Wii Mini Confirmed For North America


Nintendo of America has confirmed that the budget Wii Mini console will be launching in North America this month. The Wii Mini is priced at $99 and comes with a WiiMote, Nunchuck, and a free copy of the best-selling Mario Kart Wii. The Wii Mini has been a controversial console for Nintendo as it lacks a number of key features including online functionality and Gamecube compatibility.

“Wii mini offers the same fun experience as Wii, which has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “And it comes packaged with Mario Kart Wii, a multiplayer Mario racing game that is one of the best-selling Wii games. At such a great price, it is an extraordinary value for shoppers this holiday season.”


    1. Because Nintendo wants to make money by selling them.

      Take a business class, they explain such simple matters on your first day.

      1. Anything in those classes about aiding consumer confusion and establishing your products identity that nintendo might have missed on that first day?

        1. Exactly. He clearly doesn’t appreciate that business and marketing are two different things. Bringing the Wii Mini back into the picture is a horrible move from a marketing perspective.

          1. Well considering the Wii is still being sold in NA, I cant see too much more confusion than the poor name choice of the WiiU. Maybe they are hoping this addition will make consumers pause and realize there are more than one system using the “Wii” name? They should’ve booted the mini, slashed the Wii price, and renamed the Wii U to simply “U” to hedge off the confusion BEFORE the holiday shopping season.

      2. I can’t believe you condone this on the basis that they want to make money. Surely there are better ways of making money; you don’t have to stick to a lowbrow route like a religion.

    2. This is what they had done since the NES days, they release a smaller cheaper version of the old console while the new one is out. Its basically there for poor people who can’t afford the new expensive console. It also helps this looks nothing like the Wii U. I expect sometime during Spring they will announce they have ended production of the original Wii, because anyone that wants modern features or can afford them will have moved on to a new system.

    3. Sorry but the Wii mini is a piece of shit! They should be concentrating on getting the Wii U out of its current predicament.

      1. think about this: No one can pay 300$ for a console so you can buy this holiday a wii mini the wii mini will give you fun for more than one year and then you can probably pick up the wii u cheaper (2nd hamd, prices cuts. . . ) and you wont need to buy extra stuffs.such as a wii mote is not a bad idea i study and work i can afford myself a console for 300$ (even if i really really want) so its a good deal for me. You should all stop beeing so selfish and look at the world that is around everyone cannot waste so much money in a row but everyone should have the possibility to enjoy fun things u.u
        I hope someday nintendo would do the same with wiiu :)

      1. It seems you’re the one lacking reading and/or geographic skills. “Wii Mini console will be launching in North America this month”. Canada is part of North America and it has been in Canada for a loooong time.

        1. The article is probably talking about the REAL north america. Not the fake one where people are proud to eat ham when they paid for bacon… Aye.

  1. Correction: Nintendo of America has confirmed that the budget Wii Mini console will be launching in –>USA<–this month….. It's been out in Canada for a while now and last time I checked, Canada was still part of North America too…

  2. These have been out for a long time now (at least in Canada where I am). I don’t think this is right.

    1. Nintendo is a multi-billion dollar company; they can focus on more than one thing at a time, it’s not complicated. It’s not like they are developing games for the Wii anymore compared to 3 years ago.

  3. Hum… It’s already launched in “North America” as it’s available in Canada since december 7th of 2012, LAST YEAR.. So, Nintendo is launching Wii Mini in the US.. 1 year late.. Remember, North America is Canada and USA combined.. :P

  4. I love Nintendo but this bundle dosnt make sense I even saw the potential in the 2ds but not in this. Why busca dile Mario kart if the thing dosnt have online?

    1. Yes, but a normal wii can be bought for as little as $49 at the right time of year and with the right kind of deal. I know a few years back, Meijers did that, and I still hate that I missed out on it.

      Plus there is no shame in buying refurbished models which are is $69 at GameStop

  5. This is a really terrible decision. As if the lack of games for the WiiU wasn’t enough….it already has a branding issue where many people don’t know the difference between it and the Wii – they’ll look at the WiiU and see the price tag and assume it’s an add-on or something, then see the Wii Mini for a third the price and just get that.
    Ugh, Nintendo. UGH.

    1. I’m sorry, but Nintendo coming out with a recycled, smaller hardware version of the Wii is not related to the Wii U and lack of support. They are a huge company – if you think that by doing this it directly affects the Wii U, you must not know of large businesses and how they operate.

      That’s like saying a police force can’t cover murder cases if they are out handing citizens speeding tickets.

      1. I was originally going to disagree, but holy shit that analogy. You blew my mind right there. So now I’m here to give you the “Analogy of the Year” award!

  6. I think this is a bad move. They need to focus on the Wii U and clear up consumer confusion surrounding the console. Instead they launch a Wii at the low price of $99, which people might think is equal to a Wii U just without the GamePad. It sounds stupid to us, but the way Nintendo has marketed the Wii U (or lack thereof), who knows what the consumer might think.

  7. Uh, why? Wii is last gen. Yet another example of Nintendo fucking the Wii U over unintentionally (or rather,unintendotionally hehehe)

  8. It comes with mario kart… one of Nintendo’s only online games… and the mini wii doesn’t have WiFi so it can’t do online. That seems kinda crazy.

  9. I’m sensing a shift in power within High Command in the near future…

    Lately even us loyal ones cannot stand their idiotic decisions…

    How about you focus on the Wii U already!

    1. it’s all about the profits at this point. I think the Wii mini plus the 2DS is going to be the consoles that rank and the dough for Nintendo this holiday season. with Mario 3d world launching on the Wii U soon, I can see Wii U sales rising higher than they are now even outselling ps4 and xbone this holiday season. people need to keep in mind that there is a lot of consoles competing this Christmas (Wii U/ps4/xbone/Wii mini/360/ps3/3DS/2DS and vita). so with that said I expect Nintendo to advertise Mario 3d world heavily and that should be the game that will get people to buy the Wii U.

      1. But they still don’t market the Wii U at a rate that is noticeable…

        And releasing the Wii Mini this late just when the Wii U can gain momentum is a bad move…

        1. Hey, Commander!

          Besides not advertising Wii U properly, High Command disabled Swapnote spot pass feature… What a stupid move!

          1. Hi erich, nice to see you again!

            Indeed, I think this gives most Nintendo fans a reason to crave for an account system…

                    1. *fingers crossed*

                      Hope to see you around more often, Commander. Actually, I’ve been around less than I used to be… Sometimes the comments section annoys me a bit.

                    2. I hope so too…

                      Well I think the majority of the insignificant trolls are gone though…

                    3. It’s a little bit better, indeed. But, for instance, the guy who had the balls extirpated is back.

                      That picture is grossness in its highest level.

  10. (Undertaker) I’m trying to nail Nintendo in this coffin, but I’m running out of nails!!
    (Igor) Here master!! *tosses the Wii Mini into the USA*

    (Undertaker) Ah yesss, very good!! *continues hammering nails into the coffin.*

    1. CRAP! I was hoping this would never come to the US, because I don’t want to be tempted to buy it just for my collection. It’s vad enough I’m tempted to buy a 2DS. : /

      And why are so many people complaining that the Wii Mini was already out for a long time in Canada? We know that. But now it’s coming to the US (the US never got the Wii Mini).

      1. I guess they are very Canadian-centric, Aey?! ;)
        This is going to add to the mass confusion of the non-gaming shoppers. :(

  11. I sense something negative in Nintendo’s body of operations, something has changed…

      1. What do we do, we have to do something now, Nintendo seems… strange, first shutting down spotpass functions, not enough support for th Wii U when we need it the most and now this… we cant stand idly by while our beloved Nintendo is being eaten by some parasite, what should we do, what can we do?

        1. I’d say we bombard them with thousands of voices through Miiverse and e-mail to begin with…

          1. its a start but we need someone with power even if its just a tool… we need a organization, someone with connection, even something with direct contact to HQ, im seriously freaking out

              1. Yes but how its not like we can just call them and ask to speak with the big boss of Nintendo Europe

                1. Considering High Commanders and even High Command itself uses Miiverse, we should start there,,,

          2. yes my commander that makes good sense because using miiverse is the best and only way to speak directly to our beloved Nintendo corporate headquarters

            1. Indeed…

              I hope they listen…

              Otherwise they should expect many followers to jump ship in the future if things keeps getting worse…

              1. Okay fine this plan will have to do for now we need to tell Nintendo that we need them to wake up but in order to do that we need fans… lots of em…. thousands of people to help

                  1. If we don’t have 3rd party its not the end of the world, but there mistake is that there is also not enough 1st party, I doubt people ever buy Nintendo consoles for 3rd party games

                    1. Personally, I’ve never bought a single Nintendo machine for a Third Class game…

                      I have always gotten atleast one Nintendo game first…

  12. (Little Robbie) “Ma! I hear the newest Wii is amazing! The tablet controller is awesome! … Now remember, it’s called WiiU!”

    – Mom goes shopping-
    (Mom to sales clerk) “Are you SURE this is the newest Wii? I thought my son said it was called WiiU”

    (clerk) “Yes. We JUST got these new Wii’s from Nintendo. They come bundled with a game and everything! But you don’t get a tablet controller like with WiiU”

    (Mom) Well, I’ll surprise him with the NEWEST Wii available. He can buy a new tablet controller later.”

    – Christmas morning = Epic Fail D: !! ;.; –

      1. Lol, right?! But it’s GOING to happen! D:
        This is going to be an interesting holiday season…

      2. this is no time for joking Nintendo seems to be in major trouble and someone has to help them

        1. PS1 total sales is at 102 million right? The original Wii sales rest at 100 million. maybe Nintendo is planning to overtake the ps1 is very possible Matt this is a plan they want to follow through with

          1. I think they need to stop worrying about beating a console that’s 2 gens old, and lower the sails on their fucking flagship product so it can start sailing.

  13. The idea behind this is that a customer will grab one at a retail location, and a sales guy will talk them up to the Wii U. (Which isn’t that difficult, surprisingly.) Regardless, it still is a strange decision. Had Nintendo added Internet capabilities, many, many, many people would have picked this up as a cheap “Netflix box”, alone.

  14. Lol I love when nintendo proves me right that they are a bunch of idiots. I mean really Wii mini for the holidays ? That has to be on the top 5 worst moves they have ever made. No fanboy can justify this just like you fanboys couldn’t justify the swap note crap. They just keep fucking up and soon its going to really hit them lol

    1. They should release this like 2 months after the holidays if they still insisted on it…

      It seems as if they want the Wii U to fail until Mario Kart 8 is released…

      1. you’ve been here longer than the other posters and I’ve always had respect for you but after reading your last comment I can see you have totally lost faith in Nintendo and their home console

          1. I too am losing confidence in Nintendo but what can we even do? we are just flies on a barnyard wall, insignificant, powerless, but I don’t want Nintendo to die, not now, not like this

            1. They won’t…

              But they are losing their touch on the home console front if they will continue like this…

              1. perhaps this will assist us in these trouble times it really just helped me feel better about Nintendo’s troubles


                1. When we have Nintendo Police Officers training the pawns…I mean warriors of our empire, there is still hope…

          2. commander sir, whether or not Nintendo finishes in first 2nd or 3rd place , I doubt that they are worried at all because either way they will make a profit off the Wii U this generation. they are just trying to maximize profits. the more nintendo branded consoles sold will equate into more profits generated. this is not really a bad move like people is making it out to be. those same people said that the two DS would be a bad idea some people say that there would be major brand confusing there but that is not the case. all Nintendo needs to do is make commercials on television that differentiate between a Wii mini and a Wii U, if they can do that everything should fall into place for them

            1. Well from the standpoint of our empire its great but from our standpoint, some decisions affects us gamers to a degree that’s becoming silly…

              Don’t punish everyone just because of a few and don’t get to overconfident are my demands…

        1. Um. Officer. We haven’t lost faith. We are hoping that someone, somewhere in Nintendo’s ranks hears us so they can right the rudder and stop sailing into every fucking iceburg.

          Commander wants Nintendo to Succeed, not make countless poor decisions that drive gamers away.

          I personally am glad to see he’s showing less “blind faith” and a little more reason when it comes to supporting Nintendo.

          Nintendo is struggling in adapting to an HD era, we can’t let them get comfortable until we see serious change so they can be strong again.

          1. I understand what you’re saying but Furious Francis from playeressence agrees with me . so there’s different opinions to this topic. all I am saying is by having the Wii mini on the market it brings in extra profits for Nintendo and it can take away sales from the competition as well.

      2. Yea at leas let the wii U get some big momentum first but now it’s going to be even more fucked this holiday. Parents are going to buying wii’s, wii minis, 2ds’s this holiday because it’s cheap as shit no ones going to buy a wii U this holiday.and now it is certain to fail just as I predicted all thanks to Nintendo’s BRILLIANT marketing strategies.

        1. we get it you fucking jack ass you hate the Wii U and Nintendo, you’ve won, Nintendo is losing can you get over it and let us fans enjoy Nintendo while they last

          1. they have not lost anything yet. They still have the most home consoles sold at this moment . the video industry is an up and down ride. anything can happen at any time. the Sony fans have already gotten into your head and has forced Nintendo gamers to think that they have systems have sold less home consoles then the competition. As far as I know the original Wii outsole the competition while the Wii U is currently 4 million in the lead. so even if the Wii U get out sold by its competitors that does not mean that Nintendo failed with the Wii U. this is not really about who can sell the most consoles and who can garner the larger install base, this is about companies trying to make profits and not go bankrupt. the whole idea of a console war is just a myth and something that was created by the media

          2. I don’t hate Nintendo dip shit. I own Nintendo systems even a 3ds its just I hate the Wii U and the decisions they have made for it. They deserve to fall after the BS they put there fans through and the horrible decisions they are making.

            1. so just because Nintendo made an error no matter how grave, that is reason to turn against them? do you remember when you first played Pokémon Red and Blue? do you remember showing your friends you gaming skills in Metroid? remember exploring the vast 8-bit maps of Hyrule? was that BS? or perhaps you just and so upset about Nintendo’s mistake you hide your sadness with anger

              1. What do all those past moments have to do with anything ? Those days were when I loved Nintendo and everything they did. Its just that the recent Nintendo hasn’t been the same maybe its because of the new presidents but the Nintendo back then and the Nintendo now are 2 different companies to me the old Nintendo would never have made any mistakes like the new Nintendo. There just not the same anymore. They’re loosing there touch

                1. I have to disagree…

                  Lord Yamauchi and the rest of High Command made the biggest mistake in our empire’s history…

                  And that mistake led to the misguided creation of the Sonyans…

                    1. From our standpoint yes it was because they became our new rival…

                      But I guess it was the day of creation for the Sonyans…

            2. Everybody make mistakes! There’s gonna be GREAT GAMES on the WiiU, it’s late but they are coming..

    2. so trying to break the ps1 record is a bad idea now? also they stand to make some extra money in the Ouya price point market

      1. Yes. It is a bad idea. Right now, everyone at Nintendo needs to have one thing on their mind all day every day: WiiU.

        how do we fix the perception that WiiU is another Wii?
        -how do we better differentiate it from the Wii?
        -how can we speed up the release of first party titles?
        -how can we fire everyone in marketing and restaff without hurting corporate moral?
        -how can we leverage gamepad features to offset the lack of raw power?


        1. I agree with many of your points besides Nintendo has already killed off the Wii in Japan and Europe. I may be wrong but I do not think Nintendo is too worried. they probably have a plan in place that many of us do not understand right now. They probably plan on keeping the Wii U on the market for longer than 5 years. so in that regard they have a lot of time to grow and mature this console and all of their new software will be released on the Wii U since they have already stopped production of original Wii software titles

  15. Wii don’t need this because Wii can already buy a full power Wii for a lower price, not to mention a Wii U can also do the same things anyway O.o

    Nintendo is probably just showing us that they can anything they want with all the money they have.

  16. Ridiculous ? Bundled with mario kart wii multiplayer game when the wii mini doesnt even have wifi or any possibility to connect to internet LOL

    1. they are in the business to make money so although this move does not make sense to many of you here, the business decision makers at Nintendo clearly see a reason to release the system. and that reason is quite simple the reason is money.

  17. This is not a good move. Plus, I see no wii u ads. All I see on tv is the battlefield 4 commercial and ps4. On youtube, I see so many xbox one ads.

      1. False.
        IF you are a Nintendo fan, turn your frustration down a few notches. Try to complain while realizing you are on a Nintendo fan site. Don’t be suck a dick and voice your complaints with a bit more maturity.

        1. No thanks ill express my self how I see fit. I’ve said all my complaints In past articles too. A fan can express they’re frustration in any way they want. There aren’t any rules that apply

  18. What the heck… People aren’t gonna understand what the heck is going on lol. For the ones confused on Wii U, here’s Wii Mini, just to add to the confusion.

  19. Truly, in these times, the Wii Mini is the final bastion of traditional gaming.

    The only console with no online, no backwards compatibility, just games.

    Do you realize it’s been a very long time since we’ve had a console that did only that? Play games? Moreover, play only its current gen games? Last Nintendo console that did that was the N64. Geez. Holy crap.

    I mean, yeah, it’s got a nontraditional motion controller, but even so, to think that even in these days, we still have consoles that just only play games. Makes you think.

    In a way, the Wii Mini is a bit more significant than we think. We should play it; it has value.

  20. MT FUCKING GOSH YOU WALKING SHITSTAIN!!!! is there anymore fucking evidence i need to give you fanboy clowns of why reggie needs to get his lard pizza faced ass out of nintendo!! look wear this damage control has gotten you fools,(wiii u suicide) is he trying to fuck over nintendo even at the slight chance of holiday season!!?? first all those fucking games he wouldnt bring to the states and now all these fucking decisions. i could run noa better than this tool. “my body is ready for shitty games and decisions” he doesnt even know anything about games, unlike the others, just look at him playing them too, i played better than him when i was 4.

    1. calm down!!!
      you are trying to make things look worse than they really are. I don’t think it matters how many consoles the Wii U sales in the end as long as they can make a profit off the system to satisfy investment in another new console after this consoles 5 year life cycle ends. personally I think the Wii U is going to stick around longer than 5 years. before anyone says that releasing the Wii mini is a bad idea I think we need to take a wait-and-see approach to this.

  21. it is really easy:
    They get rid of the normal wii and then just offer the low price the Wiimini and the NEW WiiU.
    I think once the last normal Wiis are out of the shops it is a clear difference between the to consoles and more easy for the consumers.

    Maybe would have been better to makte this one month or two earlier.
    But the idea is good and the communication is much more clear then.

  22. Okay. None of this idea makes any fucking sense. Why offer a shitty version of the Wii console along with Wii U and the original Wii package that has no online capabilities and comes bundled with Mario Mart Wii that’s heavily an online-focused multiplayer game?

    Nintendo is so losing their shit and this is coming from a big fan since early 90s. X(

  23. This might sound crazy, but…. I think I might buy one. I want to get rid of my old Wii that I have had since launch, because it has broken pieces, cracks, etc. This could be a great replacement! :D

  24. *sigh* Nintendo wtf are doing… I love you sometimes and hate you at other times -,-

    YOU NEEED TO FOCUS ON THE WII U, trying to ride off the success of the Wii with like NO ADVERTISING was stupid and now your releasing this?! They had better not make a commercial for this because if so, I can’t wait for those doods they hired for advertising take over for it because just… ugh

    Software and Hardware I don’t question them, (I do question hardware sometimes) but… lately… You guyz have been out of the loop… They wanted to make the 3ds such a success they forgot about development of the Wii U

    get your shit together Iwata and reggie
    Because the Wii U is a failure in terms of sales

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