leave that open world stuff to banjo kazooie

    1. ” Leave that open world stuff to banjo kazooie”
      I agree with you, but its kinda hard to leave it for something that has been raped and denied.

  5. I’m going to try to avoid the Cat Suit, so I can get more challenge, and it’s kinda weird seeing grown men pouncing around, making cat sounds, in cat suits .

  6. I have this beast pre ordered!!! I love how Super Mario Galaxy games and SM3DW have all got their shares from unreleased experiment called Super Mario 128.

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  8. I wonder which clown came up with that gay ass cat costume. sometimes I think nintendo likes catering to kids only and every other gamer has to deal with it.

      1. nope. the motherfucker should just beat enemies as himself and not wearing gay ass fucking costumes.

  9. the key is add a lot of content if you not going to have dlc and 2nd key to the game is online play, playing in the same room is stupid excused…. no wonder batman doesn’t have online play even it’s not nintendo game.

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