November’s Club Nintendo Downloadable Rewards Now Available

metroid_prime_samusLooking for a new game to spice up your collection on various Nintendo platforms? Well, this month’s Club Nintendo downloadable rewards are now available for North America, and can be purchased between 150 and 200 coins. Games available for the Nintendo 3DS are Metroid for 150 coins and Dillon’s Rolling Western for 200 coins. But if those two aren’t quite up your gaming street, you can grab Wii titles The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in preparation for the release of A Link Between Worlds later this month, or Art Style: Cubello for some puzzle and shooting fun. Both games can be purchases for 150 coins, and all four downloadable titles are available until December 8. Which game will you be picking up this month?


    1. I had 800 leftover points on my wii because you had to buy points in pre set increments which I really hated. I wanted to spend them because I was worried the wiiShopChannel would get shutdown and I would lose my $8. So I was gonna buy ALTTP 2 months ago but I waited for Octobers ClubNintendo thinking they might offer it. Well they didn’t but I decided to wait one more month for November. Patience is a virtue.

  1. I got dillons western i heard its good i hope not regret about this since i only have 3500 points

  2. It sucks that there is never anything good on Club Nintendo… I say this because they always put up stuff I already own :/

  3. Of course they wouldn’t release rewards for their current system after it’s been out for a year. Of course they wouldn’t.

    1. I’d prefer it on the gamepad, but anything would be better than a wii remote or classic controller. Link to the Past needs to be on both in my opinion. Just like they are doing with Super Mario Brothers 3.

      1. Oh of course, there is nothing wrong with its presence on the Wii. I just own a 3DS, so I just wish the VC library would mirror that of its brother console. If Nintendo doesn’t want my money…

  4. Nice, i was actually going to buy Dilons Rolling Western yesterday but i fell asleep. Thank you SilverShadowFly for posting this up.

  5. Is Zelda LTTP on wii u yet? Might get this on vwii so I can get it on wii u for cheap….$1.50, is the upgrade charge on snes, right?

    1. Not yet, so go for it I’d say. Waiting for a Wii U version myself. Holding out on playing it again til I have a Wii U version lol. I’ve had it on my Wii for years but can’t stand the controls much. Classic controllers for Wii are too cheaply made.

  6. I like the fact that Nintendo are now giving away good VC games. Since I bought my 3DS I’ve picked up some excellent games for free.

      1. Wait, so i can go in the Wii Mode, then i go in the E-Shop, and then i can download und buy A Link to the Past ? Can i play it with my Wii U Gamepad ?
        Thanks for answering!

          1. men i didnt know that for months! i was hoping, that Nintendo is going to release this game on the wii u e shop. but meeeeen. its awesome, now i can play alttp on my wii u yaaaay. thank you soooo much :3

            1. I still have all the PC Engine games that I bought on my Wii on Virtual Wii, It’s a pretty cool feature.

  7. Please Nintendo, reward your loyal Wii U owners with some actual rewards on club nintendo. It has been a year in the making.

    1. I agree. I don’t even own a Wii U, but it is a little disheartening that those who have supported and purchased that Nintendo product aren’t being “rewarded” here. While I understand the library is smaller and VC titles are being reformatted, this should have been in the works well before the consoles release. With the console struggling thus far, they should really take a look at what we really want.

  8. Yay! I think I’ll get Dillon’s Rolling Western. Seems funs and I’ve heard good reviews. Anyone here has already played it?

  9. Woot a lttp! I’m hyped thanks big n, maybe this time I can finish it and see why I hated it as a kid! If only it wasn’t wii ware tho. FUCK THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD OPPURTUNITY TO SELL WII U CONSOLES

  10. Crap, crap crap. why the hell isnt lttp available on the wii u eshop? whre is metroid fusion or zero mission. why the hell cant I buy the ambassador program games. fuck you nintendo you clueless mcgavins.

  11. Dillon’s Rolling Western!? AND A Link to The Past!?!? Yes FINALLY! Something I ACTUALLY WANT lol!

  12. Before I run out and buy it, I just want to be sure: Can I play “A Link to the Past” with the Wii Classic Controller Pro?

  13. it won’t let you download it though… but metroid is available for me now… so i think they’re fixing it and it’ll be downloadable soon…

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