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10 Million Pokemon Have Been Traded So Far In Pokemon X And Y


Pokemon X & Y continues to hit milestones. Junichi Masuda, director at Game Freak, has announced that the latest Pokemon duo of games has reached 10 million Pokemon traded. At the Salon Del Manga De Barcelona, Spain’s largest Manga and Anime convention, Masuda made the claim among a packed house that gave him an enormous ovation in celebration of the feat. Check out what MNN had to say about the latest Pokemon adventure in our Pokemon X & Y review.

34 thoughts on “10 Million Pokemon Have Been Traded So Far In Pokemon X And Y”

    1. Yea, even though 9/10 times I get Weedles and Scatterbugs, I eventually get Pokemon I haven’t caught yet or failed mons from breeding with perfect IVs.

      1. Its still time consuming and a pain in the ass to do. Who wants to spend hours breeding for perfect I’vs. Even with the destiny knot method its still annoying and just a hassle.

          1. An improvement but still a pain in the ass and not worth the time. I do agree that commander is a horrible representation of our fanbase tho. Less egg moves are better for the game imo. Everyone getting stealth rocks through egg moves is just bull shit

        1. Breeding in XY requires minimal effort, and getting perfect IVs is pretty much trivial. Now anyone can breed their way to perfection.

          1. Perfect Ivs is the problem. Getting them requires trial and error for hours. Its just not worth the time. He should have done an iv training thing like super training. Oh well maybe next game

      2. I was talking about eggs and egg moves…

        You cannot have a Honchcrow to have Heat Wave unless you do it on BW…

        1. I agree with Markos Paella. And you sound so ignorant when you always talk like this… with three dots after each sentence…

          1. Plus the fact Honchkrow is better off knowing physical attacks rather than special, like Heat Wave, due to it’s ‘blegh’ special attack stat.

            And nintendo Commander’s posts are 90% of the time, cringy-worthy to read. Nintendo is my favourite company, I have both a 3ds, 3ds XL and Wii U (unlike our ‘commander’) and plan to get both the PS4 and Xbox One when they both release. I am a true fan.

            1. No if you’re buying a PS4 or an Xbox one you’re a fool with money to waste. Gaming industry is fucked now. Better off getting yoruself a steambox

  1. I’ve got all of the starters including charmander, squirtle, and bulbasaur by using wonder trade. And I’ve got four shiny pokemon. Two by breeding and two by using the poke radar. This is the best pokemon game ever!

          1. HGSS,BW2 and XY are awesome. XY is best game in the series. HGSS is a shit load of fun too, the UI improvements are my favorite

  2. Love the new games and I was lucky to get pokerus over wonder trade :)
    I wish they had the move tutors because it’s very frustrating trying to figure out egg moves.
    Guess I’ll have to wait for Z to come out to have my perfect team.

  3. All kanto region versions now has by far the worst collective overall graphics and most versions for one region at the same time to this date…. Lol..

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